SSSH 4989 SSSH Everything you wanted to see and feel, everything you have wondered about igniting the female senses, you can find here, at SSSH, because this is the site created by women for women.
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Everything you wanted to see and feel, everything you have wondered about igniting the female senses, you can find here, at SSSH, because this is the site created by women for women. Everything this site offers to its members is made by women - the articles about exploring all depths of female sexuality, all the sexy photos, all the advices are from their personal experience, satisfaction or dissatisfaction. All the things this site offers are inspired by personal experiences of many ladies.

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  • Exclusivity: 0/5
  • Updates: 0/5
  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
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  • Quantity: 0/15

SSSH site is not really a porn site in the first place, but it does cover some interesting aspects of erotica, so it deserves to be listed here. First of all, if you expect to see some hot sex here, then this is not a site for you. Sure, there are handful of sex scenes, but this site is more like a female magazine then anything else. There's a lot more picture content then video from what I've seen, and even more articles and written erotic advices or just plain erotica, so this is not a site for you if you want to just sit your ass in the couch and watch porn. The site was meant for ladies only, so men have very little to do here (except learn more about girls from their point of view I suppose). While the site is pretty big and has a lot of content to go through, I don't really appreciate the fact that the content is not dated at all, there's no way to tell when the articles or scenes were posted and by whom, while the site claims that the experiences and stories shown here are written by members or professional journals, there are no signatures or anything like that. On the other hand, the advices I've read through (lesbian section - after all, I'm a man and I wouldn't want to be caught dead reading advices for female on how to give men more pleasure in bed or something like that) seem pretty sound and reasonable. If you want to talk to someone about erotica from female perspective, but don't have who to talk to, no girlfriend that you can confine in, this is a good place for you to learn what you want to or to get advice from anonymous chicks from all over the world.

Nav, Design & Features

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This is where this site fails to impress me. First of all, I do have to judge it by the standards of other porn sites, and since this is not a regular porn site, it does have many weak points that came out during my review of it. First of all, the design is pretty confusing. All of the site sections and links to where you could want to be are on the home page of the site, and with no pictures at all, it makes for a big wall of text that could scare someone away at the first glance. I suppose it does the job of letting you visit any part of the site easily, but it doesn't look pretty while doing that. Second, there are no scene archives as such, you can find videos, picture sets and erotic stories following links around, but that's not very intuitive nor is there a good way to filter through all of that content to find something specific. The quality of the photos and videos that are posted is not that high, it's more like something that was home made (which might make sense seeing how the site adds claim that some of the content posted comes from the members of the site). The price does reflect that, it's much lower then what you would expect to see on another site, but the fact remains that there's not a lot of picture or video content here and that the site features as far as porn is concerned are pretty unimpressive.



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This is a female magazine more then anything else, and unless you want to read advices for women or things like that, you can safely pass it, seeing how the porn value of it is not really high. For females only, and for ones that want advice about erotica without having to talk to someone, but just want to get a hold of that information in written form.

Pros & Cons

  • + Magazine for women
  • + Exclusive content
  • - No photo or video sections
  • - Poor site design
  • - Low quality content