Aimee Sweet
Aimee Sweet 2180 Aimee Sweet If you love redheads then chances are you have heard of Aimee Sweet. She has had the honor of being a Penthouse Pet and being as hot as she is it really does not come as a surprise.
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Aimee Sweet

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Aimee Sweet

Short Review

If you love redheads then chances are you have heard of Aimee Sweet. She has had the honor of being a Penthouse Pet and being as hot as she is it really does not come as a surprise. Well here is her very own official site where you can enjoy the redheaded goddess in high quality pictures and steaming hot videos. If you are a redhead fan and have not seen this gorgeous babe before then you owe it to yourself to check this site out.

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Now I must admit that I'm a big red head fan, I'm not exactly sure what it is why I'm so attracted to redheads especially the ones with milky white skin which turns a nice color of pink when you slap their asses, yeah you know what I'm talking about right? So anyway Aimee Sweet is one damn fine honey and has held the prestige of the title of penthouse pet which goes to only the hottest of ladies that have been features in the well renowned mens magazine. So if you're one who enjoys the beauty of a hot redhead pornstar then you'll be more than impressed with what Aimee has in store on this site.

Now having a background with Penthouse and knowing that the magazine doesn't really include hardcore content Aimee's site tends to swing in the same direction. The videos Amiee has provided on her site are fairly softcore in nature but being as damn fine as this sexy redhead is she could be cooking eggs and it would still be a turn on. Most episodes involve Aimee teasing the fuck out of us by showing off that perfect body of hers, there's also quite a bit of self loving through out the various episodes and some tasty girl on girl action, most notably out of the lesbian episodes would have to be the steamy three way between Aimee a blonde and a brunette!

I didn't come across any information in regards to how long the site has been up and running for but as of now there's a current total of 51 episodes and counting. Yep the site is still very active on updates with the last video uploaded on the second of June this 2008. There's information stating that there's a new update every Monday though I'm not entirely sure how true they stay with this as it is now the 18th of June so the site was last updated just over two weeks ago, but for all I know they could just be having a slow period.

For some reason I had some high expectations for the quality of the videos on this site as for one thing Aimee Sweet is quite famous as she is a Penthouse Pet after all. So I was some what a little disappointed that the videos on offer are medium in quality, they aren't an eye sore don't get me wrong it's just that I was expecting to see some gorgeous videos for this girl. Anyway the videos can be streamed and downloaded with no DRM restrictions, they come in wmv format and are encoded in video bit rates of roughly (600kbps @ 640x480). They aren't bad in fact they're quite decent to be honest, but again I can't help but feel this gorgeous lady deserved to be in higher quality videos.

The same goes with the photo content on offer, I was really expecting some gorgeous large pictures on Aimee's site but what I found I personally classify average. Now the clarity of the photos are fine and they're quite colorful indeed but it's the dimensions they are available in which disappointed me. The photos measure in at (730x480 pixels) they aren't tiny but there's certainly room for improvement here, at least they are clear and colorful however so it's not all bad. All up there's a total of over 230 individual galleries each one containing roughly 50 pictures each.

In addition to all the content available on Aimee's site members also gain access to 16 exclusive sites which are on the very same network this site is on. Unlike this site the bonus sites are more based towards a specific niche rather than a single girl so if you're in to things such as Bikini porn, double penetration, blondes, big tits, and more than you'll certainly find these bonus sites quite to your liking. But that's not all as members also gain access to 22 3rd party bonus sites, that's a whopping 38 sites to go through not including this one. Now that my friends is a whole heap of porn to go through.

Nav, Design & Features

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As per usual the tour page looks captivating there are pictures of Aimee looking so damn tasty you might end up creaming yourself just by checking her out (seriously though the picture of her in the top banner looks so delicious). Under the tantalizing top banner there are a few links which will take you to sample picture galleries, videos, and back to the main tour page. There's information on all the latest updates, info on bonus sites, and more steamy pictures of Aimee found towards the bottom of the page.

Upon logging in to the main members area of Aimee's site you are pleasantly welcomed with a hot picture of Aimee on top of another hot babe within the top banner along with the logo for her site. To the left of the top banner is a section including the top two rated updates according to members votes. There are two navigation menus which members can use to navigate the site these are found below the top banner and down the left side of the page, these links include the photo archive, movie archive and both the exclusive and non-exclusive bonus sites.

The picture archive is made up of 12 indexed pages each one containing up to 24 picture galleries each. All the galleries are represented with thumbnails which are links to the main gallery from where you can proceed to view the pictures on an individual basis or download the entire set in a zip file so you can view them offline. The movie archive is similar in layout to the picture galleries only this section is made up of two indexed pages. Clicking on the thumbnail links will open up a new window in where the video will start to stream, within this window there's a download link provided which upon clicking on will automatically start your download.

The bonus sites are easily accessed through their respective sections, the exclusive and non-exclusive bonus sites. Clicking on these links found within the main navigation menu found underneath the top banner will take you to the main members area of the site you chose. From there you can proceed to access all the content within simple as that. This interface makes site hopping a breeze and it only takes seconds to jump from one site to the next very awesome stuff.



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Well Aimee's site did have some rough edges though all in all it's still a decent join especially if you're one of her fans or simply adore redheads. The pornstar videos are alright in quality though there's certainly room for improvement and the only problem I had with the picture content was that they were a little small for my liking. On the plus side you also get access to over 30 sites for no extra cost, oh and did I mention Aimee was hot?!

Pros & Cons

  • + Aimee is a stunner
  • + Site is easy to navigate
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Active on updates
  • + Free Access to 30 plus sites
  • - Pictures were a little small