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Short Review:

If you're a big fan of Asian pornstars than chances are you've heard of this incredibly attractive Asian minx before. The beautiful Katsuni has her very own official site where her fans can indulge in as much of her content as they see fit! The site is complete with videos and pictures starring none other than Katsuni herself along with some of her equally gorgeous girl friends and horny studs, and as a bonus members gain free access to a pornstar network!
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Our total rating: 84/100

Detailed Review:


Katsuni would have to be one of the most popular Asian pornstars around not only because of her gorgeous body and beautiful face but also because unlike many Asians out there she is far from conservative. Katsuni is known to have been involved in some of the most hardcore porn scenes out there involving orgies, all out anal sex, lesbian encounters and plenty more and fans can enjoy all of these saucy shenanigans right here on her official site. Like I said in the short review, apart from Katsuni herself members will also be able to feast their eyes amongst some other well known pornstars in the orgy and lesbian episodes such as the beautiful Daisy Marie and other hot Asian pornstars like Tia Tanaka.

As far as I know Katsuni is no newbie in the porn industry and has starred in hundreds of scenes before so it was a little disappointing to see that the site is relatively small. Furthermore the bulk of the content looks to be some of her newer work which isn't necessarily a bad thing of course though I would like to comment that I found classic Katsuni content much hotter where she still is quite the natural beauty as it looks as though Katsuni has had a boob job and other cosmetic alterations. However the sex is still as hot as it used to be if not hotter so you needn't worry about that issue.

In total there are 50 episodes on offer most of which are exclusive to the site, Katsuni's page was first launched at the start of this year with the first episode uploaded on the 8th of January 2009, so although 50 episodes may not seem like a massive collection the site is doing quite well considering how long it has been up and running for. It's good to know that even now the site is still quite active on updates with the last known upload dated on the 6th of October only a few days before this review was completed. By the looks of it the site is updated on a fortnightly basis so I am sure the next episode is just around the corner. So when it comes down to it the site is doing fairly well on updates, it just needs more time to grow in to a more considerable size.

Ok now that we know how well the site does on updates, content numbers, and sheer bust a nut value lets delve in to the quality aspect of the site. First off the video options, members can download either wmv or mpeg videos which are available in full scenes and short segmented clips which I did find a little strange as the average run time for most of the videos is roughly 10 minutes. There are no DRM restrictions so members can choose to keep their videos as long as they wish and with no download limits they can download as much of the content as they can in a single day without being cut off. Between the two versions the wmvs come out on top in impressive DVD standard quality clocking in at 2400kbps @ 720x480. The mpegs are considerably lower in quality and I'm guessing they have only been included to make things more convenient on those members who don't have blistering fast internet connections due to the smaller file sizes.

Katsuni's site also has a humble collection of photo content on offer with a current total of 23 photo sets which contain roughly 90 pictures on average. In addition to the hardcore photo sets on offer Katsuni has also included some tasteful softcore photo sets which involve the lovely Asian babe striking poses and pleasuring herself which is nicely complements the hardcore content on offer. Quality of the photos tends to differ though overall the images are nice and clear with nice rich colors and are also quite large to boot.

As I said earlier in the review members have access to an entire network filled with hot official pornstar sites. Well I wasn't yanking your chain as there is a total of 19 sites on offer all of which members gain automatic access to upon joining this site. This network includes the official sites of hot pornstars such as Jenna Haze, Tory Lane, and Audry Bitoni. Amongst all the official pornstar sites the network also contains a plethora of niched sites covering themes such as interracial, blowjobs, young adults, reality, and plenty more! With all of this in mind, it is obvious that members have quite a bit of content to keep themselves entertained if they are waiting on new updates to Katsuni's site.

Features & Navigation:

When it comes to site presentation Katsuni's site just oozes with class. Every thing looks great and has a very professional feel to it, it's not overly flashy which is a good thing in my books and the layout is very neat having everything nicely spread out amongst the pages, plus the darker color layout makes it so the site is never really straining on the eyes. On the homepage you will immediately be presented with the latest update just below the navigation menu. There's also a section dedicated to blog entries and a twitter section so you can see what the lovely Katsuni has been up to. At the bottom of the page is a section dedicated to the latest photo shoot updates including the last 5 additions.

Just below the hot top banner you'll find the menu which includes links to the various sections of the site. This includes the video and photo archive, a link to the blog, one to a section which includes background information on the lovely model, a bonus sites section and one which takes you directly back to the homepage. You'll notice that the bonus site section is filled with banner links to the various sites along with information on what the site involves a single click on these banner links will take you to the main members area just like that of Katsuni's and from there you can proceed to access as much of the content as you wish.

The video archive spans across 3 indexed pages which contain up to 18 episodes per page. Each episode is presented in thumbnail form featuring a screen shot of the episode to give members a rough idea on what kind of action to expect. Upon clicking these thumbnails members are taken to the main downloads page from where they can access the various versions of the video. The picture archive basically has the same layout this archive spans over 2 pages containing up to 20 picture sets per page. The photo galleries are in standard thumbnail format though you view them in flash format, also members can choose to download the entire sets in a zip file if they wish to view them offline. Overall I found the site very easy to browse and thanks to the nice site presentation it was also a pleasure to navigate.


So far Katsuni's site is doing quite well on all fronts, the content numbers may not be huge but it's doing quite well for a site that has been around for just under a year and the videos are also of good quality. The only thing I could comment on however is that I felt there could have been more classic Katsuni content where she was more of a natural beauty. Also I found that the tweeter, blog, and Katsuni information page gave the site quite a personal feel which is always nice.

Pros & Cons

+ Photos and Vids look great
+ Consistent updates
+ Exclusive content
+ Site looks great and easy to navigate
+ Access to an awesome network
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