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Peter North (also known as Al Brown, Matt Ramsey) is Canadian cum shot legend, director and producer of the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. He is one of the most famous male performers in pornography.

North was born Alden Brown on May 11, 1957. He is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, but moved to California, United States, in 1982. Thousands of dollars in debt, Alden entered the porn business at age 24 to make money.

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Our total rating: 90/100

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North shot to fame with his memorable facials. He is most noted for his ability to produce very massive amounts of semen, and for his powerful ejaculations. He has averaged 8-10 ejaculations per climax since the start of his career in the porn industry over two decades ago. Female pornstars like Jenna Jameson confirm his volume of ejaculation to be real, with no movie trickery involved.

Peter North has stated that his ejaculations have always been of a high volume and that he didn't know it was above the norm until he began his career in the porn industry. At the climax of sex scenes, North's ejaculations could last twenty seconds and upwards of a full minute.

North is circumcised, and is known for having an exceptionally large penis both in length and girth, as well as for consistently sporting remarkably turgid erections. Many porn starlets have attested to these facts, particularly Kaitlyn Ashley and Jewel DeNyle. The size of North's penis, reported to be 8.5 inches in length by 6 inches in girth and is among the largest of all current male porn stars, as claimed by female co-stars Kelly O'Dell, Harmony, and others.

North has appeared in well over 1,000 pornographic scenes, performing on camera with nearly every notable porn actress of the past twenty years.

If you sign up you will get hours and hours of full lenght videos to either download or stream inside your browser, there's over 53 pages of videos and more and more being added each and every week. This site loves to give its members updates so you will always have hot fresh videos and images to browse.

All the video content you will have access to will be in ( WMV ) format, a WMV can play in almost any media player, but for the best result I recommend using VLC media player or good ol' Windows media player.

The videos can be viewed in two video qualities aswell, either in high or low resolution. This basically allows memebers to download porn, regardless of internet speeds available to them. Obviously high res, would be for broadband and above internet users and low res is for users on dial-up. I would always recommend downloading the high res content though because the quality is far superior to the low res stuff.

Features & Navigation:

You have a choice of clicking the following links. Home, Friends, Videos, Store. Ok lets just say you click on the videos section, you will be taken to the video section where you will see the videos laid out right in front of you. There's 53 pages of videos to choose from, with about 6 on each page. To start a movie all you need to do is click on the resolution you wish to watch the video in and the video will start to download, just remember where your saving ti on your harddrive though. I can tell you form experience that there's nothing worse than trying to find a lost porno.

The video page has been laid out great, it gives you a chance to see some screen shots of the video your about to download. I love sites that do this because it gives you a chance to preview the video before you download it. There's nothing worse then downloading a video and finding out that its not your thing, or the girls are dog ugly, not that any of them are on this site.

You will also notice that there's a link at the top of the page called Sites, if you click on this it will load a drop down menu where you will find all the other sites that you have access to. You're able to visit any of the 45 websites that are listed here for free, they're all part of the sites multi pass network.

Other then that the site is very straight forward, if you have any trouble while on the site be sure to hit the support click and email the webmasters who run the site.


If you've never watched any of peter norths work then go no further then this website. This is the home of peter norths greatest work and its been put all in the one place.

In total there's 53 pages of videos with around 6 videos per page, so theres tons of content to keep your porn needs at bay for a while.

This site also have ton of image gallery's to view and you also get access to over 45 other adult websites for free, so its great value aswell.

Pros & Cons

+ Great Videos
+ Great Design
+ Hot Models
+ Loads of content
+ Heaps of extras
+ Huge cumshots
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