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Cyberfolds Web 961 Cyberfolds Web Are you sick of seeing random scraggy whores being deemed as pornstars left right and center.
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Cyberfolds Web

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Cyberfolds Web

Short Review

Are you sick of seeing random scraggy whores being deemed as pornstars left right and center? Do you want to rewind back to the good old days when only the most flawless of women, ones that are fit to be called goddesses are the only ones deemed as true pornstars? Well Cyberfolds Web will help you out with that, cause they don't accept any old scrag off the streets they've got a strict criteria, if a women can give you a boner even with her clothes on then she's viable to make it on this site.

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I suppose you can say that Cyberfolds is the online equivalent of a centerfold, that's right you'll only be seeing the most gorgeous of women on this site so be sure to cover your keyboards with plastic as they're sure to be drenched in your own drool. As I said earlier only the most gorgeous of women can make it on this site and it looks like they've stuck to their word as the models are stunning, on a down note there aren't that many here which makes me wonder if it's so hard to find gorgeous women nowadays.

All up there's only 10 episodes available on this site with most of the models being blonde babes with a few brunettes and a redhead thrown into the mix. To make matters worse the videos can't even be downloaded as they're only available to stream, the quality of their content is fairly decent though you'll want to have a fast connection to make the most of their content otherwise you'll be stuck with the dial-up versions of their scenes which are horrible compared to the broadband versions. So the babes are hot but the content just doesn't seem to do them any justice, how ironic once again I'd suggest you look else where if you have a slow connection as the dial-up versions of their scenes really aren't worth the wait.

The shining aspect of this site would have to be the picture content on offer. Each of the models come with a set of high quality photos so all up there are 10 galleries for you to enjoy. The images provided are flawless, they're clear, sharp, and bursting with vibrant colors, plus they really bring out the beauty of the models which make them look even hotter than they already are!

So the content numbers on this pornstar site alone may not seem very impressive but once you add all the extras into the picture things start to look a little more promising. The kind of goodies members are entitled to include informative sex articles, raunchy adult comics, hot interactive sites, a collection of bonus downloadable videos, bonus video feeds, and to top it all off full access to over 50 bonus sites some of which include a lot more content than this one. So when you look at the network of sites as a whole it ain't so bad, they just need to start loading this site with more content to please the fans of these hot center fold babes.

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You'll think you'd have died and gone to heaven when you check out the tour pages of this site as the gorgeous women on scattered through out these pages are heavenly and are fit to be called goddesses. You'll notice that they haven't used any numbers on the tour pages as they really only have 10 episodes which we all know isn't exactly something you'd be bragging about, but in the site's defense their women are gorgeous.

As a new members you may find that the members area looks to be a little more complex then what your used to from a porn site, and truth be told I thought it was a little too busy. Personally I thought that there were a few unnecessary links floating about which could have been left out to make the site look a little more simple. On a lighter note once you get the feel of things and start to know where every thing is placed, you'll start surfing the site like a pro.

The content area would have to be most simple section on this website, each of the episodes are presented by a small thumbnail of the starring model, a link to the picture and video gallery of the episode is situated just below this thumbnail. The pornstar video section contains the various streaming links available for that scene including the different qualities and the various segments of the episode.

Information in regards to the updates on this site and all the other bonus sites can be found towards the bottom of the members area, you can also access the extras and the bonus sites from here as well, all of which can be found towards the bottom of the site. So like I said earlier it just takes a little getting used to at first but once you know where everything is it's all smooth sailing from there.



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As a stand alone site Cyberfolds Web doesn't offer much other than really gorgeous women, which is nice but a little more quantity would have been even nicer. Another aspect I didn't like about the site was the fact that their videos can't be downloaded, which really is crucial for a lot of people. If you were to add all the bonus sites and extras into the picture than the membership fee seems a little more reasonable, they just need to focus on getting more content on this site in particular.

Pros & Cons

  • + Gorgeous models
  • + Picture galleries look great
  • + Heaps of extras
  • + Tons of bonus sites
  • - Needs a lot more videos