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Elite Pornstars 772 Elite Pornstars Sick and tired of those sites which model trashy sluts, which are tarnishing the name of pornstars, do you miss those days when only the hottest of ladies, were elegible to star in porn.
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Elite Pornstars

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Elite Pornstars

Short Review

Sick and tired of those sites which model trashy sluts, which are tarnishing the name of pornstars, do you miss those days when only the hottest of ladies, were elegible to star in porn? It seems that nowadays the standards have really dropped, and it looks as though any average chick, could make it big in the industry, well my freinds you'll only find the most elite, and hottest of pornstars on this site, check it out now!

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  • Originality: 0/10
  • Quality: 0/15
  • Speed: 0/15
  • Quantity: 0/15

This site is designed, for those of you who have fast internet connections, cause for the most part, you'll be streaming the majority of the content available, as all of the featured videos, are in the form of video feeds, meaning you won't be able to download, them without certain programs, and I know most of you would prefer, not to fuck around with all that technical shit, so it would have been nice if they had some downloadable featured vids, to make things a little more convenient.

Currently there are 26 video feeds to choose from, all of which are dedicated to a single pornstar, or multiple pornstars. Expect to see big name pornstars like, Jenna Jameson, Brianna Banks, and Kobe Tai, you'll even find some video feeds which star, the infamous male pornstar Mr. Ron Jeremy!

Most of the video feeds include high, and low quality videos, in order to better accomodate, for members with slow connections. The videos themselves could do with some improvement, they do tend, to be a little grainy, and motion does skip from time to time. I wouldn't recommend watching them through a full screen, unless your very tolerant, towards grainy videos. Personally I think they could have done much better, especially with the big name pornstars they're modeling, I'd imagine the original copy of these scenes to look amazing, so they may have made a mistake during the encoding process, either that, or they did it on purpose to save space.

To silence their members, who simply must have downloadable content. They've thrown in a nice selection of downloadable mpgs. To my disappointment, these videos weren't very appealing to watch, and they're worse off than the featured videos, even though they play in tiny screens, they're still quite grainy, and motion skips like a broken record, clearly I wasn't at all, impressed with these vids, they may as well not have included them at all.

Now comes the best part of the site, the picture content! as weird as it may seem, the picture content on this site, seems to outstage all the other content available, as the pictures included are absoloutly stunning, which is a nice change from their mediocre video content. There's a massive collection to choose from here, and the line up of galleries is quite diverse. The pictures themselves, come in various large dimensions, the images are crystal clear, and the colors seem to make the pictures come to life, these pics really do the models justice.

Well that's pretty much all there is, for the content on this site, I should also mention that members gain access to over 70 other niched porn sites, which will keep them entertained long after their, finished with the content on this site. They really could have done better with quality however, as this site fits into the "quantity over quality" category, which may work for some, but for me quality is king!

Nav, Design & Features

  • Design: 0/5
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  • Features: 0/10

Elite Pornstars is made up of 5 sections, all of which can be accessed from the navigation menu, situated towards the very top of the site. These sections include the main members area, bonus sites, photos, videos, mpgs and live sex.

The main members area, is where you will find the 26 featured video feeds, each of the video feeds, are presented by a small thumbnail, of the gorgeous pornstar, clicking on any of the thumbnail links, will open a new window, that will automatically direct you to, the main page for the video feed, from there you can proceed to watch as much of the content available.

The Photos section is obviously where you'll find the various photo galleries. The individual galleries are represented with a small thumbnail, which is a link that will take you to the main gallery, for that picture set, further down this page is where you will find links to the other niched galleries.

The mpg section is essentially laid out like a picture gallery, each of the scenes, are presented via thumbnails, which are screen captures from the episodes, so they'll give you a rough idea, on what you can expect to see in that scene. Clicking on these thumbnails will take you to the main download area, for that particular scene, from here you can access the various download links, but you'll have to right click, and choose the save link as option, otherwise the video will automatically stream, if you were to left click on it.

The bonus video archive is pretty much the same, as the main members area, the page is jam packed with thumbnail links, which direct you to the bonus video feeds, and let me just say, with the amount on offer, your going to have a hard time picking out where to start, cause I certainly did.

so that's pretty much all I can say about how the site works, it's all fairly straight forward stuff, and it's all self explanatory, so you shouldn't have any problems browsing the site, even if you didn't read this section of my review, cause there's just no possible way you could get lost.



Members Area Screenshots


To be honest I felt a little let down, being elite pornstar content, I was expecting to see only the best, but they've only provided video feeds, and not only that, but they aren't that great, they really need to improve on the quality of their content, there's definitely a whole lot here, but now they need to stop the production line to a crawl, and work on making their vids look better, cause there's definitely room for a lot of improvement.

Pros & Cons

  • + Picture galleries are great
  • + Tonnes of bonus content
  • + Easy to navigate
  • - Quality of vids need improving