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I Bang Pornstars 2079 I Bang Pornstars Tired of those sites which don't have standards and pick any average looking slut of the streets to star in their episodes.
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I Bang Pornstars

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I Bang Pornstars

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Tired of those sites which don't have standards and pick any average looking slut of the streets to star in their episodes? We'll here at I Bang Pornstars they hand pick pornstars with unparalleled beauty and the ones who can really put up a dynamite show. With over 57 exclusive episodes and counting starring the hottest pornstars in no holes barred episodes it's a guarantee that you'll be in for some quality porn viewing, not to mention that the videos have been encoded in gorgeous HD quality!

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Gone are the days where only the hottest women can ever dream of starring in porn, over the years since porn has wandered from the path of magazines and made it's way on the net the standards of women have some what dwindled. Sure every man has different tastes when it comes to women, and there are specific categories which allow fairly average women to be involved in adult films so I suppose there are reasons for the lowering standards. However if you're anything like me and absolutely must have the most beautiful babes with flawless bodies then the content available on I Bang Pornstars will certainly be up your agenda.

So promises are great and all but has the site actually delivered on providing walking cock teases? Personally I would say yes, and the pornstars they've got in their line up so far are quite popular to boot. We've got the delicious Tyla Wynn, the cute Holly West, and the round assed Trina Michaels amongst many other scorching hot viexns which could make any man go rock solid even when fully clothed! There's a nice mix of episodes from all out hardcore fucking, to blowjob based episodes, and from what I've viewed they're as gonzo as can get so you need not worry about the hardcore factor that's for sure.

I Bang Pornstars is a relatively new site. It was first launched on the first of Dec 07' so it's been live for just under 4 months now. Since then the site has been pumping out the episodes every one or two days, and there have been a few days where they've uploaded more than a single episode, so they're really steaming along as far as updates go. So far the archive of episodes sports a total of 57 episodes, still a fairly humble collection, but if they continue to keep their updates flowing like they are then we'll see this site grow in to a monster in no time. Plus we must also consider the fact that the site has been up for less than 4 months and all the episodes are 100% exclusive to this site.

The episodes are quite lengthy with some reaching the hour mark. All videos can be downloaded with no DRM restrictions or be streamed off the site. The only downfall (if it's even considered one) is the low amount of download options. Videos only come in wmv and can only be streamed in full scenes. This can only be considered an inconvenience to members on slower connections as they may have to wait for quite some time to download an entire episode. Members on higher connections however have it sweet, especially with their high connections speeds. The reason why the video files are so big is because of the HD quality of course. Seriously though you can't get much better quality videos than the ones available on this site, so don't be surprised if you find yourself drooling over your keyboard from all the delicious eye candy you'll be seeing.

Wmv: (2000kbps @ 852x480) download
Wmv: (1000kbps @ 640x480) streamed

I Bang Pornstars also boasts a nice collection of stunning photo galleries. All up there are 29 galleries to browse through, the updates are lagging a little behind compared to the video content which is quite understandable, but like the videos they try to get at least one photo gallery uploaded every one or two days. As far as quality goes these images look awesome, they're crisp and the full blown colors make the pictures come to life. Not only is the quality great but they come in large sizes to boot averaging in at around (1100x730 pixels). Each gallery contains a rough total of 100 pictures each. These are certainly a nice side dish to the excellent video content.

To mix up their member's porn experience, the developers behind I Bang Pornstars have given their members the luxury of full access to a further 23 bonus sites. 9 of these sites are exclusive to the Mayor's network which is the network I Bang Pornstars is on, and the other 14 are on a third party network. Plus there's news on 5 more upcoming sites in the near future, so there's quite a buffet of porn for members to indulge in, and considering the fact that the sites fall under different niches, and feature various solo models, members are in for quite a diverse porn viewing experience.

Nav, Design & Features

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The developers behind I Bang Pornstars don't hide anything on their tour pages, and to be honest there's really nothing on this site to hide as it does well on just about all fronts. Non-members are doused with bucket loads of information in regards to content numbers, and there are links provided which will take you to a specific area containing previews of their current archive of episodes. On lookers will certainly be convinced to join the site as they scroll down the tours. With a wealth of large sample pictures featuring oh so hot pornstars and a free preview which will have you begging for more, you'll be hard pressed on not signing up.

It's nice to see that the site designers have stuck to the basics. You may find that the layout of the site is quite bare bones which may turn off some at first glance, but once you start effortlessly flying around the site and accessing downloads with only a few clicks you'll quickly become fond of the quick access and simplicity of the interface. Below the subtle top banner is where the navigation menu is situated. This includes links which allow you to back track your way to the homepage, and access the bonus sites and webcam girls. A lot less links then what you're used to right? Well that's because the developers have stuck to the less is better approach, which is certainly working for me.

So you're probably wondering where the link to the archive is in the navigation menu? Well there's no need for one as all the exclusive content can be accessed right off the homepage. Scroll down and you'll come across the entire collection of episodes, and all the way at the bottom is where the picture gallery links are situated. All these links are in thumbnail form featuring a small screen shot which gives you a good idea on what you can expect to view in the episode or picture gallery. Below the thumbnails is all the information you could want on the content including the starring model's name, when the content was uploaded, and a rating from fellow members.

So there's not much else to say about the navigation of this site as it is very basic. The site isn't overly flash as far as site presentation goes, though the subtle colors they have used in the color scheme certainly makes it so that you could stare at the page without straining your eyes. Not flashy like the bright lights of Vegas, and not boring like a desolate desert, it's some where in between and in my books that's not an issue at all.



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Well it certainly looks as though the developers of I Bang Pornstars really hammer down on the most important things a member could want. Even though the archive of exclusive episodes isn't huge just yet it will be if they continue their constant updates. They've also done a great job on bringing us hot pornstars, and to make it all that much sweeter the videos come in gorgeous HD quality. So there's not much I can bag out about the site, as it excels on just about all aspects.

Pros & Cons

  • + Awesome video quality
  • + Hot pornstars
  • + Very frequent updates
  • + Simple to use interface
  • + Access to 29 bonus sites
  • + All around great site