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Short Review:

Today we have the chance to review the site of a British porn star, Lana Cox. Shes an ex-Playboy centrefold with wonderful long legs and a passion for nylons, lingerie and all things in the leg fetish department. This is her own site with basic video and image viewing, diary updates and plenty to see. The quality is fine, the star herself if pretty awesome and there is a nice mix of hardcore, solo, toy play and lesbian scenes with some mechanical fuck-machines too.
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Our total rating: 77/100

Detailed Review:


Updates are pretty regular at this site so once you sign up (and there are some special offers on at the moment) you get a good deal on your membership even though the site is a stand-alone one with no extras or bonus sites. When I was visiting there were 256 movies and 271 galleries. The site has been around for several years now, and the updates continue to be regular.

Heading to the Videos in the members' area you find three long index pages. You don't have individual viewing pages here, it's up to you to download the files and then run them at home. Each scene or clip is shown with a sample shot, the upload date, a description and then the download choices. The majority of these movies are in both MP4 and WMV formats with only a couple of the original releases only in WMV format.

The top resolution I found here was around 720 x 576 @ 2,000 kbps, not huge but manageable for all connections and with file sizes around the 130 Mbs mark. There are full files only, no clips or parts and no streaming, and movies run for around 15 minutes each, though times vary.

The movies and the galleries hold a variety of content but all with Leggy Lana, who is an older model, moving into the Milf range and who likes all kinds of fetishist fun. A quick browse down one of the index pages shows here is all manner of sexy nylons, suspenders, tights, boots, lingerie and here even has a notice to let you know she is available for private foot worship sessions, and you can contact her to make arrangements. There are also many hardcore scenes here, she gives a mean blow job, shes getting fucked by machines and guys, she plays with toys and women, and all the scenes are decently shot and a good overall quality.

And you can also say that for the galleries where there were the 271 sets of photos when I viewed the site. These were also being updated regularly and were set out on index pages with sample shots, but no descriptions. You can take zip files of the full sets or you can browse the galleries on line. There were around 35 images per set and the more recent ones went up to 534 x 800 in size. They were clear and sharp, well taken and had a professional look. There are posed shots, action ones and some posted-action as well. The galleries come with simple navigation tools and are easy enough to access.

And the only other content you will find here are the Diaries. Here there were five short videos, homemade style, and they give you a bit of personal background and an insight into Lana's life, though they are pretty old now, dating from 2008 and 2010.

Features & Navigation:

The design of this members' area is very simple. You will have no trouble with navigation and that's because there is not a lot to navigate. There's nothing fancy or snazzy about the pages, they are black with white text so they are easy to read, the images are sharp and things are well set out. There is some information about the movies to read, and the links all work well. There are no technical issues at all.

But neither are there any interactive options. You can't write comments or rate scenes, there is no add to favourites function and no way to search the site. You can contact Lana easily enough as there is a link to an email, but that is about it. She states that you can arrange a private session with her, as long as you are in the UK and can pay, and the home page gives you a welcome message, but that's as interactive as you can get.

It's worth taking a look at the sign up pages to see if there are special offers on; there were when I was looking. This is a decent enough collection to get into and gather hot content from, and there are chances to do that for reduced membership payments.


I found Leggy Lana, the site, to be quite simple and basic. It's not got the modern interactive and social functions that many sites have these days, but it all works fine. It's simple and to the point: here's Lana Cox, here are her exclusive videos, in decent quality formats (though not spectacular) and here are her well-taken photos. And I found Lana herself to be a great looking older porn star who knows exactly what she is doing and gives you what you want to see.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive Pornstar content
+ Easy site to use
+ Discounts available
+ Good quality+ Good updates
+ Multiple movie formats

- Not interactive
- Little information
- Limited video viewing
- No streams
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