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Lela Star Vids 4969 Lela Star Vids Lela Star Vids is a small, unofficial and non-exclusive collection of videos and photos featuring sexy brunette Lela Star. From the outside, things seem like your typical porn star collection.
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Lela Star Vids

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Lela Star Vids

Short Review

Lela Star Vids is a small, unofficial and non-exclusive collection of videos and photos featuring sexy brunette Lela Star. From the outside, things seem like your typical porn star collection. Unfortunately, there are some issues here. I've got a full access pass to Lela Star Vids and the rest of the Pornstar Network, so let's take a peek inside and find out all of the details.

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I have visited several sites in the Porn tar Network over the last few days, so I was pretty sure what to expect when I entered the members' area here at Lela Star Vids. Unfortunately, I wasn't expecting anything impressive. This network is full of various issues, not the least of which is its misleading membership scheme. What that means for members of Lela Star Vids is that although there are about 30 videos available starring Lela, regular members can only access about 15 of them. The rest, although listed right alongside the included videos, belong to an upgraded membership called Moviez Plus.

Aside from the obvious, the main problem here is that there's no way to tell that these videos aren't part of your membership until you try to download or stream one. At this point, you'll be asked to pay an upgrade fee of nearly $30 per month. This fee is in addition to the regular membership price of about $20 per month which means that it would cost nearly $50 per month for access to this small collection of just 28 videos. The membership and upgrade set up here is incredibly frustrating and misleading, not to mention overpriced.

All of the flicks here average about 25 or 30 minutes each and come from a variety of DVD titles starring Lela. These have titles like the female ejaculation themed Sprung a Leak and teen themed Wasted Youth. There are also five small photo sets that appear to contain digital promotional shots from a few of the DVDs. All materials here are about average in terms of quality.

The Lela Star Vids collection does not appear to be updating. Furthermore, despite the fact that Lela's profile page seems to indicate that this is her official collection and even posts her Twitter feed, it actually is not. Lela is not involved with the site at all, no new updates are being made, and there are no interactive features.

Nav, Design & Features

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The pink, black, and white pages for Lela Star Vids have a fairly nice look, but there are hints even here that not much effort is put into this collection. The text at the top of the page proudly introduces you to Bobbi Starr, not Lela Star, and the members login link is miscoded as well, taking you to the Bobbi Starr page rather than the Lela Star page. It seems obvious that no one involved with the site has bothered to take a look at things in a while.

The members' area for the Pornstar Network is fairly advanced in terms of search and navigation features and also offers a tag system to help you easily find matching scenes by category or performer. Advanced features such as a favorites list and the ability to rate and comment on scenes are also offered. Unfortunately, the appeal of most of these fancy features is lost because of the tiny collection and frustrating pricing scheme. The videos here are offered for streaming in Flash format or may be downloaded in WMV, MP4, and MPEG formats.



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When it's all said and done, Lela Star Vids simply has far too many major issues for me to get excited about. The overpriced and misleading membership and upgrade scheme is simply infuriating, the materials are nonexclusive anyway, and there is no interaction with Lela. The other sites in the network that I've visited recently all have the same problems, so even the bonus network doesn't add much value here. This is definitely one that I recommend skipping.

Pros & Cons

  • + Some Lela Star scenes
  • - Misleading membership/upgrade scheme
  • - Tiny collection
  • - No updates
  • - Non-exclusive
  • - No interaction with Lela