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Lex Movies 508 Lex Movies Lexington Steele started to act in adult movies in the later part of 1997, in New York City. He moved to Los Angeles and joined the industry full-time in March 1998.
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Lex Movies

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Lex Movies

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Lexington Steele started to act in adult movies in the later part of 1997, in New York City. He moved to Los Angeles and joined the industry full-time in March 1998. Lexington Steel quickly got a name for himself not only due to the massive size of his schlong, but he is also notorious for his dramatic screams upon ejaculation.

The ladies just love him...

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Hi, I'm Lexington Steele and I want to welcome you to my official website. Before you browse your way through it, I thought I'd take the time to let you know a little bit more about myself.

I grew up in New Jersey and had a pretty regular life going to school, playing sports and, of course, watching porn movies.

After graduating from Syracuse University in 1993, I joined the ranks of Corporate America. I busted my ass as a Wall Street broker for four years. Then I started doing some mainstream modeling on the side. This experience proved to myself I had what it takes to perform in front of the cameras.

I built enough confidence to follow my dream and become an adult performer. Some people suggested I try it, because I was blessed with a huge cock. At first, I did a few shoots around New York, everything was pretty relaxed. Things really got serious once I moved to LA and was needed on the set a few times a week.

I climbed the ladder one step at the time, until I was considered as a lead actor. By then I started to win awards, like the Adult Video News male performer of the year in 2000, 2002 and 2003. I felt it was time to move on towards new challenges. I founded Mercenary pictures because I felt it was the best way to express myself and my vision of porn.

I've always felt a porn movie should allow the watcher to recognize himself in it. If a guy had the chance to get dirty with these sexy pornstars, he'd be on fire. I try to show as much passion and involvement as possible in what I do. I give my best effort in every scene.

I bring the same philosophy to this site as I do to my movies. I'm committed in offering the best to my fans. I don't expect anything less from myself, or the rest of my mercenaries, so you guys have the best experience while watching our work.

Before I let you go, I want to thank you for supporting me and my work through the years. I hope you'll enjoy my site.

Lexington Steele would have to be without a doubt one of the biggest porn stars in the world. If you don't know the name I am sure you will know who I am talking about once you see the size of his massive black cock. Its without a doubt one of the biggest in the porn industry. This guy knows how to use his massive dick as well, come inside the members area and watch as he puts his big tool to work on some of these smoking hot young babes.

You will get hours and hours of full length videos to either download or stream inside your browser, there is over 25 videos with more and more being added each and every week. This site loves to give its members updates so you will always have hot fresh videos and images to browse.

All the video content you will have access to will play in windows media player ( WMV ), you will be able to play most of the videos pretty much in any media player you might have ie. winamp, VLC, but I would always recommend that you use windows media player for the best viewing experience.

The videos can be viewed in two types of formats, you can either view them in high or low resolution. You normally choose this to pick how big of quality you would like to watch the videos at, which depicts how big of a file you will be downloading, the higher the res, the bigger the file and the lower the res the smaller the file to download. If you are on high speed internet I would recommend that you pick the higher res, if you are on a slower internet speed I would recommend that you get the lower res file. Also I would highly recommend that everyone gets a download manager when downloading some of these files. There is nothing worst then having the file 95% downloaded and your internet drops out and you need to start the download all over again.

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You have a choice of clicking the following links. Home, Friends, Videos, Store. Ok lets just say you click on the videos section, you will be taken to the videos section where you will see the videos laid out right in front of you. There is 25 videos to choose from. To start a movie you will simply have to click on the resolution you which to watch the video in and the video will start to download, be sure to remember where you are saving it on your hard drive so you will be able to find it later, I save all my videos I download into the My Videos section in the My Documents folder.

The video page has been laid out great, it gives you a chance to see some screen shots of the video your about to download. I love sites that do this cause it gives you a chance to preview the video before you download it. There is nothing worst them download a video and then finding out that the girl in it is ugly or you just didn't like it.

You will also notice that you will find a link at the top of the website that says Sites, if you click on this it will load a drop down menu where you will find all the other sites that you have access to. You will be able to visit any of the 45 that are listed there, they are all part of the sites muti pass network.

Other then that the site is very straight forward, if you have any trouble while on the site be sure to click on the support click and email the webmasters who run the site.



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If you have never heard of Lexington Steele I would highly recommend that you guys join this website. You will get to see Lexington Steele at his best. You will get to see one of the biggest cocks in the porn industry. This guys knows how to use it as well.

You will get to watch hours and hours of full length videos and you will never see this content on any other website. Its 100% exclusive to this site alone.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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  • + Massive cock
  • + Hots Young Babes
  • + Great Design
  • + Easy Navigation
  • + Nice Extras