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You're looking at something very special here with top work from a multi-award winning director. Michael Ninn has been in the biz for a long time and knows what he is doing. Here you get a chance to see his work in his own site, where you get his unique blend of quality and erotica. High class photos, videos and models are all available to you, it's all exclusive and downloadable and the members' area is being updated all the time.
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When you log in here you are met with the same sleek black design as you saw on the tour. There are cover shots from magazines, well, actually they are simply advertising the latest updates, but everything has a high class, top shelf magazine look and feel to it. Further down the home page you will see the content listed by year and then even further back, pre 2005, you have the archives. I'm not exactly sure what dates these videos are from but I think the site has been online since around 2003, so there is plenty to see here.

In fact there were over 1,080 videos with galleries to watch when I was visiting the site. These run for various lengths of time each, around 15 to 20 minutes seems to be the average though there are shorter ones, and they come with a variety of viewing options. I found in-browser streams in Flash, with downloads in WMV and Mp4 format. There are also mobile downloads to be had. There is a good choice for streaming from standard to HD and I was interested to see that these options were available on the older content as well as the newer videos.

All the way through though, from ten years ago onwards, the quality is the same, and that's: good. Better than good at times. Like I said, this guy has won awards for his work, in fact I found out that he is probably the most AVN awarded director in the industry, so that's a bit of a recommendation on its own. The directing, the lighting, the scenes, sound and set-ups, the models, the performances and the presentation, all are spot on.

But you want to know about the girls and the action don't you Well the models give you nothing to worry about and plenty to dream about; hot girls, experienced actresses, first timers and all kinds of sexy ladies from 18 upwards appear in the model index. Here they appear with good sized sample images that lead to a page of stats and information and then you have large images of their videos; again in the magazine cover format. This means it is easy to find your content by model and you get to browse through them all in alphabetical order, or by top rated model.

And the action is neatly varied. Looking back through the archives and older years I found hardcore scenes, solo girl scenes, some fetish and lesbian action as well. There is an Advanced Search page which lets you set the criteria of the ladies you want to see, and also the photographer you want to see work by. That's a bit ironic as the only one listed is Michael Ninn and, lets face it, when you have his entire collection in one place you don't really need work by anyone else.

You also have galleries here and these are shown beneath the movie stream. High class photos in high class resolutions and sizes, 1,440 x 1,080 for example, with a choice of zip file downloads. And the site is updating as well. Looking back there seemed to be between eight and ten uploads each month, so two or more new pieces of exclusive content each week.

Features & Navigation:

Navigating around the site is fine and is led by year. You will see the years set out at the bottom of the index pages and when you click one you then find all the months set out and all the covers within them leading to the videos. These covers show you what to expect: solo girl, lesbian scenes, hardcore action. And then you come to the viewing page where you find the choice of streams and downloads set out beneath the player, some basic information and then some interactive options.

These include an add to favourites function, linked tag words that you can add to, a place where you can award the scene or girls a score and, further down the pages, a place where you can leave comments. Everything you need in order to get involved is there. Photos are linked from these pages and these, when you open one, come with easy navigation and slideshow options; plus there is a choice of image size to take.

The text on the site tends to be dark, in keeping with the background and style of the site but sometimes hard to see. It gets lighter when you put your pointer over it though and so, at the top of the pages, you can find your favourites area, the advanced search page, links to the blog and other areas, and a place where you can set up default viewing options. It's neatly arranged in that respect and didn't give me any technical difficulties. Check the bottom of the pages for the site map and links to help should you need any.


With a good mix of solo, action, lesbian and some smooth fetish scenes, Michael Ninn lets you see, in his own, exclusive site, all the hot girls and dazzling scenes, and work, that have made him famous. Not only famous but number one in his genre as well, and if you are looking for good, solid, glamour porn with some fetish and erotica twists, then this is the site for you an no mistake. Very impressive, high quality, loads of viewing options and updating, it's got it all.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive work
+ Top director
+ Good viewing options
+ Updates
+ Great models
+ Award winning

- Dark text on dark background
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