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Pornstar Cinema 792 Pornstar Cinema Pornstar Cinema is the one site you've got to check out, if you love your pornstars, don't settle for those skanky looking amateur ladies, when you can be perving on gorgeous women who are close to pe
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Pornstar Cinema

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Pornstar Cinema

Short Review

Pornstar Cinema is the one site you've got to check out, if you love your pornstars, don't settle for those skanky looking amateur ladies, when you can be perving on gorgeous women who are close to perfect, that's right only the sexiest of ladies are eligeble to make it on this steaming hot webpage, and you can enjoy all the pornstars you want, right on this very site!

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Ah yes who can't resist those fine assed pornstars, you know I've been noticing that once the porn industry fucked it's way onto the world wide web, it seems as though, just about any women is elegible to make it as a pornstar, which has kind of hurt the standards. So the folks behind Pornstar Cinema, decided to round up those, close to perfect pornstars we all know and love, to star them on this very site.

Currently there are 28 pornstar video feeds for members to enjoy. All of the scenes provided have been split into short clips, in order to optimize streaming time, also this way around members can choose to skip the segements, they aren't interested in, which will end up saving them a lot of bandwidth in the long run. Seeing as they are video feeds, I wasn't really expecting too much, as far as quality goes, and my assumption was pretty much right.

The quality of the videos was mediocre, to say the very least, you'll find that they're pixelated, and at times they skip like broken records, which hardly does the gorgeous pornstars any justice, I was actually looking forward to seeing some decent quality videos, as it's pretty much a gaurentee with pornstar content, so it was kind of a bummer, plus the fact that you can't download the vids, makes things seem even worse.

The picture content on the other hand, looks to be a little more promising as far as quality goes. Picture content on this site, is a mix of pornstar photo sets, and general hardcore pictures. Quality of these pictures are outstanding, though I should mention that quality does vary through out the various picture sets, but for the most part they look great. They're nice and big, crystal clear, and the colors make the pictures come to life, truly a must see for you picture fans.

As a bonus members are treated to a massive collection of bonus video feeds, and downloadable mpgs, but the best part is the fact that members acquire full access, to over 70 adult sites, which are on par with this one, and unlike this site, some of them even provide downloadable vids, which is very good news. All in all there's just not enough pornstar content, to please the fans, plus the fact that their entire collection of videos are feeds, really hurts their image, personally I found the picture galleries to be the highlight of this site, which shouldn't really be the case.

Nav, Design & Features

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Pornstar cinema has 8 seperate sections to it, all of which can be accessed from the navigation menu, situated towards the very top of the site. The sections include the main members area, the what's new section, photos, live videos, bonus video archive, games, and bonus mpgs.

The main members area, is where you will find the 28 featured video feeds, the video feeds are presented by small thumbnails, of the video feeds logo, clicking on any of the thumbnail links, will open a new window, that will automatically direct you to, the main page for the video feed, from there you can proceed, to watch as much of their content available.

The bottom half of the members area, consists of the thumbnail links, to the various bonus sites. It's good to see that you aren't required to re-enter your login, everytime you enter one of the sites, and belive me, having to re-enter your password, a few dozen times, while your trying to have a good old wank, is the last thing you want.

The Photos section is obviously where you'll find the various photo galleries. The individual galleries, are represented be a small thumbnail, these thumbnails are links, that will take you to the main gallery for that picture set. The bonus video archive is pretty much the same, as the main members area, the page is jam packed with thumbnail links, which direct you to the bonus video feeds, and let me just say, with the amount on offer, your going to have a hard time picking out where to start, cause I certainly did.

Well that pretty much wraps things up, I couldn't find anything wrong with how the site works, as it's just so easy to find your way around the site, this is probably due to the fact that you'll probably spend most of your time at the main members area, as most of the content can be accessed from there. The only problem I had with the site, was with how it looks, as it's a little lackluster at the moment, but hey at least it works fine right? Better to have a mediocre looking site that works, rather than a site that's pure eye candy, that doesn't work.



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My only gripe with this site, was the fact that their featured content, is severely overshadowed by their massive collection of bonus content, in reality it should be the other way around, well if they wanted to please the fans that is. With nothing but video feeds on offer, and a small amount of them too, this site just doesn't have the appeal to bring in the masses, I can't really recommend this site to anyone, as there's far better pornstar sites out there.

Pros & Cons

  • + Tonnes of bonus content
  • + Pictures are great
  • + Full access to over 70 sites
  • + Easy to navigate
  • - No downloadable videos