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Pornstar Cream 2586 Pornstar Cream At Pornstar Cream you can enjoy watching all your favorite pornstars take a steaming wad of cum directly up their famous twats.
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Pornstar Cream

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Pornstar Cream

Short Review

At Pornstar Cream you can enjoy watching all your favorite pornstars take a steaming wad of cum directly up their famous twats. Enjoy the likes of Eva Angelina, Mika Tan, and plenty more high caliber pornstars as they put up their best performances for your viewing pleasure. Pornstar Cream provides both video and photo content which are of stunningly high quality, and seeing as all the content is exclusive to this very site, you won't be finding them anywhere else on the net!

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Pornstar Cream is brought to you by the good fellas behind the Cream Pimps network, a well rounded network filled with awesome sites which are based on the ever so kinky niche of cumshots. Pornstar Cream in particular has invited some of the most famous pornstars around to have them perform in no holes barred hardcore scenes which end in ridiculously gooey climaxes as the horny broads receive a full load up their juicy snatches before letting the freshly squeezed man juice for all to see. Sounds pretty damn hot right? Well you'd be damn right! Obviously with cumshot content the action is as hardcore as can get, members are treated generous amounts of anal action, brutal face fuckings, and plenty more naughty shenanigans. One thing the developers could improve on though is the diversity of scenes, for you see the episodes on offer are the girl vs boy type, it would have been nice if there were a few threesomes in the mix. Either way the content they have provided thus far is extremely arousing and I'm sure even the most hard pleased gonzo fans will be thoroughly pleased with the episodes.

I was quite impressed with the diversity of pornstars there is on show. They range from blonde bombshells, gorgeous brunette hotties, and spicy Latina minxes. I also came across some of my favorite pornstars in the mix including Eva Angelina, Daisy Marie, and surprisingly the goddess Aurora Snow has her very own scene. Overall I was more than a little satisfied with the line up of gorgeous pornstars, and as always they have put up some of the most intense performances as one would expect from these veteran stars.

Pornstar Cream has been up and running for just over 7 months now. The first episode starring the delicious blonde babe Holly Morgan was uploaded on the 11th of June last year in 2008. The update schedules are some what erratic though they try and upload at least two updates every month. So far there are 13 episodes for members to dig their paws in, not the biggest collection around that's for sure but at least they are exclusive to the site. Plus with information on upcoming updates members are guaranteed that the flow of episodes hasn't stopped just yet. The last update occurred roughly 2 months ago back in November last year, with the upcoming update just around the corner with an ETA of 21st of January 2009.

Quality is where Pornstar Cream really hits for home, first off let me just state that the videos are available in gorgeous HD quality, that piece of information may have already sealed the deal for most of you readers but let me go in to a little more depth for those of you who need more convincing. Members have the choice of either streaming the episodes straight off the site in wmv format or downloading them with no DRM restrictions which also come in the wmv format. Both formats come in drool worthy encoding rates of (2600kbps @ 1280x720) needless to say members are up for some tasty eye candy. Having been encoded in high bit rates some of you are probably worried about the massive video files, never fear though as the developers have provided the episodes in short segments allowing members to skip parts of the episode they don't wish to see saving them a whole lot of download time in the process.

As a side dish to the delicious video content the developers have also included a set of high quality photos for each episode. These are directly related to the video footage in that they feature the same stars, the same location, and basically involve the same hardcore action. The only difference is that towards the start of the photo sets members are treated with tasteful softcore photos where the models strike erotic poses. Quality wise the photos are just as impressive as the videos on offer, they're immaculately clear, feature rich colors, and lighting and photography work is top notch. I was also pleased with the measurements they are available in at (1200x800 pixels) they certainly fill up the screen.

Now even though Pornstar Cream is still accumulating a decent collection of episodes members have access to an enormous amount of porn if you look at the big picture. Being a part of the Cream Pimps network members gain full access to what ever this extensive network has up it's deep sleeves. All up there are 10 sites which make up the network, all of which have the primary niche of cumshots making this network a must see for fans of cumshot porn. The great thing is though all 10 sites have unique secondary niches giving cumshot fans a diverse porn experience. Adding the content across all 10 sites members have quite a bit of porn to deal with, also keep in mind that all the sites are still being updated and it becomes obvious that members won't be running out of fresh porn any time soon.

Nav, Design & Features

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In a word the tours of Pornstar Cream is "flashy", the designs and layout have the sole purpose of pleasing the eyes and that they do! Combine that with the large amounts of saucy pictures of pornstars spreading their twats to expose the gooey man cream in their twats and you've got yourself a tour page which will make it hard for potential customers to resist a sign-up. Scrolling down the tours will give you but a mere taste of the naughtiness granted inside, if the scorching hot sample pictures aren't doing it for you then I'm certain that watching the free trailers will have you more than convinced.

To be honest I felt that the members area of Pornstar Cream is a little crowded, there's a lot of items on the members area and it looks some what cramped. At the top of the page you've got the usual top banner and below is the navigation menu which will take you to various sections such as the Cream Pimps blog, the models section, the photos and movie galleries, and the bonus sites page. I didn't get much use out of the navigation menu because the featured episodes can be accessed straight off the main members area. So far the episode gallery is made up of 2 indexed pages containing up to 9 episodes per page. Clicking on the thumbnails which represent the episodes will direct you straight to your chosen episode's content area from where you can access the various types of media the episode has available.

Down the length of the right side of the members area is where you'll come across a few helpful search tools. There's a search engine which will allow you to browse through the content via niche, pornstar name, and site. Below the search engine there's a list of the week's top rated models, this may come in handy if you're a new member and are having trouble picking out where to start. Keep in mind that these models have been voted by the member base so you can be sure that they're the best of the best available across all sites on the Cream Pimp network. At the very bottom of the members area is where you'll find information in regards to future updates, members are presented with sample pictures and a detailed description on what naughty going ons are involved in the upcoming episode.

Viewing and downloading content is a simple task, once you are in the content area of an episode you will be presented with the full length download link at the very top of this section. Below you'll notice a series of thumbnails, each of these thumbnails represents a certain segment of the episode, below the thumbnails is where the stream links are situated, click on these and your episode will automatically stream in a new window. Just above the full download link you'll notice the photo tab, click on this and you will immediately be taken to that episode's photo gallery. From there you can proceed to view the individual shots within the browser by clicking on the thumbnail links.



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Pornstar Cream excels on just about every front, the pornstars are gorgeous, they put up awesome shows, and best of all the content looks spectacular. The only thing which the site could improve on is the content numbers, but seeing as the site is still being updated I'm sure this won't be an issue in the future. Also having the Cream Pimps network backing the site up there's plenty to see and do as members wait for fresh content.

Pros & Cons

  • + High caliber pornstars
  • + Extremely arousing performances
  • + Gorgeous HD content
  • + Photos look amazing
  • + Active on updates
  • + Full access to Cream Pimps network
  • + All exclusive content