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Short Review:

It makes a change to find a site that is led by its star listing rather than anything else. There is no fixed genre at PornStar Empire, simply a massive collection of movies and a stocked model index. You've got regular updates, simple streaming (but no downloading) a good range of sign-up prices and a huge bevy of beauties ready to entertain. Whether you're after lesbian scenes or solos, hardcore couples of groups, you are going to find it here. It is a simple site that's easy to use.
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Price Details:

Trial 2.99
Monthly 24.99

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Our total rating: 80/100

Detailed Review:


You can't have a site called Porn Star Empire without first checking out the stars. Riley Reid, Eva Angelina and Kendra Lust all appear on page one of the 5,200 + strong model index and these are girls who know what they are doing and who have appeared in loads of films for various companies. That gives you the first clue that the content here is not exclusive, much of it is taken from released DVDs and other sources, though there are some exclusive scenes. These are marked as such and you can filter and search.

You can find your content via the model index, or though other search functions, and if you select a top name you'll find how many scenes she appears in, and then tags to take you to similar scenes, plus a list of her scene and some interactive functions such as likes. You do have to watch out though, whereas some stars have over 160 scenes to check out others, such as the busty beauty Josie Jugsy (gotta love the name) have only one. But the point is, it is easy to find the scenes via the stars, and also to find the stars via the scenes.

Use the New or Popular function to filter, or the Tags to find more specific kinds of content and you find index pages with neat thumbnail sample shots. These lead to basic viewing pages where there is just the one viewing options. It's an embedded Flash player at 672 x 512 which will go full size. There are some resolution choices depending on the age of the scenes, I found 480p and 320p on older content, but newer scenes also came with resolutions up to 1080p and HD. Some movies are now marked up with UHD at 4K, so you're going to need to be on a fast connection to get them to stream smoothly, but they will be well worth the effort.

The action is very varied, these girls will do almost anything. There are some spicy lesbian scenes with two top models or more getting it on together in that way that only professional porn girls know how, there are couples in hardcore sex session and then there are group scenes too. You even find some fantasy scenes from some wilder DVDs, the guys dressed at The Joker, for example, and seeing to the pussies and asses of many a hot model. So, expect a varied time and if you want to filter content by genre then use the Tags page and you get a long list of categories.

There were a few things I thought were missing with this content. There was no detail about where the scenes were from and which studios had released them, it's not like a DVD viewing theatre in that respect. There are no details about the girls either and for a site called PornStar Empire I would have thought they would apply more detail to the models, as they are the main draw to the site. Other than that though the content is a decent quality and easy to access, updates are regular and there are over 60,400 scenes to watch.

Features & Navigation:

Navigation at the site is easy enough and I had no hassles there. You can search the model index in various ways and it's linked from the simple top menu. This also takes you to the new content and the most popular. The tags page is the way to go for searching by niche or genre and this makes it easy to find the kind of porn you like. The alphabetical model index lets you find the girls you like, as long as you know their name and is a good way to then find all her content in one go.

What was lacking for me were interactive options and details. You can give each scene and girl a like, add things to your favourites collection and put them aside to watch later, but there are no comments and no forum, and there are no details about scenes other than a title. You do have an auto-play function that you can switch on and off and a timeline feature that enables you to jump around through the stream. But that's it. There are no galleries either and no details about studios or release dates. Update dates are not shown either then the site is definitely updating.


PornStar Empire is very similar to other sites in the Empire collection, but it has an emphasis on actual porn stars. The model index is extensive with thousands of names and some top girls along with some newbies and girls who only made one movie. But it's a good and varied collection of hardcore with an easy Tag system to help you find what you like. The price is fine, the trial period limits what you can see though, and longer-term membership will be good value as the huge site is updating.

Pros & Cons

+ Over 60,000 scenes
+ Top porn stars appearing
+ Some HD and UHD movies
+ Easy to use
+ Updates

- No interactivity
- No downloading
- No galleries
- No information about scenes or stars
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