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Short Review:

PUBA is a network that holds around 40 sites. Many of these are porn star sites, bringing you the most gorgeous women from the world of hardcore, so there is a nice mix of content to be found. There are also other themed sites available for you, there are multiple updates, hundreds of scenes already, all exclusive to the company and the content includes HD scenes that you can stream and download. You are going to find glamorous galleries as well, and many top stars waiting to entertain you.
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Price Details:

Trial 5.00
Monthly 29.97

Current Ratings for Puba:

Our total rating: 83/100

Detailed Review:


You will get a good idea of the content from what you see on the tour pages, but it is not until you are signed up and inside that you start to realise how big this setup is. The home page greets you with a wall of images and things kind of carry on in that vein from there; so, expect a lot of great looking girls and a lot of horny content.

The home page holds the usual kind of info and links, though the design makes it pretty unique (we will look at that later), so you can find whats coming soon, whats been added recently, and there are links off to some of the extras and bonuses from here as well. But you find your main content via the top left Menu icon which, when clicked, expands to bring you links to the Sites or Scenes. I found 40 sites listed in a great wall of info and image and you can look through them one at a time if you want. I actually headed to the Scenes area to look at the content in more detail and there found that I could see it all, or I could separate out the videos and galleries.

You get a long page of sample shots which gets bigger the more you scroll down. There are well over 1,600 scenes here, probably around 2,000 or more by now and numbers increase all the time. The Coming Soon area showed me something like ten new scenes being added every day. But with 40 sites on the Sites page and assuming each one is still running and updating, that's not surprising. So, although the sign up price might look on the high side at first, you soon realise that you are getting a lot of hot porn for your money.

And that porn is varied. You have star names here, names you might recognise such as Capri Cavanni, Jayden Jaymes and Skin Diamond, but there are also new stars being featured, up and coming girls with their own sites, younger stars and older Milfs and other sites that cover other niches than just the porn starlet ones: Mr Facial, Hard Gonzo and Czech Hotties for example. Basically, you will find a lot of variety here with solo girls, masturbation scenes, toy-play, lesbian action, hardcore with guys, blow jobs, facials, POV filming, groups and anal, just about everything apart from the harder fetish side of porn.

And you an easily stream these scenes and download them too. The index page gives you the sample shot and the length of the video. Some are short clips and music videos, trailers and such like and others are longer scenes, between 10 and 30 minutes. Click the one you want and the video kind of floats over the background and there's your viewing: one stream and some download options, though not every scene has the same options. You can find low and high Mp4 files here with the top resolution being up at 1,280 x 720 @ 5,000 kbps. There are no issues with quality, and that means filming quality, the standard of models and the resolution are all good.

Galleries hold various numbers of images each, around 150 being a kind of average and there are hundreds of galleries to see, at least 600 Id say. They come with online browsing and also with zip file downloads. They are scaled down at first but some go right up to huge sizes, 3,000 x 2,000 px for example, so you really do get close to the stars at PUBA.

Features & Navigation:

This site/network has a pretty unique look and a modern style. The menu slides in, the pages build the more you scroll own, it's all very sleek and swanky and works well as long as you have a decently fast connection. The pages can look a bit image heavy and you are fighting to decide who to look at first, but that's kind of a good thing. It's easy enough to find the content and open up the main menu. Where you also find links to social networking sites, whats coming soon and other handy areas and offer. And it is also easy to search the individual sites using the search function on the right; this opens up a menu of site names; click one and the page changes to that sites content.

The network is not particularly interactive, but you can add things to a favourites area, which will soon get stocked up with all kinds of horny hardcore as there is so much to like here. But I didn't see any of those rates and comments that some members like to use, and there was no forum. I did get links into a live chat site and to a video on demand one, both run by PUBA, and these came with some free time and free viewing by way of an extra; one designed to tempt you to sign up for more fun, but at good prices, so that's OK.

The viewing options for videos are basic, one stream and a couple of downloads, the galleries open new images in new tabs and these can be saved one at a time or taken in zip files, and I found no technical problems with the site at all. It looks good and, at first, a little complicated, but actually it's very simple and fast and easy to use.


You are being asked to pay just under $30.00 per month for this network, which might at first sound a bit high. But as you are getting access to 40 sites, some top stars and some great looking newbies, loads of exclusive downloads and streams, high quality images and top quality content, you can't complain and actually the price is fair. The content is excellent quality and very varied and if you're after a big site, hot porn and lots of it, then you need PUBA.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ 40 sites access
+ Great quality
+ Frequent updates
+ Top models
+ Nice variety

- Limited download options
- Pages can be image heavy
- Not very interactive
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