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Short Review:

Silverstone studios have gone ahead and made their very own official site, chock full of their hot adult DVD titles for members to enjoy and download at their leisure. This site offers over 500 scenes, all for a small sum of $29.95 a month, so if your sick of seeing those tiny pornsites, which offer only a few shot clips, then this is the site to go to!
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Monthly 29.95

Current Ratings for Silverstone DVD:

Our total rating: 82/100

Detailed Review:


Video content on this site isn't much different from those huge online DVD archives, in that they don't cater for a particular niche or fetish, instead they shove a shit load of different fetishes in front of your face, so that you can choose what you wish to see, instead of being restricted to only one particular niche, which is probably the safest way to sell porn.

All the models you'll come across on this site are breath taking, you can expect to see some familiar names in the list of models, including Tera Patrick, Silvia Saint, Jill Kelly and many more gorgeous pornstars. Now the best part about their content is that they offer full DVD's, rather than providing short clips from random movies, which is what hundreds of sites out there do. They promise movies, when all they're really doing is providing scenes, with this site you can expect to see the full blown deal.

Currently there are 91 DVD titles to check out, which include some of the more popular porn series silverstone has to offer, including, pick up lines, peeping tom and latin eye candy. Most of the DVDs have around 6 scenes each, and if you do the math, that's around 540 scenes all up, all of which are available to stream and download. The scenes can last for around 10 to 20 minutes, and are available in wmv format, so they'll play in the standard windows media player, which eliminates having to fiddle around with codecs and all that other junk.

The DVDs are only available to download in scenes, which makes downloading a little more convenient, than having to download a full DVD in one go. Also this way around members can choose which scenes they want, and skip the scenes which don't appeal to them. The video files can get as big as 300MBs, and to those of you with slow connections, don't despair, as they've also provided a lower quality version of all their scenes, being lower in quality means the file size is going to be significantly smaller, which in turn makes downloading the videos, a lot more tolerating for their customers still on dial up.

Seeing as this is a DVD focused site, I wasn't expecting too much as far as picture content goes. The only picture content available, are in the form of video stills, taken from the various scenes. Video stills have never really been my cup of tea, as they're usually blurry and or pixelated, and the ones provided on this site are no different. But hey with all these great DVDs available, who needs em right?

I'm guessing that most of you are going to be content with over 540 scenes, cause I know I would be. But don't look away just yet cause there's still plenty of porn available. Members have been granted full access to the other 42 sites on the "BrainPass Network". They've provided a good mixture of feature girl and niche sites to choose from, and it looks as though they haven't left any one out of the picture, as they've catered for a wide variety of fetishes, and all of their feature girls are absolutely stunning. These sites definitely helps boost their already impressive content numbers, and are always great if members, wanted to treat themselves to a particular niche, also I should mention that, most of these sites include some high quality picture content.

So far this site has impressed me in just about all of it's aspects, except for picture content. Members will never have to worry about running out of porn, as there's a shit load of them on this site, plus even more on all the other sites available, and knowing that they update one of their various sites, on a daily basis, should really help bring in those crowds.

Features & Navigation:

I couldn't have been more pleased with how this site looks, from the moment you step foot on their tour pages, you are greeted with pictures of some big name pornstars like Silvia Saint and Tera Patrick. Scrolling down their tour page you'll come across large thumbnails of the hot pornstars you can expect to see within. It's a shame that there aren't any teasers available though, as some potential customers join purely because of the hot teasers, usually found on the tour pages.

At the very top of the homepage you'll notice a navigational menu, this menu is used for the entire network as a whole. From this menu you can access all the DVDs, movies clips, live feeds and picture galleries, which can be found on the network, you can also read up on news and updates from this menu. To the left and right of this menu you'll find arrow buttons which have been labeled, next site, and previous site. These buttons allow for quick and easy access to the other sites on the network. Scrolling down the homepage, you'll come across all the latest news for this site in particular, including their newest updates, upcoming videos, and at the very bottom you'll find their recommended porn sites, which are paid sites of course.

To make your way around the various sections of the site, is as easy as utilizing the navigational menu provided, which can be found under the top banner of the site. This menu consists of links to the different sections, which I will be going into detail about, first off lets knock of the videos section. The video section is made up of 5 pages altogether, with 20 DVDs presented on each page, except for the last one which only includes 12. Each DVD is presented by a large thumbnail of the front cover. Clicking on one of these thumbnails, will take you to that particular DVDs download section. This section consists of numerous large thumbnails, these thumbnails are video stills taken from the video files of the scenes, so they should give you a rough idea on what you can expect to see in a scene. Just above the thumbnails of each of the scenes, you'll find a button marked Click here to watch this link will take you to that scene's downloads area, where you can access the various download and streaming links.

Now finding the exact content you want, may be a little hard just sifting through the DVD titles so they've decided to provide their members with a very handy search engine. This search engine allows you to sort through movie titles, categories, series and models. This way around members can be very specific on what kind of content they view, which is a lot quicker than having to sift through all of their DVDs just to find a scene they like.

There are a few other sections to this website, which probably won't be used as much as the other sections, as all they really include is information, including some the history of silverstone studious, their latest updates, hot links to other premium porn sites, and online help. There's also a section where you can browse the online silverstone store, where you can order their DVDs if you wanted to start up your own collection, but seeing as the DVDs are available for download on this site anyway, so I don't really see how these are needed.

That's pretty much all there is to the features and navigation to this site, it's all quite simple, except for the videos section which may take a little getting used to, and I'm glad that they did provide a search engine, as having to sift through their DVDs would have been a daunting task, besides members, aren't paying to hunt down content, they want to casually browse for it. Anyway this sites interface is easy enough for just about everyone to use.


I swear these network sites just keep getting bigger and bigger, and the more times I say "Without a doubt the most extensive video collection for a network site I've seen" the more dumber I feel, so I guess I'll stop saying that and just say that this site has a very impressive collection of DVD titles, that's DVD titles not scenes, and I feel confident on recommending this site to anyone who appreciates porn in general.

Pros & Cons

+ Full DVD titles
+ Over 500 videos
+ Access to multiple sites
+ Easy to navigate
- Picture content is of low quality
Click here to visit Silverstone DVD and check out the tour.