Silvia Saint
Silvia Saint 2791 Silvia Saint Silvia Saint! Now I'm sure this beautiful blonde needs no introduction.
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Silvia Saint

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Silvia Saint

Short Review

Silvia Saint! Now I'm sure this beautiful blonde needs no introduction! She's one of the hottest and well known blonde pornstars around today and she's been making men and women alike drooling over her sensual curves and oh so seductive eyes. Everything about this lady is perfect and here we have her very own official site where fans can enjoy hour after hour of steaming hot porn featuring this ball busting goddess.

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See I've never been a big blonde fan but Silvia Saint has always been the one exception, I dunno there's just something about this blonde that's just so damn sexy, and I'm sure no matter what tastes you have in women you'll think that Silvia is a goddess as well, she's just one of those ladies that looks good no matter what. Anyway I'm thinking it's those seductive blue eyes that could persuade any man out of his pants with a simple wink, but she's also got a nice set of naturally perky titties, ah fuck it I could go on all day on how hot this blonde is so let me just say that Silvia Saint is stunningly perfect!

If you've been watching porn for quite some time now then I'm sure you've come across Silvia in your past adventures, she's quite a well known pornstar and has been around for quite a while. She isn't like other pornstars who you get over after a while, because she's the kind of babe that you just can't get enough of, and no matter how many times you've seen her in porn she always puts up a smashing good show. Obviously Silvia is in to all things hardcore, though I've yet to see her perform brutal blowjobs before, either way I feel she wouldn't suit that category because watching her giving a sensual blowjob is enough to make any man pop his load. Silvia has also been known to be quite fond of the pussy, she's starred in many a lesbian scene which are needless to say incredibly arousing. Knowing all this you can expect the collection of videos on Silvia's site to be quite diverse and from what I've seen it certainly is.

In essence Silvia's site is basically an online DVD archive with a nice collection of photo sets as a side dish. Obviously though the focus of this Online DVD archive is that the DVDs star Silvia Saint, however the DVDs also feature many other hot pornstars within the various scenes so not only will you be able to enjoy Silvia's company but many other well known pornstars, and even though Silvia is really all we need the variety of models is certainly appreciated.

As of now there's a current total of 60 DVDs which run for a good 2 to 3 hours each. These DVDs are a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive titles and each one has at least one episode in which the lovely Silvia Saint stars in. The latest update was logged on the 28th of January this year so it appears that the site is also quite active. To further back up the fact that the site is still being updated there's even information and sample pictures of the upcoming update, having this in handy will certainly have member's spirits up in knowing that there's something new for them to look forward to.

As you would expect from the official site of a high caliber pornstar the quality of the videos available on Silvia's site is quite high. The videos don't quite hit the HD mark but they are very damn close at DVD quality. So basically members can download the individual scenes from a DVD in wmv format and the great thing is the videos aren't held back by DRM restrictions so you can keep them for as long as you want. The wmvs come in formidable bit rates of (2000kbps @ 720x576) which in plain English means you're going to be up for some quality porn viewing. Members also have the option of streaming the videos in flv format straight off the site.

Picture content is gorgeous, there are over 120 photo sets to go through each containing an average of 50 images per set. Now even though Silvia Saint looks so damn hot in the videos, although it's hard to believe Silvia looks even hotter in the photo content thanks to the clarity and vibrant colors. You can see that this blonde goddess has flawlessly smooth skin, and her eyes are so piercing. I also appreciated the softcore shots towards the start of the sets where Silvia shows off her incredibly hot body. Don't worry though the pictures aren't all softcore as most of them include hardcore content as well.

So aside from all the delicious pictures and videos members have at their disposal on Silvia's site, members also gain access to an entire network of sites. All up there are 16 sites to this network, they are a mix of official pornstar sites like Silvia's and an array of niched sites which cover mainstream and fetish categories. Overall the collection of bonus sites you gain access to is quite diverse and will make sure members won't get bored watching the same old shit over and over again. Obviously members won't be running out of content any time soon as Silvia's site already has a nice amount of content and with a solid network to back it up there's always something to do in between.

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Silvia Saint fans will feel like they've died and gone to heaven once they enter the tour pages of this site as Silvia Saint is looking quite angelic in the top banner. She's giving you that look which just screams I want your cock in me and scrolling further down will treat your eyes to even more sample content. As a non-member you can practically view the entire update history for Silvia's site, giving potential customers this luxury will allow them to view exactly what they will be paying for, and I'm sure many of them will be quite impressed with what they'll see making for one incredibly hard sign-up to resist, well you shouldn't fight it because it's certainly a site worth joining!

The main members area of Silvia's site contains all the latest updates, there's even a section which includes information on upcoming updates which includes a couple of sample pictures to give members a sneak peek on what's in store for the future. At the very top of the page are links and a drop down menu which will port you to the different sites on the network. There's also a navigation menu situated above the top banner which will allow members access to the picture gallery, the movie gallery, Silvia's personal online journal, Silvia's biography page and other extras such as links to other porn related websites, and an online store.

The DVD archive spans across 3 pages each one carrying up to 20 DVDs each. All the DVDs are represented via DVD covers these are in the form of thumbnails which once clicked on will take you to the main download section for that particular DVD. DVDs are organized via date by default but members can also choose to view the gallery via series, categories, and models. Within the main download section I mentioned earlier you'll come across the front and back covers of the DVD along with information in regards to which studio developed the DVD, and how large the DVD is in data. As you scroll down the download section you'll come across sample images of each episode along with the download links, a simple click on these links and your download should automatically start.

Overall the site is very easy to navigate and works just like any other online DVD archive, only this one has picture content included which is the main difference. Site presentation wise the site does look quite nice, it has a simple layout which keeps the site looking neat. Overall the site looks nice and is easy enough to navigate that even members who aren't too familiar with the net yet could navigate it with ease.



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What can I say? This is Silvia Saint's official site and it has reached my high expectations. It would have been nice though if the content was available in HD quality but maybe I'm just pushing it a little too far as I was quite impressed with the DVD quality of the videos. There's a nice amount of content to be seen and updates are still coming in quite regularly with news on upcoming updates. At the end of the day the best part of this site is Silvia, damn she's one hot lady!

Pros & Cons

  • + Silvia Saint's official site!
  • + Nice amount of content
  • + Videos look great
  • + Access to an awesome network
  • + Active on updates
  • + Site presentation is great
  • + Very easy to navigate