Sophie Dee Vids
Sophie Dee Vids 4968 Sophie Dee Vids At first glance, Sophie Dee Vids seems to be the official collection of Sophie Dee, offering nearly 100 of her video scenes as well as update posts from her Twitter account.
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Sophie Dee Vids

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Sophie Dee Vids

Short Review

At first glance, Sophie Dee Vids seems to be the official collection of Sophie Dee, offering nearly 100 of her video scenes as well as update posts from her Twitter account. With a bit of closer scrutiny, however, it soon becomes clear that things are not as they seem. So what is the real story behind Sophie Dee Vids? I'll take you inside the members' area and give you all of the necessary details to make your decision.

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Although the large blue "official" button found on Sophie's profile page within the Porn star Network would indicate otherwise, this is not Sophie's official collection. The materials here are nonexclusive and are taken from various DVDs that Sophie has starred in over the years. The "official" button and the fact that the site displays Sophie's Twitter posts are misleading in my opinion since it makes it appear that Sophie is involved with the site and that there are interactive features available here when there actually are not.

Unfortunately, the "official" issue isn't even close to being the worst problem with this site. That dubious honor goes to the site misleading upgrade and membership scheme. You'll pay about $20 per month to access Sophie Dee Vids, but that doesn't buy you full access to everything. Of the 90 video scenes listed in the members' area, less than one third of them are accessible with a normal membership. Those who wish to access the rest of the collection must pay an additional membership fee of around $30 per month bringing the total price to access the site to about $50 per month. There's no way for potential members to know that they won't be able to access the entire collection until they get inside the members area and try to view the scenes. This is one of the most misleading membership setups I've seen in years.

On top of all the other issues, it seems that this collection is no longer updated. The 30 or so scenes that are accessible with a normal membership average about 25 or 30 minutes each and come from a variety of hardcore DVD titles. Quality is about average.

Nav, Design & Features

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The black, white, and lime-green tour pages for Sophie Dee Vids look nice but don't do a very good job of previewing the site. There's no mention of the fact that the vast majority of the collection is not available without an upgrade, and some of the scenes previewed simply are not available with a regular membership here.

The members' area for the network that Sophie Dee Vids belongs to, Pornstar Network, has a fairly advanced search and navigation system including tags on each scene that allow you to easily access other scenes in the same category or starring the same performers. There is no specific section or site for Sophie Dee Vids, but you can find all of the materials starring Sophie by navigating to her profile in the model index section.

The videos here are offered for streaming in Flash format or you may opt to download them with a couple of different file format options.



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I honestly can't think of a good reason to join Sophie Dee Vids. This isnt her official site, and what it does have to offer is simply not impressive. The other sites in the network that I have reviewed have had the same issues with misleading information, small collections, and nonexclusive materials that lack personality and interaction. I have to recommend going elsewhere for your Sophie Dee fix.

Pros & Cons

  • + Some Sophie Dee scenes
  • - Tiny collection
  • - Misleading info
  • - No updates in months
  • - Non-exclusive materials
  • - Membership/upgrade scheme is expensive/disappointing