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Short Review:

Vouyer Media I am sure many a porn DVD collector has heard that name before. Finally fans have access to the official site of this awesome porn production company giving you only the best scenes they can offer starring well known pornstars of unparalleled sexiness. Enjoy 71 scorching hot episodes filled with nothing but non-stop hardcore fucking at its best!
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Trial 4.95
Monthly 29.95

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Our total rating: 78/100

Detailed Review:


In the past Vouyer has contracted many a budding porn star and have helped them make their mark in the porn industry. Making sure they perform their best and directing some of the most hardcore films to keep fans pleased over and over again and till this day they're still producing some of the most ball busting scenes around. All though you may have watched your fair share of DVD titles produced by Vouyer Media it's unlikely that you've viewed any of the stuff on this site before as they were produced exclusively for the site. You can indulge your eyes on some well known pornstars like Micah Moore, the busty Gianna, and Bree Olson amongst many other equally hot stunners.

Having been up and running for roughly 8 months now the site is doing quite well with a current total of 70 plus videos. The latest upload occurred on the 6th of August '08 and according to some information I came across the site gets updated every Wednesday and Friday. So with 71 episodes and two added each coming week it's safe to assume that members will have quite the extensive archive to dig through if things keep going as smoothly as they are. Also worth mentioning is the fact that they're all exclusive to this site which makes that effort seem even more awesome.

Knowing that this company is no newbie when it comes to videos and media it's no surprise that the content available on this site was of top shelf quality. Members can choose between wmv and rm formats which are both available for download with no DRM restrictions. Both of the versions come in encoding rates of 1400kbps @ 640x480 and can be downloaded in full scenes and short clips. There are also lower quality videos on offer however if you have a decent connection then I would personally stick with those as the lower quality vids are really on their to make life easier for members with slower connections.

Vouyer Media has also provided some tasty photo content as well included with each of the episodes with galleries consisting of up to 100 images each. Like the video content the pictures are also of top shelf quality and they also measure in quite well with dimensions of (1024x681 pixels). The pictures are insanely crisp and very colorful I couldn't spot a single flaw. So there you go! Not only does Vouyer produce great looking videos but they can also hold their own when it comes to photo content as well.

So members have something to pick at on the side there are 22 non-exclusive bonus sites which they gain full access to. The sites are of reality theme and although they may not provide content which looks as great as the stuff on this site the sheer amount and diversity of content you gain access to more than makes up for it.

Features & Navigation:

To those of you who aren't familiar with the Vouyer company at first glance you may pass the site off simply as a hardcore site which exactly what it is but it's from the Vouyer company which makes a whole lot of difference. Within the tours potential members have the ability to check out the line up of models and check out their archive of updates. The tour page itself contains many sample pictures taken from selected episodes along with free trailers to give you a better idea on exactly what kind of content is in store on sign-up.

Within the members area you've got a large picture of Micah Moore waving that oh so luscious ass of hers within the top banner along with the Vouyer Media logo. To the left of the top banner you'll notice 2 thumbnails representing the top rated updates available. Below this section is where you'll find a drop down menu which will allow you to sort through the content via pornstar. Down the length of the middle of the page is where you'll come across the updates starting with the upcoming update, the most recent, followed by the past updates all of which are represented via thumbnail.

The thumbnails representing the episodes are organized on 6 indexed pages containing up to 12 thumbnails each. Clicking on said thumbnail will take you to the media section of the episode from where you can download and stream the videos including the full scenes and short clips. From this page you can also check out the picture galleries in-browser or choose to download entire photo sets in a single zip file.

The bonus non-exclusive reality sites I mentioned in the first part of the review can be accessed by using the clearly marked link situated just below the top banner. This page includes thumbnail links to all the bonus sites along with short descriptions on what the sites provide. A simple click on these and you will automatically be taken to the main members area of your chosen site simple as that.

As far as site presentation goes I've to say that the site isn't all that flashy, in fact it does look a tad dull with the black and white color scheme they've opted for but at least every thing is nicely spaced out and positioned making the site look nice and neat. The most eye catching thing on the page would certainly have to be the top banner with Micha Moore smiling back at you. So the site may not be the best looker but at least it is a walk in the park to navigate.


8 months in to the game and the official site for Voyeur Media is doing great. With two new episodes to check out every week starring some of the hottest pornstars around there's not a single good reason why you shouldn't join this site.

Not to mention the drool worthy quality of the videos and photos on offer. Do yourself a big favor and check this site out right now, I guarantee that you won't regret it.

Pros & Cons

+ Awesome content quality
+ All exclusive content
+ Hot well known pornstars
+ Updates twice weekly
+ Access to 22 bonus sites
Click here to visit Vouyer Media and check out the tour.