Zdenka Podkapova
Zdenka Podkapova 582 Zdenka Podkapova In 1996 she posed for her first photoshoot, and in 1998 tried contacting Penthouse. Her first pictorials for Penthouse were published in April 1998. She was chosen as Penthouse Pet of the Month.
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Zdenka Podkapova

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Zdenka Podkapova

Short Review

In 1996 she posed for her first photoshoot, and in 1998 tried contacting Penthouse. Her first pictorials for Penthouse were published in April 1998. She was chosen as Penthouse Pet of the Month. Two years later she won Penthouse Pet of the Year 2001. Later she became a cover girl for issues of Perfect 10, Perfection, Esquire, QUO, Ironman, Front and Maxim magazines. You will get to see a lot of image galleries inside the members area, The site doesn't offer any videos.

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I haven't ever quited worked out why people make a porn site with no videos. We are in the year 2007 and to make a porn site without video just doesn't seem right. If your like me and you love videos then this site will not be quite for you. This site has no videos what so ever. But on the other hand it does have loads of image galleries and tons of extras that I will get into later in the review.

Ok so I will have to chat to you about the image galleries that these guys have got for you as there isn't any videos for you to download. I will have to contact these guys to see whether or not they are going to add any videos to this site. I would really hope that these guys add some videos of Zdenka Podkapova because she is a smoking hot babe, and I would kill to get some videos of her.

There is three different photo sections you guys will get to check out. The first one is Solo Photo, that pretty much speaks for itself. Second you will find Lesbian Photo, this section is without a doubt my favorite, what's hotter then seeing Zdenka eating out another girls pussy.

The site is filled with great content but the owners still think you need more then what they are offering you guys. So they have decided to throw in access to all 15 pornstar websites that they own. That means you have access to 16 pornstar sites in total. You get all this for no extra charge. This is one of the best give aways I have ever seen in my time of reviewing porn stars. I am thinking that I might just join this site myself. I hope you enjoy the content as much as I did.

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The navigation is pretty much straight forward on this site, you will have no troubles finding your way around the site. Ok lets start of buy telling you what to do after you log into the members area.

The first thing you will see is the members area updates page. This is the page you will always start at every time you log into the site. I have said it before and I will say it again that the updates page is the best page to start on. The reason why its the best page to start on is that you will not have to go and search the site to see what the newest updates are. This will tell you straight away and also allow you to click straight on the update image or video, and go straight to it.

You will be able to use either the top or left side navigation bar. It's up to you which one you want to you. I was using the top one to navigate around the site and then i used the side bar to navigate around the other sites that you have access to.

If you find that you are running into any troubles on the site ( Which i doubt you with ) all you need to do it simply email the webmaster of the site and they will be able to sort out any troubles you might be having on the site. The site doesn't really have any cool features that are worth mentioning, but it works just fine.



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Ok this site was a nice site to review but I would I liked it a lot more if they had added some videos to the site. I think in this day and age that you need to add videos to a porn site before anything. I am going to contact the owners on the site and ask if they are going to add videos to it at any stage. Other then that the site has tons of images for you to browse , plus all the extra pornstar websites that you have access to.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hot Models
  • + Nice Design
  • - No Videos