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If someone, somewhere had a list of things that haven't been done and overdone in porn, it would be a very short list. Which is why when someone claims to have something that breaks the mold even if it's by simply putting their own personalities into it, us, porn connoisseurs, can't wait to give it our two cents. claims to have something a little different and while browsing his site and chuckling at some of the humor in the writing, I can definitely say that he's on to something.
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You've heard about the girl next door but here we have the guy next door. Lukey did what a lot of us can only dream of doing, he took his favorite past time and made it into a business. Lucky for us, his favorite past time is to fuck hot British-based escorts. This relationship virgin, cherishes the bond (albeit short and purchased) that comes to form between an escort and her client. It may have something to do with the fact that an escort also popped his cherry, but that would just be too much psychoanalysis. The important part here is that the end result will keep you coming back.

This skinny white dude with a big appetite for escorts travels up and down England to scouts the local escort services. More often than not these girls will be from some other nationality, he's already bagged some from Spain, Portugal and Bulgaria just to name a few. He also goes for a wide range of age and even throws in some dark chocolate temptation in the mix. Each video starts out with an interview of the escort where we find out what she likes, dislikes or is willing to do. Shortly after, the real fun begins and although I've seen bigger penises (job hazard), Lukey has a decent sized dick with the girth of a coke can. Sadly this doesn't seem to impress mature escort Eve because during the whole time Lukey is vigorously pounding her experienced bat cave, she could have just as well been reading the Sundays newspaper. Thankfully, this is not a recurring theme and if anything, it was a bit funny.

Being a fairly new site, there are currently only 19 episodes available, each averaging around 20 minutes in length. Updates are added once a week so this numbers are meant to go up fairly quick. All scenes are available for either streaming or downloading in WMV. You can choose to download clips or full movies in low, medium or high quality. HD is only offered in segments with a 1280x720 resolution. The full movies I imagine would be too big in HD but the "High Quality" option comes in at 1280x720, 2000kbps with great playback quality.

Each episode comes with a set of screenshots, I usually acknowledge screenshots with a cringe on my face but these suckers are actually very big and clear and you can download them in a zip file. Then again this is a one man shop so wouldn't make much sense if he's doing his POV porn job and snapping perfect pics at the same time.

Features & Navigation:

The design and navigation of is very simple and easy while providing you with everything you need to enjoy its contents. If you can navigate around the tour then you already know all you need to know to snoop around the members area, the only difference is the content in the tabs: Home, Escorts, Categories, My Diary and Contact.

The "Home" tab is where you can find the latest news and updates, as well as bits of info on upcoming updates. As you scroll down, all episodes are presented here in chronological order. You can also check out the "Escorts" tab, this is helpful if you like a certain girl since some of them have done more than one scene. The "Categories" tab is a collection of thumb-driven navigation to find a particular action in the scenes. So if you want to find a scene with Anal, here would be a great place to get right to it.

Once you click on the content you want to watch, the embedded FLV player is ready to fire and starts streaming as soon as your speed allows it to. Just below you will see the download buttons, when you click on them a drop down lets you make more specific choices. The labels on the segment downloads actually tell you where the section starts and ends with phrases such as "chatting and undressing" or "condom and fucking". The phrases actually depend on the scene and what goes on so each one is a little different. This is a nice feature that once more reminds you that great care has gone into putting this site together, certainly a hell of a lot better than the "clip 1, 2, 3" crap I'm used to seeing.

The "Diary" tab is probably one of my favorite features of the site. At first I thought it was the same writing as the descriptions of the videos but as I compared, I was happily surprised that it wasn't. Here he talks more about his travels and things he experiences while gathering content for the site. This is a must see section since as I've mentioned before, Lukey has a very entertaining way to share his anecdotes.


Many small sites out there should take a page from Lukey's book. Even taking into account that the site is new and content is not falling from the trees (yet), the content is interesting, fun and with damn good quality for a one man show. This site will only get better as time goes by as long as he continues pouring his personality into it. If you are a fan of amateur content, this is a membership you should certainly pull your wallet out for... Kudos Lukey...You're pretty fly for a white guy!

Pros & Cons

+ Fun Concept
+ Great Quality Videos
- No Hi-Res Pics
- Not a Lot of Content
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