Miss Mya
Miss Mya 664 Miss Mya Want to know what its like to make a gay guy suck off a dildo, fuck him in the ass with a strap on and then make him fuck you all from the point of view of a sexy porn slut.
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Miss Mya

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Miss Mya

Short Review

Want to know what its like to make a gay guy suck off a dildo, fuck him in the ass with a strap on and then make him fuck you all from the point of view of a sexy porn slut? Youre a sick twisted person and this site may just be for you. Miss Myas site features a handful of these unique videos where she humiliates these poor fellas just for our entertainment. What a country.

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This site has a very interesting concept that you dont see in porn too often, probably because not too many people want to see this kind of thing. All of the action on this site is shot from the perspective of Miss Mya, a hot porn slut. This girl is hot, but shes definitely a bit sick in the head. She seems to love searching for gay guys and completely humiliating them by making them suck dildos and fucking them in the ass with strap ons. Yikes! The females point of view is the last perspective I want to see sex from, especially with this type of thing going on, but I must admit its kind of funny. Some of the guys in this video are so humiliated they cant get hard. Thats good comedy in my books, anyways.

In the members area you get a total of 15 100% exclusive female POV scenes. These are all decently looking and shot videos, which is hard to do with point of view style shooting. Miss Mya, from the few times you get to see her, is really hot. I wish they had more mirrors around. No, Im not going to comment on the guys. Ok, ok. Ill say they range from ugly fucks to decent looking pricks. What a bunch of pussies though! Taking a dildo up the ass for money You pathetic individual! Miss Mya will destroy you!

One thing I didnt like about the site was the quality of the exclusive content. You cannot download it, you only get streaming versions cut up into tiny clips. There is an additional section of downloadable mpg files that is shared throughout the site network. These dont feature any female POV, however, they are all just various hardcore scenes.

You get a bunch of image galleries as well, but like the mpg galleries, they are shared with the other sites in the network. They are decent quality images, but definitely nothing to get excited about.

With the membership you also get access to a handful of other sites on the network including She likes it Big, Sex Tour, Dudes Lucky Day, Desperate Babes XXX, Her First Lesbo Experience, MILF XXX, and Back Seat Suck and Fuck. Each site features a set of exclusive videos and shares the downloadble mpgs as well as images.

Nav, Design & Features

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When you arrive at Miss Myas site, youre given a pretty clear picture of how the site is. Savor the image of Mya herself, as you wont be seeing her much later on. Youre given a tour of the site with images and trailers from the videos in the members area. The login link is at the bottom of the page, and Im in quickly.

The inside of the members area is laid out really simple. The exclusive female POV videos are all listed here with thumbnail images and links to their respective pages. Below this you have links directly to the members areas of the bonus sites. A menu at the top links you to Home, Pictures, Downloadable MPGS and Exclusive videos.

When youve chosen the video you want to watch based on its thumbnail image, click it and youre taken to its page. From here you simply choose your preferred video quality, click, and the video loads. Links below the video take you to the next clip, when the first ends.

The downloadable mpg videos are laid out a bit differently. Theyre separated into categories. You choose your category and the links to the video parts are displayed. Right click and select save as to download these to your hard drive.

The image galleries are setup much like the downloadable mpgs, separated into categories. You choose your category and then the gallery you want to view. Click a thumbnail, and voi-fuckin-la it gets bigger.

Miss Myas site should give you no troubles as far as navigation, although it could be a bit more efficient.



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Decent little site that you should check out if you like to watch sex from a females point of view. Im not sure exactly who the target is here but Im sure certain women, gay people, and curious straight people will enjoy some of this. There isnt a lot of exclusive material on this site, but enough on the full network to keep me busy.

Pros & Cons

  • + Interesting Concept
  • + Well Shot Video
  • - Exclusive Videos not Downloadable
  • - Dildo in a guys ass!