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POV Movie Club 2109 POV Movie Club If seeing dudes banging on a hot chick is not your cup of tea and would rather see yourself banging the chick instead then POV is the next best thing.
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POV Movie Club

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POV Movie Club

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If seeing dudes banging on a hot chick is not your cup of tea and would rather see yourself banging the chick instead then POV is the next best thing. The POV Movie Club puts you in the dudes shoes who is doing all the banging. The POV Movie Club brings you tons of retail DVDs which have been encoded in downloadable videos available in outstanding high quality. So what are you waiting for all you POV fans, this is the site you have been waiting for.

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It goes with out saying that porn has been around for a looong time. As far as the porn time line goes POV type porn is relatively new and has really made it's mark in the porn world. It's not surprising that this kind of porn has become very popular as the viewer has the pleasure of being fully immersed in to the steamy fuck flick making them feel as though they're the ones banging on that hot chick on screen. So basically all you see is the cock of the dude behind the camera and the sexy chick working her magic most of the time talking dirty to the camera as though she were talking to you personally. Now that my porn loving friends is damn hot!

In essence the POV Movie Club is an online DVD archive which is dedicated to POV porn only. Now the fact that they only provide POV content may turn some of you off in to thinking that you'll get bored after seeing so many. Well you best get out of that mind set because you could not be further from the truth. Besides falling under the primary niche of POV, the DVDs also cover secondary niches. This is where the variety in the content kicks in, what do I mean by this you ask? Well take for example you'll come across a POV DVD which is based on teens, while others revolve around interracial porn, and so on. From what I've seen in the extensive line up of POV DVDs there's quite the selection to choose from so you need not worry on finding yourself looking blankly in to the screen in a state of boredom.

The reason why online DVD archives are becoming more and more popular is because of the massive amounts of content one gains access to. For a niche based DVD archive which has been up for just over a week the POV Movie Club is doing pretty damn sweet as far as content numbers go. Currently there's a total of over 90 full length DVDs for members to enjoy. So there's still plenty of room for growth here as it is a brand new site after all, plus the developers also keep their updates rolling in. Not only that but they've also given members the luxury of having full access to other sites which are on the very same network this one is on, but I'll talk about those a little later, right now lets check out the quality of these suckers.

So the main trump card of this site (other than the hot POV videos of course) is the sheer quality of the videos on offer. It's a known fact that when it comes to online DVD archives the consistency of the quality through out the various DVDs can get a little hectic, you'll come across some videos which look great and others which look pretty damn shit! However this isn't necessarily the site developers doing because the DVDs do come from various production companies. However the good fellas behind POV Movie Club have made sure that their videos are looking as best as they can by encoding them in high bit rates of up to (2500kbps @ 720x480). Tech heads will probably be drooling by now, but if you don't get those numbers just know that they look gorgeous.

The developers of POV Movie Club have made sure that their site is accessible for just about everyone. They've poured in a ton of video options to make a member's porn experience that much sweeter. Members can choose to download the individual scenes within a DVD in wmv, mpeg, and mp4 format. They're also available in lower qualities so members on slower connections aren't left out of the picture. The videos aren't held back by any DRM restrictions so you can keep the videos for as long as you wish. Members can also stream the videos straight off the site in flv video files.

So you probably remember me mentioning free access to the network sites right? Well here's all the juicy details! On sign-up all members gain full access to every thing this site has it's sleeves plus the 20 other sites available on the HD Movie Club network which is the very network this site is a part of. Just like this site the other sites are based on a specific niche ranging from mainstream favorites to kinky fetish sites. Also the videos available on the other sites are on par in quality with the content offered on POV Movie Club, meaning you gain access to 20 sites filled to the brim with gorgeous high quality videos. Now if that doesn't get your juices flowing I don't know what will!

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The tour pages of this site are littered with high quality sample pictures of the steamy content you'll be treated within the pages of the POV Movie Club. In the top banner you are presented with one hot looking babe sucking on a dude's cock in the POV angles along with a DVD counter and how many gigs of porn data they have in their database. Not only that but you can keep track of when the next update will be uploaded by checking out the count down timer. You can also check out the tour pages of the other 20 sites by utilizing the links found down the left side of the page.

The main color scheme of the site is dark pink, green, and black which is really easy on the eyes and nice to look at. The site presentation doesn't take itself to seriously and the entire page is certainly fun and bubbly to look at. Thumbnail links and the writing are just the right size and nothing is so microscopic that you have to squint your eyes to make things out, all in all the site presentation just oozes of goodness so not only does the content look top notch but the site itself is also quite a stunner. A job well done by the site designers.

Down the left side of the homepage are links to the 20 individual sites on the HD Movie Club network within the column situated to the left of the site. This makes site hopping a breeze as a single click on these links is all that's needed to make your way to the members area of each of the sites. Below this column are search tools which will allow you to search through the content via studio, series, and pornstar. A great feature if you have found yourself a favorite model and wish to see all the content she stars in.

Down the main section of the homepage are where all the latest updates are situated. At the very top is the last update and has it's very own section. Here you will find two large sample pictures taken straight from the video, information on which pornstars star in the scene. Just below this section is the upcoming DVDs section which will give you a peek in to the next few days so you know which DVDs to look out for. Further down are the rest of the updates, and at the very bottom of the list are indexed numbers which are linked to the rest of the past updates.

All the DVDs are represented by their box covers. These are links which will take you to the main download area of the DVD from where you can access all the media that is needed. Once you make it to this page you'll be presented with both the front and back covers of the DVD including all the information you need about it including the stars, the studio which produced the DVD, and a short description. Scrolling down this page you'll come across large sample pictures which will give you a good idea on what the scene involves. Obviously this is where you will also find the download and streaming links for the different qualities and formats for the various scenes included within the DVD.



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From every angle you look at this site it just oozes with goodness, you simply cannot go wrong with the POV Movie Club, and being as popular as the POV niche is I'm sure plenty of you will want to see what this site has to offer.

A nicely sized archive for a brand new site with plenty of room for growth, videos which are just screaming of quality, and 20 other equally awesome sites to dig in to. A safe choice and a damn good bargain to boot!

Pros & Cons

  • + Videos look awesome
  • + Good amount of content
  • + Frequent updates
  • + User-friendly interface
  • + Site looks great
  • + Access to 20 network sites