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Sex Babes VR 7071 Sex Babes VR If you've ever wanted to bang a gorgeous East European babe, then here's your chance. Sex Babes VR hosts a line-up of stunning babes who are there for just one thing; to give you sex.
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Sex Babes VR

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Sex Babes VR

Short Review

If you've ever wanted to bang a gorgeous East European babe, then here's your chance. Sex Babes VR hosts a line-up of stunning babes who are there for just one thing; to give you sex. These virtual reality movies come in 5K HD, making them so realistic that you can feel the touch of lips on your manhood. As well as being beautiful, the girls are slutty and unabashed, as you lie back and enjoy the ride. The quality is just as stunning as the models, and technically, every VR platform is catered for.

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  • Quality: 0/15
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Sex Babes VR currently has 412 full-length VR scenes where good-looking ladies from the Czech Republic and other East European countries get to grips with your dick. Sometimes, there are two girls in a scene, giving you double the pleasure, and the scenes run for upwards of 50 minutes, giving you loads of time to prepare your load for delivery in her mouth, on her face or as a creampie. The members' area is neatly set out, clean and fresh looking, making it easy to navigate. It is also technically on point.

Check the titles to give yourself an idea of what to expect of a scene, as most are revealing. 'Nice and Young', 'She Comes First', and 'Stepsister's Fantasy,' set things up nicely, and clicking through to a viewing page, you then find a detailed description to further set the scene. You're going to be playing with and lusting after some gorgeous models, such as 28-year-old Lilly Bella with her blonde hair and pert tits. Top of the ratings is redhead Shona River, 27 years old and from Hungary. Adelle Sabelle is also up there, and this 23-year-old is ready for you to 'turn her into your personal fucktoy', with her bronzed skin and dark hair. She's from the Czech Republic, as are many of the 186 girls in the model index.

When we last saw Sex Babes VR back in 2017, they'd started well with 36 movies. Now there are 412 scenes, and they update with a new one every five days. The scenes unfold in different ways. Your chosen babe might be taking a shower, or relaxing on her bed playing with herself, but whatever she's doing, you are right there, up-close and watching. You become more involved as the scene progresses, and the two of you have a chat while she's touching herself and playing with her boobs. (The videos I saw were in English.) Then, she starts exploring you in a sultry, seductive way. You feel her boobs and explore her body, and gradually, she slides down to pay attention to your raging hard-on. From then on, it's a case of long, sloppy BJ, or shaved pussy fuck where she does all the work. You may stand her up or bend her over, because you can do anything. She is, after all, your fucktoy. In the end, she'll pull you off, and it's a challenge holding yourself back through 50 minutes of this wonderfully sexy torture.

Each movie comes with a raft of download options, though you can also stream them in VR or standard playback where you can zoom in and out. You'll see the available options beneath the streaming player, and each movie comes with various resolutions for six VR platforms. Oculus Rift, for example, has eight versions, from 'full' to 2700p at 60 fps. Vive has the same, and Gear VR has 12. DayDream, PlayStation and Smartphone VR are also covered. You may not find all those resolution choices available on all movies; the older ones, from 2016, had fewer options, but still downloaded and played perfectly well, and the quality of everything is sharp, clear and good.

Movies come with some screen grabs at 2,998 x 2,000 px to give you an idea of what happens, and you're able to save these and view them online. There are around 50 shots per set. If you're not sure what to watch, there's a categories page to help you. It, you find everything from lesbian to Latina, Girl orgasm to Gymnast and Alt Girl to Young. You can also filter the 5K movies from there were 258 of them.

Nav, Design & Features

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Sex Babes VR has a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate. Apart from the category page, which is very detailed, there are linked tag words on video viewing pages, plus links to the model in the index. There, you can find out if she appears in any other movies, and see her basic stats and details. The descriptions are well written, both for models and movies. The members' area also comes with a Help area where you can find advice about VR and what you will need to get the best enjoyment.

As for joining in, there is a forum for members where you can leave your comments and contact the site and other members. (I didn't enter it because a page came up saying there was a security risk ahead.) You are also able to rate content, but I didn't see a favourites function, so you'll have to remember your favourite scenes by title or model if you want to go back to them. There was no detailed search function either, but the category page helps.

Sign-up prices are set at rational levels. A month will cost you $24.95, which is standard for this kind of exclusive site, and three months is at $59.95. You can sign for an entire year for only $99.99, and if you're going to stay forever, then a lifetime membership costs only $299.99. That, obviously, is non-recurring, but the other options are. There is an unchecked additional offer on the details page.



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There is a treasure trove of gorgeous East European babes waiting to serve your every pleasure at Sex Babes VR. These exclusive movies are set up for all VR devices, and play out for 50 minutes at a time. The quality, like the models, is stunning, the babes are fun, the site is easy to navigate and use. Regular updates come every five days to add to the 412 movies already there, and the sign-up prices are very reasonable for what you receive as a member.

Pros & Cons

  • + Exclusive VR
  • + Perfect models
  • + All devices catered for
  • + Up to 5K HD
  • + Good-looking site
  • + Easy to navigate
  • - Security issue at the forum
  • - No favourites function
  • - No advanced search