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Once you put your head set on and start viewing the Sex Babes VR videos you're going to believe you are not only right there in the room with them, but also that you're the guy who gets to bang these lush and beautiful European babes. This is all exclusive VR content, high quality, updated twice per week and it features some stunning girls from Hungary, the Czech Republic and Italy. There's a good and growing supply of VR action for you and at a decent price too.
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Monthly 24.95

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Our total rating: 71/100

Detailed Review:


Sex Babes VR is a simple site and a good one. It's not that old, but it has been updating twice per week since it started and now houses 36 exclusive, hardcore, POV, and VR movies like none you've seen before.

The first thing you want to know about are the girls and they are perfect. Young and slim, well-built and gorgeous they come from across Europe and you get to find out exactly where in their details in the 22 strong model index: Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Serbia and the Ukraine are all represented here in a kind of Eurovision Porn Contest with each one being as stunning as the next - and as willing to do anything for the cameras. The second thing you want to know is that the action is all hardcore and well shot and it is also shot from your point of view - that's kind of the point of VR which takes your standard POV movies and shifts them one or two gears higher to bring you as close as possible to the life of a porn guy.

Each of these movies runs for around 20 minutes and, once you've got the headset on, you're right there in the action. The babes are there, in glorious 3D and it's so lifelike you feel that you can reach out and touch them, but you don't actually need to use too much imagination as you feel like you are right there in the room with them. They strip for you, if you don't actually discover them naked at the start, and they tease you for a while, then play with your dick, then get it hard and from then on, it's anything goes as you find yourself actually banging a European porn babe right there in your home. I have to admit, the first couple of times I used the goggles and saw the videos I had to pause and take them off, just to remind myself I was in my house and not one of the settings these videos are filmed in.

So, you have reality and it works brilliantly, but you will of course, need the equipment. Not that kind of equipment! I am sure you have that already, but the goggles. These are Mp4 movies up at 1,920 x 960 @ 30 or 60 fps and there are the two choices for each one. Files are around 1.5 and 2.5 Gbs each, depending on which one you take, so slower connections will have to wait a while, but they are well worth waiting for. The clarity is perfect, the sound is good and the realism is all there. Each video comes with a sample shot and the two download options and also some images to hover your pointer over to give you some sample stills form the action.

The movies are set up to be compatible with three kinds of VR goggles: Smartphone (works fine), Oculus Live and Gear VR, which should also work fine, I've not had any complaints about them and am seriously considering buying and trying one of them. You need to get these goggles yourself and make sure you have them, though you can enjoy the movies without them, but it's not exactly the same thing.

More and more sites are coming up now with VR porn and so they are a good investment (the goggles) and there's no better place to start you trip around the reality world of VR and POV than at Sex Babes VR.

Features & Navigation:

There are no technical things to worry about at this site. You have pages of videos to check out, all numbered and easy to find and a Model index. That's about it. The videos sample shots and details on the index pages give you runtimes and linked tag words so you can find more of the same and also the download buttons. There's the model names and the upload dates - updates are twice per week, remember, and a few more details about the VR itself: It's 180 digress filming, HD, it's 3D too (you have to get your head around it, but once you're settled in) there's Binaural sound (very realistic) and the movies are 30 or 60 frames per second for quality.

Slip over to the model index and find the girls. You will see what country they are from and how old they are (early 20s) and then you can click to discover more. The girls have stats and a write up to introduce them to you and then not just links to their videos, but their videos themselves. This means you can search the index, see who you want to get you off, suck you and fuck you, and then go straight into the download from there.

And as for cost, well the content is all exclusive and updates are coming in, so the $24.95 per month is a fair price. The longer you stay the more you will save and benefit and the three month option works out at $19.98 per month and the 12 month option at $8.33 per month, affordable in anyone's book. With those two discount offers you pay in one instalment so there are no recurring monthly fees.


I had a great experience watching the Sex Babes movies in VR and you will too; it's just so real. Here at Sex Babes VR the accent is on the youthful and gorgeous European babes and the quality of the POV action; and it's very nicely done. You get help if you have hassle, but you shouldn't do, simply get the goggles and download the movies, then come back twice per week to get even more. It's high quality, it looked great and worked fine for me - Just like being there.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive VR movies
+ Hot European babes
+ Good technical help
+ 3 x format compatible
+ HD
+ Twice -a-week updates

- Still rather small
- No instant 2D streams
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