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Sexy POV 2024 Sexy POV If you love seeing beautiful women getting their tight little twats slammed, but aren't too fond of seeing the ugly mug of the lucky dude doing all the ploughing, then Sexy POV is a site which provide
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Sexy POV

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Sexy POV

Short Review

If you love seeing beautiful women getting their tight little twats slammed, but aren't too fond of seeing the ugly mug of the lucky dude doing all the ploughing, then Sexy POV is a site which provides content made especially for your tastes. Members are treated with gorgeous POV scenes where the viewer is put in the shoes of the stud, giving the sense of immersion!

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Well I've got to say it's been a while since I've had to review a POV site, and POV being one of my favorite niches I'd have to say I was a little more than excited to see what this site has to offer. And knowing that the site is part of a network which provides top quality videos, my anticipation went off the charts. Anyway lets look deeper into the site and check out the no doubt steamy episodes in store.

To those of you who aren't familiar with the POV niche, it's basically a standard porn scene except instead of having a camera man doing all the filming, the lucky dude who is doing all the fucking holds the camera so when viewers watch the videos it looks as though they are the one who is fucking the chick. Definitely a bonus for those who don't like seeing the dudes face, and the scenes really give you a sense of immersion, no wonder why this type of porn is so popular.

Of course with this type of content it's pretty much a must that the model starring in the scenes not only have great bodies but their face should also be gorgeous, well in the perfect world that is. Don't fear though, because all the models you'll get to feast your eyes on within this site are absolutely flawless, the developers definately haven't left any room for second rate scrags. Not to mention the sheer diversity of women on the menu, no matter what kind of women you're into, you'll definately find one here that will bust your sacks.

In the time Sexy POV has been live, it has been filled with over 140 awesome POV scenes. All episodes are available to download and stream straight off the site, plus with no DRM restrictions members are able to keep the episodes forever. Episodes on offer are split in short clips and are also available in full scenes, the videos have been encoded in awesome encoding rates so you can be sure that the quality of the videos are stunning.

Wmv: (1900kbps @ 720x480) download
Wmv: (1000kbps @ 640x480) Streamed

In addition to the videos the episodes also provide various photo galleries including screen captures and stunning photo content. As far as the screen captures go they look surprisingly decent, this mostly has to do with the fact that the videos themselves look great. They aren't grainy, and the blurs have been kept down to a minimum. If you're picky with the quality of picture content however, you'll want to check out the proper photos as they look stunning. I couldn't have been more pleased with how they look, they're clear, and bursting to life with full blown colors.

The lucky members of this site also gain access to 14 exclusive bonus sites, yeah that's right not only do you have all the great episodes on this site to go through, but you've 14 other sites at the tip of your finger tips. All these sites are exclusive to the "Jerked" network just like this one, and just like this site they are based on a specific category and provide video content which looks just as great as the ones provided on this site. As if that's not already enough porn to drool over the developers have included an extra 24 sites based on niched video feeds. Don't forget that these sites are also being updates quite regularly, so it's pretty safe to say that members will have their hands busy for a long time to come.

Nav, Design & Features

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As far as site presentation goes, Sexy POV passes with flying colors, the site looks great thanks to the simple layout, and the professionalism of the designs. The mild color scheme, great looking graphics, and the overall layout makes staring at the site very easy on the eyes. Besides from looking excellent the site's interface is very user-friendly, browsing a site and accessing content has never been so damn easy.

Once you make it to the main members are of the site you'll know exactly what I mean when I said the site presentation looks awesome, even the site banner looks great. Just below the said site banner is where you'll come across the navigation menu which includes links to the bonus sites section, links to online personals and live cam shows, and a page dedicated to special deals on other great porn sites. You won't find any links which will take you to the featured content of this site because all the episodes can be accessed right off the main members area.

Found just below the navigation menu is a section entirely dedicated to the latest update. This section includes a thumbnail of the starring model along with the links to the picture galleries, and the various streaming and download links. You'll come across the rest of the past updates as you scroll down the homepage. These episodes are also represented in thumbnails. Clicking on the thumbnails will direct you to the main content area from where you can access the picture galleries, and download the various clips of the episode.

To make your way to the bonus sites simply utilize the link found in the navigation menu marked bonus sites. After doing so you'll be taken to a page which consists the various links and descriptions for each of the sites. Clicking on the banner links will automatically direct you to the main page of the site, from where you can proceed to download and view all the featured content available on the site you chose.

So that's pretty much all that can be said about how the site looks, and the ins and outs of it's mechanics. As you can probably tell it's very simple to navigate, and check out the screen shots I took of the members area to see just how awesome the site looks. All in all a great looking site with a user-friendly interface, what more can you ask for.



Members Area Screenshots


POV porn in gorgeous, high quality put it simple I was in porn heaven. Fans of this niche owe it to themselves to check this site out right away, just a glimpse of the tour pages will be enough to get you interested, but once you're a member you'll wonder how you ever did with out. There's not much to be said here other then "Join this site right now". Obviously Sexy POV easily gets two thumbs up, heck if I had a third hand I would give it three!

Pros & Cons

  • + Great POV scenes
  • + Gorgeous models
  • + Videos and pics look awesome
  • + Great site presentation
  • + Decent sized collection
  • + Awesome bonus sites
  • + All exclusive content
  • + Active on updates