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Short Review:

Dare Dorm is a brand new reality based site which brings members in to the dorms of horny teen co-eds who are dared in to doing some of the most steamiest acts of sexuality all for your viewing pleasure! Members can stream the exclusive episodes right off the site in high quality videos and they can even submit their own naughty dorm shenanigans if they wish. So if you find horny co-eds getting slammed in hot orgies than this is definitely a site for you.
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Our total rating: 84/100

Detailed Review:


Now here is some reality porn which looks to be as genuine as they come. Amateur co-eds have been sending in their naughty dorm room sexual activities to the developers of this site to share them with the entire world! You'll see all sorts of hot and naughty things going on in this site from steamy orgies, one on one romps, sexual activities, and there was even an episode I spotted where a girl was getting her twat shaved! So as you can tell members won't find themselves in a state of boredom from having seen the same thing over and over again as the diversity of reality based content is quite nice here, and the great thing is members can even submit their own videos so you know that this is the real deal!

Dare Dorm is quite a new site having been up and running for just over 3 months now with the first ever episode uploaded back on the 1st of July this year in 2009. That would explain the low content numbers at the moment as there is only a handful currently available 8 to be exact. The site doesn't have a solid update schedule though usually there's a new episode every 1 or 2 weeks. Things do look as though they have slowed down a little as the last episode was uploaded over a month ago on the 9th of September. Though being as new as it is I am sure the developers still have plenty of updates up their sleeves and the great thing is they're all exclusive to this site so you won't find them anywhere else on the net.

My only complaint of the site would have to be the fact that the episodes aren't available for download as members only have the option of streaming them off the site in flv format. The good news is that the quality is superb with the best looking videos being in HD quality. That said this is definitely a site for those of you who have decent connection speeds as it could take quite a while to stream these high quality videos. So quality definitely isn't a problem it's just that they aren't available for download. Included with each episode are photo sets which are quite high in quality as they are clear and feature rich colors though the only problem is that they're a little small for my tastes.

Features & Navigation:

On the main page members are presented with the latest content though seeing as there are only 8 episodes currently on offer all of them can be found here. Each one is presented by a large thumbnail featuring a photo or screen shot taken from the video footage giving members a rough idea on what kind of kinky things they can expect to see in the episode. Along with the thumbnail there's information on what goes on in the episode along with the date the episode was uploaded and how long it runs for.

At the very top of the page there's a navigation menu though I found most of the links to be a little redundant as you can pretty much view the entire archive on the main page. The only link which I feel members might get some use out of is the "submit yours" link from where they can submit their own dorm room videos as the rest of the links are directed towards other third party services such as an online dating service, live webcam shows, and specials on other adult sites.

Under the thumbnails which represent the episodes there are a few links including a link to the movie stream page and the picture gallery. Members can choose what quality to view their videos in by using the tabs at the top of the stream screen. There's also a nice feature included which is useful if members don't wish to view the entire episode and only want to see certain parts. It's basically a fast forward and rewind function allowing members to view the segments they wish saving them time on streaming the entire episode.

That is pretty much all that can be said about the site as it does have quite a basic layout and is certainly very easy to browse. As far as site presentation goes well I can safely say that the site as a whole is quite eye catching and I felt the chalkboard background definitely suits the theme of the site. Everything is nice and big on this site which is nice and seeing as everything is nicely spaced out it keeps the site looking nice and clean. Overall a big thumbs up from me as far as navigation and site presentation goes.


This is reality porn at it's best people and furthermore at it's most genuine too! The site is doing well on just about all fronts, the episodes are very arousing, the girls are hot, and the updates are coming in at a steady rate. The only thing I can complain about is that the videos can't be downloaded which is quite a downer in my books as I wanted the option of keeping these hot episodes. Besides that though the site is great, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing more amateur vids!

Pros & Cons

+ Genuine reality content
+ All 100% exclusive
+ Videos look great
+ Site looks great and easy to browse
- The videos can't be downloaded
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