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I've often wondered about the temptations of being a driving instructor; alone in a car for hours with a succession of young ladies all desperate to get through their test, going out to secluded locations to practice reversing, her hand just an inch from your, er, gearstick Well, at Fake Driving School it's not just the instructor who gets naughty and gives in, sometimes the girls seduce him too. This is an exclusive content, standalone, site with special sign-up offers, HD movies and hot sex.
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Trial 1.00
Monthly 19.99

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Our total rating: 75/100

Detailed Review:


Fake Driving School puts you into top gear with its all-exclusive hardcore movies which are set and filmed in a car. That might sound cramped, and you might wonder how it's done, but the cameras in use are HD, and the results are good. The theme of the movies is the same, though they manage variation. An instructor (not your classic porn model) is with a cute, nubile young thing in the passenger seat. There's dialogue and scene setting and some driving before things start to turn horny, which they do in a variety of ways. These are scenarios/reality scenes that play out nicely. The driver is sometimes a bit of a geek, and there's even some humour, before the nicely naughty action starts, making the scenes all the more realistic.

When I was at the site, there were 69 videos of around 40 + minutes each. Sometimes the sex doesn't start until after the first ten minutes, but that's okay, the build-ups are fun. From then on, it's a case of playing around, sucking, pussy play and the whole range of action right to the hardcore and cum shots. She rides him, he rides her, and it's all still going on in the back of his car - it's a big car (and he's got a reasonably big dick, the babes are slim and usually young and cute). Like I said, good quality, good length and also horny. There are also POV moments as the car steams up and things get sweaty you so really can put yourself in the driving seat.

A new video is added each week, and the updates have been good and regular since the site started. You find the movies from the home page of one of the Explore tabs in the menu, and the viewing pages have everything you need. Here you can stream in SD or at 480p, and I had no hassles with streaming, it was all nice and fast and smooth. There are also download options in Mp4, with 1,920 x 1,080 HD available along with 720p, 480p and 360p at 800 kbps, the smaller ones should work fine on your phone.

I didn't find any galleries here and, after a look around, I found that there were only these 69 movies available at the site. There are no bonuses and no extra content apart from a model index with 47 girls featured in it. This is a good way to find the kind of babe you want to take for a spin, and they come with links to their videos so you can use it as a browse tool. The girls I took a ride with were British, as many of them are, and you can check out some stats and details about each one as you browse around.

Features & Navigation:

Although there's not a great deal of content at the site, and no extras, there are ways to add bonuses to your account. These are, basically, sales for other sites, but are worth adding in if you have a bit of extra cash. I'd have thought that Fake Driving School would have come under the umbrella of the Fake Hub network, as its other sites do, but not here. For some reason, this is on its own. You can unlock Fake Hub (and many other networks) for an annual payment, $79.97 in this case, and there are other sites to unlock for less, such as Female Fake Taxi - more sex in cars. Other promotional offers are shown in your members' area, there are a few adverts, and It's up to you. You could start with Fake Driving School and, over time, add in other sites. They stay listed at the top of your page or under your account.

Meanwhile, there are no navigation issues at the site, and it's straightforward to use. The menu lets you find videos and models and those offers, and there is a Random Scene feature if you're not sure which movie to watch today. On the viewing pages, you can find a place to comment, and it's good to see that members are using this, and you can also like them and add them to a favourites area or a place where you can watch them later. So, there are some mild interactive options.

As for your sign-up prices. I found the monthly membership at $19.99, which is not bad for 69 exclusive HD videos and a new one each week. This offer also gave me a free anal channel (they mean a website, not your actual anal channel) but this may only have been a Christmas offer. Three- and twelve-month offers are also available with the annual one working out the same as $5.83 per month, which isn't bad. Watch out for the trial offer as it may rebill at a higher rate and limit what you can see, and there's a cross sale to be aware of on the sign-up page.


Fake Driving School does the trick and gives you what the tour promises us. Exclusive and horny hardcore set inside a driving instructor's car where the girls are young and hot and the driver a 'normal' older guy. There are some where there's a female examiner and a young male buck as the newbie driver too. Movies are HD, well produced, good quality and run for good lengths of time, but the site is standalone and has no bonuses or images. I'd say, take it for a spin.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ HD and mobile
+ Regular updates
+ Hot Brit-babes and boys
+ Easy to use

- No bonuses
- Cross sale
- No galleries
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