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Short Review:

There's no such thing as a free lunch, or a free bed for the night, not at the Fake Hostel. This standalone site with exclusive European hardcore movies takes a cute little theme. There's this hostel for younger travellers and the dirty old man who runs it has various ways to entice cute chicks and younger studs to stay. They may get a room for the night, but they also get a good banging from their host and others. It's HD, streaming only hardcore but it's not yet a large site.
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Price Details:

Trial 1.00
Monthly 17.99

Current Ratings for Fake Hostel:

Our total rating: 66/100

Detailed Review:


There is a theme at Fake Hostel, and it's definitely hardcore European fun with cute babes and cute guys and one older man who has a big dick and doesn't care where he puts it. Each of the videos here has a story, and they are usually pretty similar, but always good fun. For example, two girls from Thailand turn up at his hostel looking for a room, so he entertains them, knowing full well what's going to happen. He takes them in, shows them the room and before you know it, get's getting balls deep into their mouths and pussies.

In other movies, a younger couple might turn up, and somehow he treats them just badly enough for them to feel a bit pissed off, but when they are alone, they start playing around. The landlord appears and joins in, with some excuse or another, and we're then into a hot threesome. There are also some girl on girl scenes and some foursomes, and our horny old host doesn't appear in all of them. The stories are inventive and give some substance to the porn, which is itself very well filmed.

Another thing I liked about the content was that it was well edited. There's music which gives things a fun feel, and that fades when the groans and grunts start up, there's some natural and off-the-cuff acting from the main man, and the girls and guys also do a good job of getting into character and staying there. There is, of course, plenty of time for the hot porn in each 30 + minute movie and there's no shortage of that.

What there is a shortage of are downloads. You can only stream, one version is at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, and the other is at a more standard rate, around 540p. The quality looks great, and full screen is fine, streams were smooth and easy to jump through if you want, but they are all you get. There are no photos and no extras.

Updates have been coming into the site regularly once per week, and there are now 36 scenes, all exclusive and all a good mix of duo, three- or foursomes. There's a great sense of fun (even some comedy during scenes which works well), and they are high quality and very original. It's just a shame you only have 36, no downloads, no galleries and no extras.

You do have a model index where there are 44 girls to check out, and they come with good face and body pics (clothed) showing then as the wandering travellers. They also have a description of them, as do the videos, and links to their movies. But there's not a lot else to tell you about the content at Fake Hostel. It needs some time to grow, but what's here is horny, fun and well put together and the babes are delicious too.

Features & Navigation:

You have a very simple menu in the members' area, and it takes you to the videos and the models. New videos open in their own window where you can stream, view a trailer, read a description, use linked tag words to find more content, rate scenes, and them to a favourites area and leave comments. The model index is another good way to browse.

The rest of your menu is given over to selling you things. The Network, Sites, Live shows, Channels and Vod links at the top all drop-down to show you locked sites - sign-up and pay more to access. The main menu also offers you a bonus area to unlock, offering over 13,900 scenes for an extra $1.00 per month, so that may be something to look at. A search box helps you look around the site, and your account area keeps you in touch with your subscription.

Currently, Fake Hostel is offering a one -day trial for $1.00 (which comes back at a high price), and one month at $17.99, a reduced price. You can also opt for longer at $49.99 for half a year, which is an excellent price and the annual one takes the monthly equivalent down to $6.67 per month. My prices showed in Euros, and so there may be some regional variation, and watch out for a cross sale on the join page.


Fake Hostel is fun, sexy, and features some very cute European chicks getting into all kinds of sexy trouble thanks to an over-sexed hostel owner. Some younger guys get involved too, and we get a mix of scenes, with a new one each week and all of them exclusive and in HD. But it is a limited site (the price reflects that) and needs a little more time to grow. It could also do with extras, fewer adverts and more images. You pay for what you get and what you get is a neat selection of hardcore.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ HD
+ Quirky yet sexy movies
+ Hot Euro-chicks and guys
+ Good quality

- No downloads
- No extras
- No photos
- Small site
- Cross sale
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