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Short Review:

No money for your fare? That's not a problem in the Fake Taxi. At least, it's not a problem if you're a gorgeous, nubile young European girl on her way home. The big-dicked driver will take your pussy in return for the fare, and he'll take you all the way to a screaming orgasm. This is a site in the Fake Hub network (access to the other sites is included), it's HD and comes with streams, downloads and seven other exclusive sites, and the sign-up fare is, well, a fair price.
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Price Details:

Trial 1.00
Monthly 19.99

Current Ratings for Fake Taxi:

Our total rating: 91/100

Detailed Review:


When a babe needs a lift home and flags down a cab, she expects to get a service, not be serviced. But when these young hotties find they can't afford to pay the fare, the cabbie has another way around the problem. Sex. That's the general rule at Fake Taxi, a European site with all exclusive hardcore content and a theme. It fits well in the Fake Hub network along with Fake Agent, and Fake Female Taxi - where the tables are turned on the male passengers - and it holds 469 exclusive movies.

They start off with the story. The taxi is on the road, and the inside is caught on hidden cams (HD ones). The filming is all done with these cams and other, maybe larger ones, like GoPros or similar, and these give you a nice voyeur feel to each production. In the films I caught, the driver was British, your typical chatty UK cab driver who likes to chat. He chats up the girls in the back, some of whom need more persuasion than others, some though are playing with their pussies and getting themselves hot as if they already had a big thing for cabbies. Before long the car has stopped somewhere, and some nifty, back-of-the-car sex takes place. The driver also holds the camera at times, so you get POV shooting as well as the voyeur style angles.

Movies run for around 30 minutes, giving you plenty of time to get into the fantasy. They are good quality, considering they are filmed in the back of a car, and you can opt to stream them or download them. Streams come with a standard definition and one at 480p, and downloads come with four options. The top resolution is at 1,920 x 1,080 HD and look great, there are then 720p, 480p and 360p in Mp4 which means that your phones and portables should be fine. Updates come in every few days.

There are no galleries at the site, or in the network as far as I could see, but you do have a lot of bonus material. Your membership gains you access to all eight sites in the Fake Hub network with an explore tab letting you find each site on its own, or letting you see all movies arranged in date order. There were 2,600 scenes on the day of my visit, so there's plenty of viewing in return for your membership. Sites like Fake Agent and female Agent give you scenarios where girls (and guys) arrive for a modelling interview only to find out they can make a load of cash by doing porn, so they get tricked into trying out for a porn shoot. Hot sex follows, but there's no job at the end of it.

Fake Hospital and Fake Cop take medical and uniform themes and come up wtih the same well-shot reality hardcore that the other sites hold. You can always search around for a scene using the model index where there are 1,495 girls to check out. Doing some random selecting here, I found many British girls with stats and details, some from Holland, and others from places like the Czech Republic. It's a nicely varied mix of models from across Europe, and you can select the one you fancy via her face pic and then find links to her videos; many of the girls make more than a few movies.

With the network updating more or less every day, you've got plenty coming your way to add to the horny excitement that takes place in the back of the Fake Taxi.

Features & Navigation:

Networks can be tricky to navigate, but not at Fake Hub. There's a simple set up here as all content from all eight sites is shown in one place, and each sample shot per scene is marked with the initials of the site it comes from. You can use the Explore tab and find the Sites & Niches page and then head off into your favourites site on its own though. In this case, everything opens in the same window, and the main menu stays with you. From there, you can get to the Explore videos where you select the latest scenes or a random one. There are also links to the model index and a search box, but the rest of the links are for third-party cam and dating sites and the like.

Scenes can be arranged in various orders, and index pages are numbered, so that's simple. Videos come with a drop-down description and details box if you're into reading about movies, and beneath the stream player are likes, add to favourites, watch later and comments functions. Your profile area is also good as that's where you find your favourites or those scenes you've saved for another time, and you can also see where you've already been.

Fake Taxi and its network are impressive. It's all exclusive and all included, and yet they are only charging you 19.99 per month. (My prices showed in Euros so there may be some regional variation in price). There is a two-day trial offer, which may limit what you see and comes back at a high rate, and there are also a couple of longer-term deals, with the six-month options working out at only 15.00 per month, paid in one instalment. Whichever you take, you get excellent value.


It's all exclusive, HD and neatly shot, considering it's mainly restricted to the back of a black cab. With horny British cabbies and some very sexy European girls, and Brits, Fake Taxi takes you on a sexy journey from wherever you pick it up to your final destination - a cum-blast facial or creampie. It's original, fun, sexy and well put together, and you get great value thanks to the seven included network sites, the HD movies, the cute models and the regular updates. Flag it down now!

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive scenes
+ Eight site network included
+ HD movies and mobile
+ Hot models
+ Nice theme
+ Easy to navigate

- Limited trial
- Cross sale on sign-up
- No photos
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