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Short Review:

Being part of the Fake Hub network, Fake Female Taxi sits in its own class: high quality, spy cam and roving style movies, exclusive, in HD and taking a particular theme. Here, that theme is lady cab drivers giving their fares something of a tip, rather than the other way around. Except for when the guys give the girls their own throbbing tips in hardcore movies. Lesbian action is also included.
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Trial 1.00
Monthly 19.99

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Our total rating: 77/100

Detailed Review:


The Fake Hub set things up slightly differently than many reality sites. They set up their scenes, in this case, their taxis, with high definition but small cameras so that the action can all be filmed in the back of a black cab. This doesn't lead to small movies, the top resolution is at 1,920 x 1,080 HD, and they look good, but you do get the feeling of being in the cab with the girls. These are mainly British models, both girls and guys, and the movies come with subtitles, in English. I didn't think their accents strong enough to need translating, but there you go.

The girls are the drivers, and the passengers are men, or sometimes women. In fact, there are a fair few lesbian scenes in the 136 videos currently on offer. The guys don't wear masks or have their faces covered as they do in some reality sites and scenes, here we get to see everything. The stories unfold with some dialogue as the passenger is promised a free ride. The driver-babe tricks the hunks into their free fare by seducing them (not a lot of guys say no), and thus we have the horny back-of-the-cab scenes that were advertised. Sometimes the action is outside against the cab, or in a garage or other place, and the camera roves a bit more. The filming is good quality either way, and the results are movies of up to 40 minutes with a good build up, a sense of fun and then some perfectly gratuitous hardcore; just what we wanted.

As for viewing, you can stream in 480p or a more standard, higher resolution but not one so big that it causes buffer problems. Everything ran smoothly for me. There are also downloads to take with four options. Top of the range is the 1080p HD, then 1,280 x 720, and 480p and 360p are also provided. As these are Mp4 files, your mobiles should cope with them with no problems. Members are able to like movies and leave comments, plus there's an add to favourite functions and one where you can list the scene to be watched later.

There are no galleries at the site, but you do have more content to check out. As you wait for the weekly update to Fake Female Taxi, you can view the model index with its 123 babes, and read some info and stats. Then you click to her videos from there. By the way, there's also a drop-down for descriptions and details about videos on each viewing page.

The content is great quality and good fun at this site. It's a shame that there are no bonuses or galleries, but what there is here puts a new spin on reality content, and there's a good atmosphere as well as plenty of good sex.

Features & Navigation:

Here's a thing. I didn't find access to the Fake Hub network with this membership, but it is possible to join Fake Hub and access this and the other sites belonging to it. If you fancy doing that, check out our review of Fake Hub and use that link. This way, you should find over 2,600 movies in its range of fun, reality members' areas. If that doesn't appeal to you, then simply sign-up to Fake Female Taxi as you can always change your mind. There are special offers and other advertising inside the members' area. I don't usually like these adverts getting in my way, but they actually have some very tempting offers at this site.

Apart from the adverts, there are a few extra things for members to play with. As I mentioned, you can save things for later, add them to a favourites area, make comments and so on. There are also links to the promos and stores, plus a random scene function that will, well, it will choose a scene for you at random. There is a search box to use, and movies come with suggestions for other scenes you might like to visit next.

The design is fine, and I had no navigation issues. You're able to change the order of content too. The only things I thought were missing were galleries (even screencaps would help by showing us how scenes unfold), and extras. Check things out for yourself as you're not going to find many sites that live up to the standard and fun of the reality scenes at Fake Female Taxi.


It's good to find a reality site that's not only HD and high quality, but that also has a good sense of reality behind its movies. That's down to the acting of the hot babes who seduce other babes and boys alike, and the way the exclusive movies are filmed. You have weekly updates here, HD downloads and streams, a model index and some special offers for other sign-ups. They include the network this site is a part of though, so no bonuses unless you pay.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Great reality/fun feel
+ Hot chicks and sex
+ HD
+ Downloads and streams
+ Mobile files

- No bonuses
- No galleries
- Cross sale on sign-up
- High cost recurring trial
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