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Flesh Hunters are a bunch of horny fellas who hit the town on the prowl for hot ladies looking for a bit of fun. Watch beautiful amateur ladies try their hand in the crazy world of porn. Members can enjoy 179 videos on top of 255 high definition movies! That's a total of over 430 full length reality scenes! Not to mention all the juicy extras they have thrown in as a tasty side dish.
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Our total rating: 87/100

Detailed Review:


The concept behind the reality theme of Flesh Hunters has been done quite a few times before. Understandably one of the easier reality themes to pull off, find a smoking hot chick off the streets ask her if she's looking for a good time for a bit of money and viola you have yourself a reality scene in development. Of course I've always taken reality style content with a grain of salt and even though at times it's so bleeding obvious that the episodes are staged they're still quite fun to watch, plus the lovely models get to put their acting skills to the test which at times can be pathetic though there are a few models you'd wonder why they aren't in the film industry. That being said there are some legit reality episodes out there, legit as far as the girl being amateur and some random chick they found off the streets. But like I said reality scenes are usually staged and I'm sure most reality fans already know this fact but still enjoy the episodes purely for the fun intros leading up to the saucy fucking.

Now with an extensive archive of over 430 episodes one would hope the line up of ladies they have on offer is quite the diverse one. So is it you ask? It very much is with petite, chubby, and slender hotties to perve on ranging from teens to middle aged milfs. But the range of flavors they come in is also quite the sexy cocktail you've got blonde hotties, seductive brunette ladies, bubble butt ebony babes, raunchy Latinas, randy redheads, and exotic Asians, so no matter what kind of women you're in to I'm sure you'll find more than a few here that will knock your socks off, in fact all of them probably will because they're all so damn hot! Aside from the ladies being diverse, the naughty things they get up to in the videos is quite varied indeed. You've got the usual one on one outings, steamy threesomes, outdoors fucking, girl on girl fun, anal drilling, intense DP action, and some saucy solo masturbation shows.

Flesh Hunters has a surprisingly large amount of episodes for a site which has been live for roughly a year and a half. It looks as though the site started off with just standard videos as the first one was uploaded on the 27th of April '07 while the first HD videos was logged on the 2nd of January '08. Obviously they wanted to keep up with video standards to keep their members coming back for more and with information always available on the next 10 updates I'm sure members will keep coming back for a long time to come. Flesh Hunters is updated on a daily basis without fail, at times there's even more than one update per day which is a damn good effort if you ask me. Not all the content available on Flesh Hunters is exclusive though there's a good chunk of it which is. Exclusive or not it doesn't change the fact that you have a massive amount of HD videos at your disposal.

Ok now lets get in to the video specs and options which I'm sure will have you drooling with anticipation. The episodes run for roughly 15 to 20 mintues each and can only be viewed in full scenes. Members have the option of downloading the videos with no DRM restrictions meaning you can choose to keep them on your hard drive for as long as you wish, and you've also the option of streaming them straight from the site. Now being in HD quality obviously means the videos look superb, and well....yes they are very good looking in fact maybe even some of the best videos I've seen around. The HD vids come in the wmv format available in mouth watering encoding rates of (4000kbps @ 1280x720). There's also mp4 versions of all the episodes these clock in at (600kbps @ 320x240) which may not seem like anything compared to the HD videos however playing these on a small screen looks great. Overall I was very impressed with the quality of their content.

As though over 430 episodes wasn't going to be enough for their members, the good fellas behind Flesh Hunters have given their members full access to 10 bonus sites all of which cover a unique category. Though they don't provide content which is on par with quality with the HD videos available on Flesh Hunters. One way or another it's still nice to have the bonus sites there if you feel as though you need to vary your porn viewing a little. I still think members will be way too busy with the truck loads of content available on Flesh Hunters, seriously though it offers a pretty massive archive for a single site.

Features & Navigation:

On firing up the tour pages for Flesh Hunters you will immediately be presented with all the information in regards to the theme and story behind the reality episodes. You've also got all the specs for the HD videos within the top banner which is sure to get quality buff's attention. Keep on scrolling your way down and you'll come across very appetizing sample pictures of the lovely amateur babes getting their moist slits plugged. Just wait till you see the free trailers in store for potential customers, these will make them not potential customers for very long as the trailers are available in HD quality so it will pretty much seal the deal.

The homepage is very informative and will keep members up to date on everything they want to know which is exactly what home pages are for so at least we know this one is doing its job. Straight up you will be presented with the 30 latest updates presented via thumbnail links, included below the thumbnails are the starring models, when the episode was added, and what's the average rating according to other members. Down the right side of the home page is where you'll come across links to the three movies of the week, and further down there's information on the next 10 updates all of which are depicted in thumbnails. Within the homepage you'll also come across the top 36 episodes which have been voted by the member base.

The standard and HD movies have been placed in separate sections both of which can be accessed by using the links found just below the top banner. Both these galleries are identical in layout and are very simple to use as they're pretty standard as far as episode archives go. The episodes are spread across a number of indexed pages including up to 10 episodes per page. Each episode takes up a small section of said indexed pages. This section includes 5 screen shots taken from the video file of the episode which gives members a good idea on what the model looks like and what's involved in the episode. Above the thumbnails is where you'll find information in regards to the run time, when the video was uploaded, and the model's name. Below the thumbnails is where the links to the video download and screen shot gallery can be found.

Well there's not much else I can say about the navigation of the site as I've pretty much explained all the important stuff. As you can probably tell it is a very simple page to navigate, another great thing about the site is that it looks quite nice. It's not overly flashy or anything though the simplicity of the design makes it look very neat and uncluttered which is always a plus for me because I can't stand sites which squeeze everything together giving it a cluttered look. The Features Navigation part of this site easily gets my two thumbs up.


Flesh Hunters certainly hammers down on all the things which count. Great looking content, hot ladies, frequent updates, and a massive collection of episodes to dig in to. I can't point out anything which they could improve on because the site is doing excellent. In conclusion I recommend this site to anyone not just reality fans because the episodes are so diverse there's something here for just about anyone, plus you can't go past the great HD videos definitely a must see site.

Pros & Cons

+ Gorgeous video quality
+ Diverse reality episodes
+ Nice selection of beautiful models
+ Good amount of content
+ Very frequent updates
+ Site is easy to navigate
+ All around great site
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