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Fuck Team 5 is a gang of gorgeous ladies who are on a mission to give the average Joe a chance to experience what it's like to make sweet sweet love to a fully fledged pornstar. A reality site at it's finest Bang Bros has recruited Fuck Team 5 to scour the streets for men like you and me to create some of the hottest reality episodes to date. Watch and drool as 5 gorgeous ladies put up their best performances to blow the average guy's mind in an explosion of ecstasy!
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Our total rating: 88/100

Detailed Review:


You can always count on the good people behind Bang Bros to come up with awesome new reality themes. Usually when it's the girls who are under audition or are being hunted down by horny dudes who are out to give them a good time, but this time around it's a team of fully fledged pornstars who are out on the hunt for the average Joe who will be lucky enough to feel the full brunt of their sexual prowess. By the looks of it the people at Bang Bros have found genuine amateurs they found on the street to be pleasured by their naughty vixens (hey who would say no at the chance of being fucked by pornstars). With that in mind the episodes have quite entertaining introductions where the everyday guy is introduced to the lovely pornstars, some of them are a little more than nervous as they feel obliged to put up a good show.

The episodes on offer are quite diverse, you'll see the ladies pleasure the average dude out on the streets in broad daylight, take them to hotel rooms, seduce nerds working at a video game store, have a grand old time at night clubs, and basically just on the hunt to make one lucky fella very very happy! The bulk of the episodes have the ladies in a 1 vs 5 situation where they absolutely dominate the single dude in to a submission of pure ecstasy while other episodes get a little rowdy and an all out orgy busts out. Overall the episodes are nothing short of entertaining, and I am confident in saying that these episodes would have to be some of the best reality type videos I've seen in quite some time.

I can't believe it's taken me such a long time to come across this site as it's been around for quite some time now. The first featured episode was launched early last year on the 13th of May 2009. Since then the site has accumulated over 30 full length episodes all of which are exclusive to this very site so you won't be finding them any where else on the net. Even now the site is still very active on updates as the last one occurred only a few days before this review was completed, and by the looks of their update patterns a new episode is uploaded every week. Here's hoping the list of future updates is a long one because I just can't get enough of these entertaining yet highly arousing vids.

Unfortunately the videos aren't available in HD quality but the good news is they are pretty damn close. Members can choose to stream the videos within the browser in videos encoded in wmv format with bit rates of (2000kbps @ 720x480). The option of downloading the videos is also available and members can choose to download the episodes in full scenes or short segments allowing them to skip parts of the episode they don't want to see saving them huge amounts of bandwidth in the long run. The downloadable videos aren't restricted by DRM so once they're on your computer they are as good as yours to keep. Downloadable videos come in both wmv and mpeg formats with the former being higher in encoding rate clocking in at (2000kbps @ 720x480) the mpegs aren't far behind with bit rates of (1200kbpa @ 480x360). Either way you go around it you are guaranteed some quality porn viewing at it's best.

All episodes come complete with both screen captures and high quality photos. Obviously if you're after the best quality you'll know that the screen caps is not where you'll find it, to be fair though the screen captures are fairly decent with blurring kept down to a minimum, but with perfectly good high quality photos on offer who needs them right? As one would expect the proper photo content looks delicious they really make the models look gorgeous thanks to the clarity and rich colors. My only gripe is with the sizes they come in as the bigger images measure in with mediocre dimensions of (800x600 pixels). Apart from the small dimensions the photo content is amazing, certainly a worthy addition to the mouth watering videos.

Fuck Team 5 is but one of many sites which make the Bang Bros network. If you're in to reality porn then I'm sure you've heard of these fellas in the past as they specialize on reality porn and do an awesome job of it to. The good news about being a part of this network is that members who sign-up to Fuck Team 5 gain access to all the other sites available on the network. All up there's a whopping 28 sites to dig your paws in to, each one covering a unique reality theme. That being said it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that this is definitely a must see network for reality porn lovers.

Features & Navigation:

I would forgive you if you had no idea what this site is all about just by the site name. Never fear as all will be revealed as you load up the tour pages and are presented with the endless amounts of sample pictures taken from selected episodes. As you make your way down the length of the tour site you may find yourself growing a little jealous of the average looking dudes getting their cocks sucked and fucked by some of the hottest pornstars around, though you can't help but root for the guy as he lives every average mans dream. Aside from the tantalizing sample pictures potential customers can also indulge themselves with free trailers to have a sneak peek on what the content looks like in action.

As with most Bang Bros sites Fuck Team 5's presentation is immaculate. Everything is nicely spread out making the site look very neat, the color scheme used is gentle on the eyes, and basically the site is looking quite professional all together, certainly no issues when it comes to site presentation that's for sure. The top banner is quite eye catching with 3 incredibly hot models showing off their booties and just below you'll come across the navigation menu which will allow you access to the bonus sites, the update list for the entire Bang Bros network, and a section dedicated to the models.

The featured episodes are easily accessible straight off the members area, as you scroll down the page the first thing you'll notice is a section dedicated to the latest update. This section includes a large sample picture giving members a rough idea on what goes on in the episode, just below there's information in regards to when the episode was uploaded, plus a detailed description to give members even more insight on what the episode is all about. The bottom half of the members area includes the rest of the past updates all of which are presented via a single thumbnail. Below these thumbnails you'll come across the episode title, the model's names, and the average rating of the episode according to other members.

Clicking on the thumbnails I mentioned above will take you to that particular episode's main media section. From here you can browse the picture and screen cap gallery, access the download and streaming links, and read up on what the episode involves. As you can tell it's a very easy site to navigate and it's obvious that the developers have worked towards providing members with the most pleasurable navigating experience possible, and to that end they've done quite the bang up job!


I wish I knew about this site sooner because it has become my favorite reality site to date. Honestly though the episodes are extremely entertaining yet at the same time down right arousing, I couldn't have been more happy with the content on offer. Not only are the episodes awesome to watch but the quality they come in is gorgeous, the pros don't stop there either as the updates come in weekly, and members also gain access to the entire Bang Bros network! Simply can't go wrong here folks!

Pros & Cons

+ Episodes are highly entertaining
+ Gorgeous models
+ Unique reality theme
+ Videos look great
+ All exclusive content
+ Full access to Bang Bros network
+ Weekly updates
+ Very easy to browse
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