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What is a house wife to do if she needs money and she doesn't have a job? Well I will take a stab at this one and say she sucks and fucks to get the extra cash she needs for her hip pocket. These hot young moms will do anything it takes to get some cash, and the best thing about it is that their husbands get to watch it all happen right before their eyes. These wives will suck and fuck in the same room as their husbands. This site is a must see. I loved it!
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Our total rating: 65/100

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This is a kick ass website ,but I am not to sure I could sit back and watch a guy fuck the shit out of my wife just so she could earn a little extra money for herself. You have to see this website to believe it, these girls will do anything it takes to make sure they have a little extra cash to go out for a girls weekend, even if that means having some random guy come over with a film crew and have his way with her right in front of her own husband.

The models you will find on the site are pretty young to be wifes, but you don't see me complaining about that one. I love nothing better then to see a hot young wife getting her tight little pussy smashed in front of her husband.

The site has been loaded up with tons of content for you guys to sort through. Let me start with the videos. You will have 12 full length videos that are able to be download straight to your computer or you can choose to stream the videos from inside the browser. You can either download the video in WMV or FLV , for the wmv you will need to have windows media player, which every computer will already have installed or you will need a flash player like quick time or VLC (Video Lan) to watch the FLV format.

I couldn't work out what was going on with the photo galleries on this website. When ever I clicked on the photo tab it will load the video section. I am not sure if there is any photos on this site or its a coding error. I will update this section when I find out whats going on.

You will also get a ton of bonus content. You will have access to 2 extra pay sites free of charge which include :

Freaky First Timers:
It's their first time on film and they want to get freaky! There's a first time for everything!
From Bridal Gowns to Big Black Hounds! is hardcore home wrecking at its best! The concept? Caucasian brides-to-be spend their last unmarried nights with Richard "The Abominable Black" Man! The newest, hottest interracial destination on the planet is filled with constantly-updated footage drawn from Hush-Hush Entertainment's seminal DVD series

You will also get 12 bonus video feeds that you are able to watch, however these feeds are not downloadable. These video feeds give you hours and hours of viewing and are also updated frequently.

Features & Navigation:

Once you log into the site you will be dropped straight into the news and up coming updates page. From here you will be able to go anywhere on the site by simply clicking on any of the tabs you see at the top of the site. Like me, I am guessing you will go straight to the videos link to check out what videos are available. So lets click on the video tab now. When the site loads you will have 3 videos load up right in front of you, from there you can simply click on the video you wish to download to your computer or stream from inside your browser. You will also notice that you can view the video stream from inside the videos section by clicking play on the FLV player, I found this to be a great feature as it gave me a chance to preview the video before I downloaded the whole movie. Not many websites give you the chance to preview before downloading.

Other than that, the site is pretty much straight forward and is very easy to navigate around. I really don't think you will have any trouble finding your way around the site. If you do find that you are having trouble, simply click on the Contact link and you will find all the information you need and who you can contact to sort out any issues.


This is a great site, defiantly one that you guys need to check out, I had a ball reviewing this site, from its content to its clean cut design, you will have all the things you would expect to find in a good paysite.

I was a little upset with the lack on video content, I really think they could add a lot more to the site, but by the time you read this review I would guess they would have done a lot of updates and it will be worth checking out.

Pros & Cons

+ Hot Models
+ High Quality Video
+ Nice Bonuses
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