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Whether you think you already know How To Fuck, whether you are already the master of muff, the king of copulation, the prince of porking, however you call yourself, you're going to learn a thing or two at this site. You're also going to see amazing hardcore movies with a hung and studly French guy who talks you through his exclusive videos where he gives some gorgeous babes the ride of their lives. It's a small site with long movies, it's pretty unique, and it's certainly high quality.
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Trial 4.95
Monthly 19.95

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Our total rating: 69/100

Detailed Review:


You are looking at a mix of things here at How To Fuck. For a start, there is the educational side of things, and yes, you can take what our host says seriously. Judging by the extremes he drives his women to, he sure knows what he is doing. The eight-inch dick and trim figure helps, as do his good looks and no doubt the sexy French accent in his English spoken voice-overs. His techniques are the thing that gets the girls though, as he shows them what real anal sex should be like when he makes them cum while he is still fucking them and then shafts them some more, and when he eats out trimmed or shaved pussy.

Honestly, the hardcore here is some of the best we've seen in a long while, and the whole thing is put together very professionally, and also contains a bit of humour. Watch the scenes where he gets anal on a boat and suffers from seasickness, and you will see what I mean. Other movies take place at home on the bed, or elsewhere and so there is variety offered as well.

The next thing that got me about the videos here were their length. Like our main man they are built to last, and they run for up to one hour each. (Some are shorter at 18 minutes or so.) Some of this is build-up and intro where the girls strip and play, and he talks over the visuals. Before long, though, he is getting down to some serious hardcore, and the camera is getting in very close, so we miss none of the action. And don't worry that the videos are all him, the girls vary, and so does the action.

There were 12 movies when I was at the site, which is fine considering their length. It's too early to say what the upload schedule is going to be as these were all added in the first two months since the site opened. What I can tell you is that they are streaming only, and you have five resolutions to choose from. The top resolution is 1,920 x 1,080 HD, and in Mp4, and then you have 720p, 480p, 360p and 240p with six choices for speed. The site also features an auto-detect function so it will select the best speed and resolution for you. The quality is good and full screen is possible. You've also able to jump through, and if you only want to see the visuals, you can turn the sound down.

Movies come with a few large image beneath them, around nine per set, to give you a flavour of what's to come. You can save these at 1,024 x 576 if you like and the quality is fine, but not all of them are hardcore images.

That's about it for the moment as far as content goes. It's not a large site, but it is different and very special and all exclusive. The HD makes the movies good and sharp, and the main man's narrative really does add to the horniness of the scenes. It's also instructive, so if you want some tips and pointers to help you point your tip better towards the G spot, this is the place to study.

Features & Navigation:

There is not a lot at How To Fuck yet apart from the videos, and they are the main thing. You do have a few images, and you can save those whereas the videos are streaming only. The auto-detect is a good function and handy, but there are few other interactive or interesting functions. There are some details about each scene, a description and runtime etc., plus the female model's name, but there are no links to a model index. There are no places to comment or rate scenes either, and no bonuses or extras. You will find a special offer for another sign-up to another site and an email address for contact, and that's about it.

Which only leaves me to talk about the cost of this horny and unique site. There's a trial offer at $4.95 for two days advertised as easy to cancel and upgrade, and the monthly fee is $19.95. That is just for How To Fuck. If you want to get a bit more value, then take the three-site membership for $29.95 per month (less if you pay for a longer period in one go), and you can access Sweety X and Lilu Moon as well. You can pay with Visa or PayPal.


How To Fuck gives you some very sexy instruction on how to please your women, and how to drive them wild. From oral to anal, with plenty of pussy-bang for your buck, you have some scenes of over one hour in length. There is talking in voice-overs, but also natural screams of orgasm and enough hardcore to justify the membership fee. The quality is good, movies are HD and exclusive, and although it's small and the updates are not routine yet, it's well worth getting to study class early.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive movies
+ Horny babes
+ Unusual and fun
+ High quality
+ HD and mobile streams

- Small site
- Streaming only
- No clear update schedule yet
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