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Short Review:

MyGFSex is a must see site, it has content that stars someones wife, GF or ExGF in situations and performing things that you only normally see when you are in a relationship with them. Members send in their candid unscripted adult content to be added to the sites content collection. The quality of the Xrated clips are quite high, the acts performed in them are unique and different and I really enjoyed using the site. Members are given access to other adult sites and an easy to use members area.
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Our total rating: 62/100

Detailed Review:


I have to tell you I really genuinely enjoyed reviewing this site, it is so entertaining and so erotic in a completely surprising, natural and un-staged way. The content is really unique and every member will get something different out of every clip on the site. Watching X-rated clips of someones wife, GF or ex-GF doing things that you would normally only see if you were actually in a relationship with them. These clips are intimate and are genuine action compared to conventional, predictable stiff and totally scripted scenes on other websites.

The site has 77 pages of movie content, so members get access to approx 4,000 scenes all in one place. The Photo gallery contains 9 pages and over 240 image sets for members to browse through. The image size is actually quite large for an adult site, but Im not complaining it makes it all the better to see them with 1225 x 602 pixels.
The site has livestreaming functions for members to use or alternately members can download the clips and add to the collections on their computers. The livestreaming function works quite well, but members may find that the stream could be interrupted slightly depending on the quality of the internet connection that they are using. The format that is used on the site is Flash Player Video (FLV) and members may find that they might need to download a copy of FLV if they dont already have it installed on there computers to support the file format to view the downloaded content. I would recommend using the livestreaming function, besides members get to watch straight away and I think that is always a bonus!!!

Some of my favourite clips on the site are listed by the dates because the scenes that are displayed on the site unfortunately dont have names, labels or descriptions. These scenes are on page 77, image has a beautiful mouth open and waiting for the present cock in the image to blow a load, date added: November 1, 2008. Next clip on my favourite list is in the row, just scroll down the page a little and members will see a rear view of a girl in a little skirt facing a door. This girl really knows how to put on a show, date added: October 31, 2008. Directly under the girl in the skirt facing the door clip is a clip with the display image of a blonde girl in a blue top licking a hard cock. This one is a must see clip on the site, date added: October 31, 2008. There is literally so many clips on the site to watch members will be busy for months.

Features & Navigation:

Members are directed to the main page of the MyGFSex Home page, up the top of the Home page is the site banner. Located under the site banner is the navigation bar, this contains all of the options that members will need to move around all of the content areas on the site. I have to say that the site layout is really easy to use and the site navigation features are really easy to use. I love this because I dont think it should be hard for members to access the content on any site that they visit. So this site gets top points for that. Members can return to the sites main page at anytime by selecting the Home option on the navigation bar. The navigation bar is permanently located at the top of every page on the MyGFSex site, which just makes moving through the content contained on the site so much easier for members.

The options listed on the navigation bar are pretty straight forward to see exactly what each one does just by looking at them. The Movies on the site are all in the Movie option, apart from the initial display movies on the home page. The entire image sets from the movie scenes can be accessed in the Photos option on the nav bar. My favorite option on the nav bar has to be the Submit Your Stuff section. I absolutely love that members can send in there own naughty or nice footage to be considered to be added to the site content collection. Great option and good opportunity to see some real content from real people.

Down the left side of the Movie page on the MyGFSex site is a list of some other sites in the collection and on the right side is a quick reference menu of other movie clips on the site. This is actually really great to use because members can select another clip to view without having to go to another page. The movie clips on the site contains a display date of when the content was added to the site, this is handy to members because they can tell exactly when and how often the site is updated using this information.

The members of the site are given 2 movie content viewing options, livestreaming and download. The livestreaming option is actually quite satisfactory, but it will depend on the speed and quality of the members internet connection regarding slight interruption of the video clips while it is downloading direct to the computer from the site. The format for used on the site is Flash Player Video (FLV) downloading the clips to keep will mean some members will need to download a copy of FLV to support the file format so that they can view the clip if they dont already have a copy of it.


I absolutely LOVE this site, it gets a tick in every of my boxes and I really enjoyed the style of content on the site. The simple layout and easy navigation of the site makes using the site a breeze for members which is how it should be. Everything that the site promises is delivered within the members area and the site is literally a pleasure to use. Great content concept and it is so great that members will easily spend hours browsing inside the members area without even realising it.

Pros & Cons

+ Content updated Daily
+ Access to other sites
- Livestreaming function might be interrupted slightly, depending on the quality of the members internet connection
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