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Are you the type who gets all excited when you know someone is having a naughty sex scandal? Well you'll absolutely love this site, because that is what it's all about. Horny individuals sending in their videos of steamy sex affairs. And if you love conflict, then you'll be glad to know that some of the scenes also show the end result of what happens when you cheat! This new site offers 9 exclusive episodes, and a truck load of bonuses.
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Now I'm not one to be easily fooled by reality content, but finally here's a site which actually looks to be genuine. Everything about the episodes just screams reality, the voyeuristic feel of the angles, the budget camera used resulting in gritty amateur esque quality of the videos, and the horny individuals. It all points to real, non-staged scenes, though I could be wrong, and if I am, well they've done a damn good job on making it seem real. There's also information stating that these scenes have been sent in by random individuals, and there's also an option for members to send in their own scandal videos.

Most episodes are shot in the one angle, obviously because they don't move the camera much, and some of the cameras are hidden as to catch the horny couples doing the dirty deed. Given the static camera angles, you don't really get the full view of the intense fucking going on. But I'm sure you voyeur fans were expecting this anyways, so it's all good. Episodes usually start off with a bit of talking, teasing, and foreplay, then leads into the fucking, which can get very intense at times. The stars are obviously amateurs, and I couldn't spot a single familiar face, adding to the authenticity of the episodes. You'll also be glad to know that the ladies are all quite hot.

From what I can gather, the site is still quite new, which does explain the small content numbers on offer. All up there are only 9 episodes to go through, but the good news is that they're all exclusive, and are generally quite good, as far as voyeur standards go anyway. Bad news is that there's no information on future updates, and the episodes haven't been dated. But being new and all, I'm sure we've only seen the tip of the ice berg. Or at least I hope so.

Although the scenes aren't overly impressive as far as viewing quality goes, mostly due to the camera used, and lighting. They have been encoded in fairly decent video bit rates to insure they squeeze as much quality as they can from the original footage. The full scenes run for roughly 20 minutes each, and are available to download, and stream in short chapters.

I couldn't get my hands on an encoding rate for the FLV files, but they do look quite nice, and come in a nice video size of 720x480. The downloadable versions have been encoded in both Wmv, and Mpeg formats. If you're after quality, and aren't too worried about file size, you'll definately want to stick with the Mpeg files. These videos come in an encoding rate of 2000kbps @ 720x480. If you have a slower connection, I suggest you download the Wmv videos, these are encoded in a video bit rate of 800kbps @ 720x480. Although the specs are lower, they're still very easy on the eyes.

To make up for the current lack of content provided. Members are spoiled rotten with a tidal wave of bonus sites, and an assortment of extras. On sign up members are given access to the entire All Network Pass. This network consists of 45 exclusive sites, these cover a wide variety of niches, and there's also a massive DVD archive for members to dig into. To give you a rough idea on just how much content members are treated to, there are over 4100 DVDs, and over 15,000 scenes across the entire network. So although there are only 9 episodes on this site, all in all members gain access to a huge amount of porn, and a great variety to boot.

Features & Navigation:

Being a part of the All Network Pass, members are directed straight to the homepage for the entire network. Obviously from here you can access the various sites including Real Sex Scandals, but there's also a ton of other information available on this page. Members can keep up to date on the latest news, and updates across the entire board. Check out the newest sites, and access the bonus DVD titles. These can be found towards the very bottom of the site, and are organized via category, all of which are represented by DVD covers.

Accessing the exclusive sites can be done through the drop down menu towards the top of the page, or the thumbnail links found in the middle section of the page. I personally preferred using the thumbnail links, because they give you a good idea on what kind of content the site has on offer. Click on these and you'll be taken straight to the main page of your chosen site. Most of the sites on this network are identical in layout, keeping things nice and simple for members. You'll also notice that the drop down menu consisting of links to the bonus sites is also present, along with the thumbnail links, these are also at the bottom of the page. This will definately make the task of site hopping a whole lot quicker.

Once you've made it to the main page of Real Sex Scandals, you'll notice that it's not much different from the homepage of the entire network. The top banner remains the same, so does the color scheme. Just below the navigation menu there's a section dedicated to the latest update. This includes one large thumbnail from the scene, a short description on what the scene involves, and links to the various media the episode provides. The rest of the episodes can be found on the bottom half of the page. Each one is presented by a small thumbnail. Clicking on these will change the top half of the page, and will replace the latest update with the episode you chose. From there it's as simple as using the various links to access the different types of media.


Well the site is doing well on just about all aspects, except for the content numbers. However in time I'm sure that the site will be pumped with plenty more episodes. In the mean time members can check out the great bonus sites, and the bonus DVD titles, so no matter what, there's always something to check out. Also take into consideration that the episodes currently on offer are great, and they're all exclusive. Definitely a site to keep an eye on, especially if you love voyeur type content.

Pros & Cons

+ Steamy voyeur type content
+ Content is exclusive
+ Tons of bonus sites, and extras
+ Site has a simple layout
- Collection is small at the moment
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