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The renowned Brazzers network brings you the steamy shenanigans of bored housewives who are looking to spice up their sex lives and they do so in style as they are shot in front of the camera to share with the world their sexual prowess as they are slammed to the fuck by well hung pornstars. You can expect top quality videos, frequent updates and best of all full access to the entire Brazzers network. So cum all ye milf lovers and enjoy perving on some of the hottest milfs around.
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Our total rating: 77/100

Detailed Review:


Good old reality sites, the kind of porn which is arousing and entertaining at the same time as there's always some back story which sets the scene and builds up to the steaming hot sex. So it's known that some reality wife (or Milf) sites can sometimes be a double edged blade as you'll come across some Milfs who are smoking hot and some which could do with a paper bag over their heads and a bit of ironing out. Luckily for us this site is a part of the Brazzers network, and apart for being well known to provide quality videos they're also known for starring some of the hottest babes on the planet, and from what I've seen in the line up there's definately no shortage on eye candy.

So the theme behind the scorching hot episodes is obviously based on wifes having a little fun. Things can get quite strange as there are episodes where the wives get fucked in front of their husbands by another dude, or the married couples enjoy a steaming hot foursome, to some awesomely hot girl on girl action which is sure to get lesbian fans wagging their tongues. I found the episodes where the wives get fucked in front of their husbands quite entertaining as the reactions on the husband's face can get hilarious at times, funny shit.

Real Wife Stories is a brand spanking new site being up and live for just under a month with the first episode released on April 11 '08. So it didn't come as a surprise that their collection episodes as it stands now is quite humble featuring 14 full length videos running for an approximate length of 35 minutes each. But being live for less than a month and the fact that all the episodes are all 100% exclusive to this very site makes that effort a damn good one, and with the last episode uploaded just 3 days prior to this review makes it clear that they don't plan on stopping the updates flowing in so I'm sure there's plenty more to be seen in the near future.

When it comes to quality the videos available on this site can't be beat. Once again Brazzers has lived up to it's reputation on delivering some ridiculously high quality videos which will have quality buffs drooling all over their screens from all the sweet sweet eye candy. But before I get in to the specs let me tell you about the download and viewing options on offer. The episodes can be downloaded wmv and mpeg formats or streamed off the site in wmv. They can be viewed in full scenes or cut up chapters making it convenient for members who wish to save bandwidth as they have the choice of downloading the segments they wish to view. Now come the juicy video specs, look on and drool, and for those of you who don't get the numbers, just know that watching these videos will make you feel as though you're in the room where all the hot sex is taking place, yes they're that clear!

Wmv: (2200kbps @ 640x480) download
Wmv: (2200kbps @ 640x480) streamed
Mpeg:(2000kbos @ 640x480) download

If you're the avid porn viewer and watch quite a bit of porn in a single day then you may find yourself running short on content. Obviously the developers of this site knew this was going to be an issue before their archive of episodes grew to a much larger size so for a bonus they've given all members of Real Wife Stories full access to everything the Brazzers network has up its deep deep sleeves. There's a mouth watering 20 bonus sites to indulge in, all of which provide content just a gorgeous as the stuff on this site, and are all exclusive to the network. They've included sites which fall under a myriad of different niches ranging from young adults, big cocks, reality, big butts, interracial, big tits, and many more. Just know that there's something here for just about every one and the fact that you get access to these sites absolutely free makes the membership a bargain you don't want to miss out on.

Features & Navigation:

Once you have fired up the tour pages of Real Wife Stories you know straight up that you're in for quite the wife fucking buffet as the tours are riddled with mouth watering pictures featuring hot wives getting their holes drilled. The sample pictures are a good indication on what you can expect to see within the site, and the hot wives will certainly lure in the fans. If the pictures don't do it for you however there are free trailers which will have you begging for more, and when you make your way to the bottom of the tour pages you'll find small thumbnail links of the bonus sites I mentioned earlier in the review.

Once you've signed up and gone through the usual login process you are presented with a homepage that is just oozing of professionalism as the site presentation is gorgeous and very easy on the eyes with a color scheme of white gray and blue the site looks very clean and is never straining on the eyes. At the top you've got the top banner featuring both the Brazzers network and Real Wife Stories logos. Below you've got the navigation menu which will direct you to the different sections of the site including the episodes archive, a link which will produce a list of all the pornstars starring across all the sites on the Brazzers network, a link to the bonus sites section, bonus live cam shows, and customer report. There's also a navigation menu down the length of the left hand side of the site which is more based on the content on this site rather than the entire network.

The first thing you'll come across as you scroll down the middle section of the homepage is the latest update on the site. The latest update has it's own dedicated section which includes a large thumbnail featuring a screen shot taken from the scene, a detailed description on what goes on, information in regards to the update date, which niches the scene covers, how many times it's been viewed, and the members rating. Just below the latest update are links to the 3 previous updates and further down is a section dedicated to the upcoming episode which is due for upload today (May 08 '08). Towards the bottom of the homepage are the highest rated scenes on the site, these are obviously voted by the members so you can expect that they will be so damn hot.

If you wish to view the entire archive of past episodes there is a link found just below the latest updates section marked View All RWS Scenes. Clicking on this will take you to a gallery which is made up of two indexed pages which include up to 10 episodes per page. Each episode takes up a small portion of these pages and these individual sections are essentially the same as the latest update section including the sample picture, description and information on the episode. Clicking on the episode title or sample picture will take you to the main downloads and streaming section where you'll find the video streaming panel, a link to the full scene download, and download links to the various segments of the episode.


Real Wife Stories is a must see for fans of both reality and milf niches, and with full access to the entire Brazzers network this membership will look quite attractive for any porn fan no matter what kind of niche you're in to. Don't let the humble episode collection shy you away from a sign-up as there's plenty more episodes to come and with their steady flow of updates the content numbers will rise in no time. Hot models, fun episodes, and amazingly high quality videos, what's not to like?

Pros & Cons

+ Awesome content quality
+ Exclusive episodes
+ Frequent updates
+ Access to entire Brazzers network
+ Easy to navigate
+ Great site presentation
+ Great porn humor
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