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The good people behind the awesome Reality Kings network has given members a lavish selection of stunning wives who are a little bored with their married sex life and have chosen to show off the things they've learned in the sack for the whole world to admire. With close to 20 exclusive episodes and frequent updates this new site has good prospects for those of you who can't seem to keep your eyes of these horny married women!
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Our total rating: 88/100

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You have to admit when ever you see a hot women and find out that they're married it's the biggest tease yet also a challenge to try and sway them out of their vows of being faithful. Well that is pretty much the essence of the scenarios which go on in the steamy reality episodes available on See My Wife however instead of being a challenge to land in the sack these horny wives are more than willing to get their holes plugged with meat other than their husband's. As it goes with most reality based porn the credibility of these episodes are questionable however knowing that even some of the most nastiest pornstars are married there's no reason why the ones on this site aren't so I'm going to go ahead and believe that each one of the ladies in the line up are taken.

Taken or not these ladies are down right kinky and they will get up to all sorts of naught shit in the episodes from rubbing their twats to reach a toe curling orgasm, steamy one on one outings with well endowed studs, and using naughty toys to help them along with their sexual appetites. So apart from being reality and wife episodes the scenes also fall under the hardcore niche as they are very explicit to say the very least. Apart from the things they get up to being diverse the variety of hot wives on offer is quite tantalizing ranging from seductive Asian babes, bubble butt ebony ladies, and spicy Latinas amongst the elegant caucasian babes.

See My Wife was launched earlier this year with the first ever episode logged on the 11th of Feb '08. Till this day See My Wife is still being filled with fresh new content with the latest episode being uploaded on the 22nd of August '08 there's no information in regards to future updates but I'm guessing it's pretty safe to say that the site won't be stopping with the steamy wife fucking just yet especially given that the site only has 18 episodes which isn't a huge collection for a site which has been up for almost 8 months though I will give them credit for providing all exclusive episodes plus the fact that members gain access to the entire Reality Kings network really boosts the longevity of the membership.

So how good do the video look on this site? Well I've to say that they're quite the decent watch with both the streamed and downloadable episodes clocking in at (1400kbps @ 640x480) both the versions come in wmv format with the downloadable version not being held back by any DRM restrictions meaning you can choose to keep the episodes for as long as you wish. Members have the option of downloading the episodes in full scenes or short clips, I'm sure the short clips will come in handy when you're looking to save chunks on your bandwidth as you can choose to leave out segments of an episode you don't want to view.

It's nice to see that they've gone through the effort of keeping picture fans happy as they've also included a gallery with every episode. These galleries consist of roughly 45 images each which are actual photos and not those crappy screen shots some sites opt for. They are undeniably clear and the colors are just right. Measuring in at (900x604 pixels) they aren't exactly small so add the clarity, nice, colors, and big dimensions up and you've got yourself photos which even the most hard pleased picture enthusiast could appreciate.

Now I won't blame you if the thought of having only 18 episodes to tinker with is making you have second thoughts about the site, but before you make up your mind let me tell you about all the bonus content you gain access to on sign-up. Being as big and popular as Reality Kings is I'm sure you've seen their logo or heard of them through your porn browsing adventures over the net. When it comes to good quality reality porn and hot babes this network really excels. All up you get 21 fully exclusive sites to juggle, these sites are on par with this site when it comes to quality and the hardcore factor, however some of the older sites on the network offer far more episodes than this site so don't you worry your horny little head on running out of great content.

Features & Navigation:

The various sample pictures on the tours really hammer down on the amateur reality feel of the videos as the girls aren't overly done up and the lighting isn't set to look like a grade A award winning Hollywood film. This isn't a bad thing mind you as it really gives you the feel that the episodes aren't staged and that the wives are exactly that your normal every day wife who's itching for some cock other than her husband's. Now the sample pictures are nice and all but when you check out the free trailers on show you're going to have a hard time trying to resist signing up so save yourself all the head ache and just sign up because I can assure you that you won't regret it.

The site presentation really picks up once you make your way to the members area as the site looks very nice. The top banner looks great the design of the site makes it look neat and basically the pages are very easy on the eyes so not only have they put extra care in to the videos available on the site but they've also made the site itself look quite impressive. Below the top banner is where the navigation menu is situated, there are links within which will allow you to access search tools, save your favorite streamed episodes, access the bonus sites section, and check out cam girls and online personal ads. Below the navigation menu you'll notice a small drop down menu consisting of quick links to the various bonus sites a nice and easy way to do your site jumping.

Scrolling down the members area the first thing you'll come across is a section dedicated to the latest update. This section includes a short description on the update along with thumbnails and links to the picture and movie gallery. Down the right side of the site is where you'll find all the latest and greatest for the site including news, the most popular episodes, and the most popular sites on the Reality Kings network. Down the rest of the members area is where you'll find the most recent updates though if you want to view the entire archive you can simply click on the link found at the very bottom of the page marked as (View all Seemywife Updates).

All 18 episodes can be found spread down the page of the archive in the form of thumbnail links. Each thumbnail features a screen shot taken from the scene to give members a rough idea of all the kinky going ons in the steamy episode and a simple click on these thumbnails will take you to that episode's main media section. From there you can choose to stream your vids or download the full scene and short clips for the episode. Within this section you will also find the link to the picture gallery and the picture galleries work like any standard one so no need for explanation there, though members also have the option of downloading the entire gallery in a zip file so you can choose to view them offline if you wish.


The only thing which See My Wife really needs to work on right now would have to be the content numbers and keep their updates coming in at a steady rate. There are no problems when it comes to quality of videos, and unbelievably arousing episodes and if those are the main things you are after from a site then this one will certainly please. So that's it! More episodes on this site and it will be a very fine one indeed until then there's the entire Reality King's network to deal with.

Pros & Cons

+ Hot wives
+ Videos look great
+ Site looks awesome
+ Easy to navigate
+ All exclusive content
+ Access to the entire Reality Kings network
- Could do with more content
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