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Ever fantasized about spying on unsuspecting individuals doing the dirty as they cheat on their significant other? Yup sounds pretty damn juicy right? Though as tempting as it is to go out and plant spy cameras in other peoples houses you may find yourself with a pretty hefty lawsuit. Lucky for us Shady PI has uploaded all his juicy voyeur footage on the net, so even though we can't do this ourselves we can do the next best thing and watch uncensored voyeur type porn shot by the Shady P.I.
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Our total rating: 88/100

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It all started when Shady P.I. suspected that his wife was cheating on him so he made it his mission to figure out if this is true and what better way then to bug his own bedroom with spy cameras. Well as he predicted his wife was doing the dirty with another fella and from there on out he hasn't looked back and has been doing jobs for other clients. Shady P.I has uploaded some of the more steamy videos he has recorded and put them on this very site and by what he has said it looks as though he's doing it to get back at his wife along with all the other slutty cheating wives out there. So you can certainly classify these episodes as voyeur/reality type porn if anything, how genuine the videos actually are is another question but I suppose we can always take Mr. Shady P.I.s word for it.

I'm guessing Shady P.I has gotten so damn good with the whole spying on couples having sex thing because he always knows where to place the camera to get the best possible static view of the horny couples going hard at it. Of course the lighting isn't all that great, in fact it does get a tad too dark at times though it's not that horrible. Some of the videos do look a little grainy at times but I'm guessing this is thanks to the spy camera which I imagine wouldn't be the best equipment to use to shoot high quality videos. The episodes members are treated to are fairly standard one on one romps, so there's not much as far as diversity goes but with this kind of content you've to expect that.

The archive of videos is pretty small, so small in fact I don't think it could even be classified as an archive, it's more like a handful of videos to put it bluntly as there are only 9 videos for members to indulge in, each one running for approximately 30 minutes so you can classify them as full scenes. Seeing as the site has been up for roughly 2 months I will give it some slack for providing only a small amount of videos. There's not a solid pattern to when they upload videos though they're coming in at a nice rate and if Shady P.I keeps it up I'm sure we'll see this site grow in to a much more considerable size in the near future. Until then though there's really not that much available so it's a good thing that members gain access to the Porn Pros network which I'll get in to a little more detail with later down the track, right now lets check out the video specs and options.

Members can either view and stream the videos straight off the site in flv format or download them in wmv and mpeg videos which aren't held back by any DRM restrictions, in other words you can choose to keep them on your hard disk for as long as you wish. Episodes are available to view and download in both short clips and full scenes which makes things a lot more convenient for members on slow connections who would usually have to wait hours on end to download a full scene. There are a few different versions which offer different quality and file sizes though the highest encoding rate available for both the mpeg and wmv formats clock in at (1300kbps @ 448x336) now I know the default resolution may be a little small but given the high kbps rate the videos still look pretty damn decent when you blow them up to full screen. Oh by the way I'm saying pretty decent as far as amateur/voyeur standards go which is on a much lower level compared to scenes which have been shot in studios with high quality cameras and professional lighting.

It's surprising to see the episodes come with proper photo sets rather than just screen shots. See I was expecting to see screen shots only as I thought it would have been way too risky for Shady P.I to be in the room where all the fucking is happening with a decent still camera as the photos really did turn out quite good however it does tend to subtract from the credibility of the voyeur/reality aspect of the episodes. Like the video content the photos do tend to suck a little when it comes to lighting but again shoddy lighting does come with the voyeur category. When it comes to clarity the photos are fairly decent (again by voyeur porn standards) and measure in alright at (850x600 pixels). Not the largest pictures around but they're still quite viewable and are certainly a nice side dish to the juicy video content.

Although the site is still fairly new and only offers a handful of episodes the network it is a part of has been around for a while and the great news is members of Shady P.I. gain access to all 13 sites on the network on sign-up free of cost now isn't that an awesome bargain or what? Like Shady P.I. these sites offer exclusive content which look better than the videos on this site purely because of the fact that the content on this site is voyeur content. So you've got the 9 episodes on this site along with the inevitable future updates plus all the content available on the Porn Pros network which is quite diverse and extensive to say the very least.

Features & Navigation:

I found the tour pages quite a good read to be honest. It's quite juicy reading up on the stories about suspecting significant others asking Shady P.I. to take on their case and I've to say some of the stories are quite juicy and dare I say a little fucked up. Potential customers can use the photos and screen shots as a guide on whether or not they wish to join the site. I personally thought the photos looked great though the screen shots taken from the video files did look a little too grainy but I've said it before and I'll say it again you've to expect this when it comes to voyeur porn but I suppose fans are already quite familiar with this so it probably won't bother them one bit. The trailer was also quite interesting as you find out just how much Shady P.I. hates cheating bitches as he calls them either way the trailer will more than likely seal the deal as it just leaves you hanging for more I knew I was.

After logging in through the tour pages members will immediately be taken to the homepage for the entire Porn Pros network. Having this page available makes hopping between the sites on the network a breeze, plus you will be able to keep up to date on all the latest and greatest across the entire network on this page because all the latest updates are posted here, so instead of having to visit each of the sites to find out whether or not there's new content you can find all the information you need to know right here. From this page you can also check out the most popular episodes which have been voted by the member base so you can be sure that these are the best of the best and will come in handy for new members as this will give them a place to start if they're having troubles picking where to start which they probably will because the sheer amount of porn you gain access to can get daunting.

To make your way to the actual site along with all the other sites on the Porn Pros network you'll have to access the bonus sites page which can be done by clicking on the All Our Sites link situated within the top navigation menu. There's also the option of using the drop down menu which consists of quick links to all the sites. Within the bonus sites section you will be presented with all the banner links to the various sites including Shady P.I, all you have to do is click on the said banner link and you'll be taken straight to the members area of your chosen site. Once you've visited a number of the sites on the network you'll notice that they practically have the same layout. In my books this is a plus as members won't have to learn something new every time they visit a new site making site hopping quite consistent indeed.

Once you're in the main members area of Shady P.I every thing is pretty much straight forward from there as all the episodes can be accessed straight from the main members area where they are organized from newest to oldest. Each episode is presented by a thumbnail link which will take you to the main media section for the episode which includes the download and stream links, along with links to the screen shot and photo galleries. One convenient feature worth pointing out is the option of being able to download entire photo sets in a zip file so members can choose to view the photos offline if they wish. Members can also choose to rate the episode which will go towards the top episodes votes which does help out the member base as a whole.

Back to the main members area of Shady P.I. you'll notice a few lists which are situated down the length of the right side of the page. These lists include the most popular videos on this site, and the list below it consists of the top ranked videos across all the sites and I did find it a little strange that all the episodes come from this very site. Other than that there are a few advertisements which thankfully don't obscure the view. Site presentation wise the Shady P.I. looks quite nice and in a word looks professional thanks to the nice layout and the fact that every thing is nicely spread out eliminating that cluttered feel you get on other sites. All in all there was nothing that stood out which was worth bagging out on as it is very straight forward to navigate this site.


The only thing Shady P.I. really needs to hammer down on now is content numbers as they're doing a mighty fine job on just about every thing else. The videos seem genuine enough, the episodes are quite juicy and very steamy to watch, and best of all they're exclusive to the site. Although the site may not be brimming with content just yet give it a few more months and I'm sure the content numbers will look a lot more formidable, besides there's a fuck load of other porn to check out!

Pros & Cons

+ Great Voyeur footage
+ Decent looking content
+ All exclusive
+ Active on updates
+ Site looks nice and easy to navigate
+ Network access
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