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Sick of ebony sites starring 2nd grade sluts they probably picked up off the streets? Well here at Tiny's Black Adventures, members are only treated to prime black booty, hand picked by Tiny himself. Tiny's site offers episodes you'll only ever find on this site, as they are all 100% exclusive. So if you're hard pressed on finding decent looking black babes, then consider joining Tiny's site.
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Having reviewed my fair share of Ebony sites, I'd have to say that I've been let down as far as eye candy goes. Now I know there are plenty of gorgeous black women out there, it just seems as though they never make it to the porn sites. Now I've finally stumbled across a site which stars ebony women fit to be called pornstars. Tiny has managed to hunt down 62 hot ebony babes in his adventures, all with the traits we love so much about black women. They've got big, yet firm butts, beautiful thick lips, and a never ending sexual appetite.

The content on offer falls under the reality porn category. Scenes start off with Tiny on the look out for Ebony pussy, and once he gets a bite, all hell breaks loose as the black on black pumping hits full steam. Now the theme, and story lines may not be overly original, but this is actually the first black on black reality site I've reviewed, so I'll give it some credit for that. The hot black sex, is just as intense as any hardcore site, involving a gracious amount of anal ploughing, brutal blowjobs, sticky cumshots, and pretty much every thing on the hardcore palette.

All 62 models star in their very own exclusive scene, which run for approximately 20 minutes each. The videos are available to download in full scenes, and can be streamed in short chapters. I felt that the downloadable videos could really do with some work, as they have been encoded in a mediocre bit rate of roughly 500kbps, with a screen size of 480x360. These videos are only available in Wmv format, so there's not a whole lot of options. The streamed FLV videos are superior in quality, with a much larger screen size of 640x480. Although I couldn't get my hands on the encoding rate, I'm guessing that it's significantly higher than the Wmvs.

Each episode comes complete with a set of high quality photos. These will definately please picture enthusiasts, as they're amazingly clear, drenched in beautiful colors, and feature professional photography. The only aspect they fall short on is in the size department. The largest images come in a fairly average size of (600x400 pixels) so they aren't exactly huge. But in all fairness they're still quite a treat to look at.

Aside from all the content available on Tiny's site, members also gain access to the entire "All Reality Pass" network at no extra charge. Needless to say this network is largely based on reality sites, with a current total of 24 awesome sites to choose from, each one featuring a unique reality theme. Across the entire network there are 1492 exclusive scenes, and over 1470 nonexclusive bonus scenes. Now you don't need me to tell you this, but that's a shit load of content!

Features & Navigation:

Although Tiny's site is a little on the simple side of things, it's still quite nice to look at, and so very easy to browse. The main color scheme is brown, on a white background, and it definately goes with the theme of the site. There's not a whole lot of areas to browse through, as members can access pretty much all the episodes off the one page, which isn't a bad thing. In fact it makes browsing for the content you're after a whole lot easier.

The first thing you'll notice once the main members area has loaded, is the nice site banner, including the site logo, and a cool little cartoon character which definately looks like Tiny. You'll notice a drop down menu just below the site banner. This menu includes links to all the bonus sites available, a quick and, easy way to site hop. Just a little further down you'll find thumbnails of the latest updates across the entire Reality Pass network.

All of the exclusive episodes are spread down the length of the main members area. The latest update has a section of it's own which includes a nice thumbnail of the model, a detailed description about the scene, information on when the episode was uploaded, links to the photo gallery, and links to the video download, and streaming area. You'll come across the rest of the episodes as you scoll down the members area, each one is presented by a small thumbnail link. On clicking the thumbnail, you'll be directed to the main content area, from where you can proceed to download, or stream the episode, and view the picture content.

The very bottom section of the members area includes thumbnails of all the nonexclusive bonus scenes. These are presented in the same way the exclusive episodes are, and also have the same content area. Other than that, there's not much else to the site. Like I said earlier, it's a very simple site, and browsing it is so easy, it's a pleasure. I definately had no complains on how the site works.


If there's one thing Tiny's site really excels in, it would have to be providing a cast of the most gorgeous ebony stars around. Tiny Hasn't settled for any average looking ebony chick, and in the process he's given members a cast of ebony babes who are truly breath taking. The only aspect which let me down a little, was the average quality of the downloadable videos. Overall this is one of the better black on black sites I've come across.

Pros & Cons

+ Plenty of hot ebony girls
+ Episodes are fun to watch
+ Streamed videos looks nice
+ All exclusive content
+ Still active on updates
+ Very easy to browse
- Downloadable vids could be better
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