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Ever dreamed of going to the U.K to go on a sex fueled road trip? I'm sure we all have this on our list of what to do before we die, but unfortunately we don't all have the money to do so. Luckily for us poor sods we've got sites like U.K Road trips so we can at least experience how sexually active the gorgeous U.K ladies are. Cum and see the intense fuck fests starring gorgeous European ladies right on this very site.
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Few people with argue with me that the U.K is one of the best places to go on a sexual adventure. The girls are beautiful, they've got very seductive accents, and for the most part they're openly sexual. Four horny blokes decided to embark on a sex fueled road trip around the U.K, to shoot footage of some of the most intense sexual encounters they had. The fellas behind the site have done a very well for themselves as there's currently 80 exclusive episodes that run for roughly 20 minutes each. The last update was loaded on the 23rd of July this year, so it looks as though the site is still quite active.

The episodes can be classified as reality scenes as they usually involve a story line leading up to the hardcore fucking. The scenes usually start off with the fellas meeting up with some hot locals, then there's dialog which can get quite funny at times, one thing leads to another, then the hardcore fucking takes place. A lot of the episodes star more than one girl, sometimes they even have a bit of fun with each other, definately a bonus for lesbian fans. I'd have to say that the scenes largely focus on group sex, as there's usually more than one guy and one female in the scene.

What I was most impressed with, was the awesome quality of the videos. The videos marked as "full screen" come in a high video bit rate of roughly 4000kbps, with a large resolution of 720x540. With a high encoding rate like that, the episodes look absolutely stunning, even blowing them up to full screen doesn't dent the quality one bit, truly high quality stuff here.

The only downfall is the large file sizes, because a 10 minute segment can get up to 300MBs in size, which could intimidate members on slow connections. Luck for them there are also medium and high quality scenes available, and although they aren't as good, they're still very easy on the eyes on, and are significantly smaller in size. All the videos are available in Wmv format, and the scenes have been cut into short chapters, to make the task of downloading even more convenient.

All the episodes also come with a nice set of photos. Quality wise, the images are just as impressive as the video content. They're very clear, colorful, and follow the action quite well. Another great aspect of the photos is the sizes they come in, images can get up to 1200x800px in size, these galleries contain up to 80 pictures each. In addition to these photo galleries, there's also a collection of other photos which aren't related to the episodes. All up there are 54 of these sets, and are also available in the same dimensions.

Features & Navigation:

Potential customers will get a thorough taste of what kind of content the site offers from the tour pages. You'll see small portraits of the 4 main guys behind the site, one of them looks a little out there wearing a gas mask, very weird stuff. As you scroll down the page you'll come across long descriptions on the story behind some of the episodes, and several thumbnails taken from the scenes. Potential customers also have the option of viewing a few trailers if they wish.

As you make your way to the homepage you'll notice that the site has a very simple design to it, I've got to say it's not overly flashy, but the good news is the site looks very clean, and uncluttered. At the top of the page there are three links, one which leads you straight back to the homepage, a faq link, and a link to the seventeen live site. Seventeen Live provides members with a free online chat service where you can converse with some of the exclusive models from seventeen live, and the best part is it comes free with your membership.

The 80 episodes are organized from newest to oldest on a series of indexed pages, these pages contain up to 10 episodes each. The episodes are represented by a small screen capture taken from the scene, you can either click on this picture, or the link provided just below it to access the download links. At the very bottom of the pages you'll find a link which will take you to the next set of episodes, and a link to the photo content.

There's not much else to say about how the site works. Like I said the site does look kind of plain, but at least every thing works fine, and browsing the site is just so easy. You'll also find that Seventeen Live is a great service to use, so make the most of it as it comes free with your membership. Other than that, the site is a pleasure to browse, that's all that needs to be said.


My hat goes off to the fellas behind this site, they've done quite well with the 80 episodes, as they're entertaining, yet very arousing at the same time. Quality wise the videos look great, and the picture content is awesome too. There's really nothing I could bag the site out about, as it just does so well on all aspects. They could pretty the site up a little, but that's just a bonus for most people. What matters most is the episodes are great, and they look fantastic!

Pros & Cons

+ Fun yet arousing episodes
+ Videos look great
+ Photo content is stunning
+ All exclusive
+ Free online chat service
+ Gorgeous U.K women
+ Constant updates
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