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If you're one who won't turn down a saucy gender bending experience, then come on in to Exclusive T Girls where the girls are packing some extra equipment. All up there are 42 episodes starring sexy transsexuals you'll only ever find on this very site. The site also features a tasty buffet of picture content, and a ball busting network of awesome bonus sites for members to sink their gender bending paws in.
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The first thing I noticed as I perused through the several scenes, was that the site actually stars a nice mix of feminine she boys rather than providing the usual garden variety Latina shemales. For the most part the horny shemales are very curvy, and feminine. However there were a few that did look more manly than some men, and some could even put a few men to shame with their large schlongs. So there's definately no shortage on eye candy here, well at least for shemale lovers.

As the name of the site suggests, the content available is exclusive, along with the gender bending models. Most scenes involve shemales getting drilled by guys, with a couple of scenes which have the shemales drilling on a girl. Obviously the scenes involve hardcore ass drillings, which are usually one on one encounters, and there are a few threesomes amongst the episodes. I also came across a few solo masturbation scenes where the shemales shove an assortment of toys up their ass, all the while jacking themselves off, so there's certainly a nice mix to choose from.

Currently the site boasts a total of 42 exclusive episodes, all ready for download, and the great news is the site gets frequently updated. The last logged video update was on the 24th of August '07, while the last picture update was loaded just yesterday on the 4th of September. It looks as though the developers try to get at least 1 video up per week, while pictures come in every 3 days. There's also plenty of information of future updates, so it's safe to say that we haven't seen the last of these horny she mans.

The episodes on offer can be downloaded in short clips which are roughly 6 minutes in length. The videos are available in Wmv, and Avi format, each version encoded in a different bit rate to allow for various file sizes. If you must have quality, and have a speedy connection, you'll want to download the Avis. This particular format is available in a formidable bit rate of 1334kbps, with a large video size of 720x480. Obviously with those specs, these videos are a treat for the eyes. The Wmv videos aren't half bad either, this version comes in a bit rate of 800kbps, also in decently sized screens of 640x480. Plus the smaller file sizes of this format makes them ideal for slower connections.

The picture collection dwarfs the video archive in comparison. With a total of over 380 picture galleries, and a new gallery added every 3 days, members will never be starved for picture content. Picture galleries are a mix of photos, and mediocre screen captures, and I'm glad to say that the bulk of the content consists of actual photo content. Now the screen captures were pretty crappy to put it simply, so lets go straight ahead to the proper photos. These are impeccable in quality, and feature great photography work. They're also decently sized at (1024x682 pixels). Apart from the screen captures, the pictures are great, definitely worth getting into.

With the Exclusive T Girls membership, you'll get access to a large number of bonus sites at no extra cost. All up there's an impressive amount of 109 sites to indulge in, most of which are solo model sites, and I would just like to point out that the line up of solo models is one of the hottest I've come across. There's even a site called Tranny Sex Nation thrown in, just in case you're itching for a little more tranny loving. This definately sky rockets the value of the membership, and is sure to keep members happy for a long time to come.

Features & Navigation:

I was thoroughly impressed with the general presentation of the shemale porn site. Every thing about it is just oozing with quality, from the nice layout, to the designs, and graphics. But it doesn't stop with the cosmetics of the site, because browsing through it is also quite a breeze. You'll also notice that a lot of the bonus sites have the same layout, so it never gets too confusing as you hop from site to site.

The first thing you'll notice after treating your eyes to the great looking site banner, is the navigation menu filled with cool looking icons. This menu includes links which direct you to the videos, picture galleries, and bonus sites. It also provides a link which will take you straight back to the homepage, and a link for technical support. Though I doubt you'll be using that very often, because the site works perfectly well.

Situated below the navigation menu is the top 6 recommended sites across all the bonus sites. Further down you'll find a section dedicated to the most recent news, and three other sections including the latest picture updates, video updates, and the next three future updates. The bottom half of the homepage consists of thumbnail links to the various sites, you'll also find these links within the bonus site section, this can be accessed via the navigation menu.

The video section is fairly easy to work out. This area consists of several thumbnails, each one linked to the main download area for the episodes. Once clicked on you'll be taken to a page with a single thumbnail, clicking on this thumbnail will take you to yet another section which includes the various links to the different segments of the episode. From there it's just a simple click on the link, and your download should automatically start.

The picture section doesn't need much explaining either, as it pretty much works just like any other gallery you've come across. The first page you're taken to includes links of all the models on show. Clicking on a model's link will take you to a page consisting of all the different galleries the model provides. After choosing the photo shoot you wish to view, click on the thumbnail, and you'll arrive at the main gallery from where you can view the images, or download the entire set in a zip file.


Not the best shemale site I've seen, but it definately earns its place in the top 5 I've reviewed so far, so it's actually pretty decent. So far the site is doing fairly well with content numbers, and with the frequent updates, it won't be long before we see the site swell to an impressive size. In my opinion shemale lovers will definately love what's on offer, and the lovely shemales are quite feminine. I had no real gripes with the site, as it does well on just about all fronts.

Pros & Cons

+ All around great site
+ Nice variety of shemales
+ Episodes are diverse
+ Content quality is great
+ Tons of awesome bonus sites
+ Site looks ver nice
+ Frequent updates
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