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If you're bored with the everyday same ole porn, you may want to take a step over into the wild side and look into something like Glazed Trannys, where the women have great tits and big dicks! This stuff isn't for everyone, but if you're into it you'll be pleased with the high quality porn on the site and the good looking ladies. You also get network access with more tranny action as well as some real girls for good measure.
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Monthly 24.95

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Our total rating: 83/100

Detailed Review:


For those of you who have watched so much damn porn that it just doesn't work anymore, you may need to look into something a bit different. Glazed Trannys is quite different; you'll see a ton of hot chicks getting fucked in the ass and if you look closely you'll see their pre-op penis still hanging there in all its glory.

With a membership to the fairly new Glazed Trannys site, you'll get access to 10 scenes so far, each lasting somewhere around 20 minutes. The scenes include a hot tranny with a huge dicked dude, taking cock in her ass and sucking dick, afterwards taking a huge load of cum in her mouth. Its all filmed fairly professionally and looks great from the locations to the lighting and editing, etc. There are small watermarks on the videos that aren't too bad and there aren't any DRM restrictions on the videos.

All of the Glazed Trannys scenes come in a bunch of different formats and you can stream them directly from the net or download them for later. The streaming videos come in a very nice looking flash FLV (720x400) and Id definitely recommend them. Otherwise, you can download them in MPEG (640x360 @ 1000kbps), Windows WMV (480x320 @ 1000kbps or an mp4 format for your portable devices.

Each scene also comes with its own set of digital photos with around 200 pics in each gallery. The photography is just as good if not better looking than the vids and comes in a nice big JPEG with small watermarks. You can either view the images in a slideshow online or you can download the full galleries in a ZIP.

With the same login and password, you get a few bonus materials as well as access to the full network of over 60 sites. There are about 20 more tranny sites on the network as well as a bunch of hardcore, reality and other niched sites. This is definitely enough porn to last you for quite a while.

Features & Navigation:

Glazed Trannys has a nice looking front page design that takes you on a tour of the site and shows you some hot tranny action. If you decide to purchase a membership, signing up to the site and logging in is pretty easy, even with the extra pin number and you have to put in.

The inside of Glazed Trannys looks a lot different, but is still pretty simple to use and doesn't cause too many problems. The home page basically welcomes you to the network, gives you some info like the most popular scenes and new videos. A menu at the left of the screen allows you to navigate the sites sections; Homes, Latest, Featured, Videos, Pictures, Bonus sites etc.

Clicking the latest updates or videos link will get you to a full scene listing that will default to the Glazed Trannys content, and a menu with different niches will appear on the left. Choose a scene based on its preview image and click to get to the download page where you will see direct links to both the streaming and downloadable video files. You're also able to label the videos as favorite so you can come back to them easily.

On the scene pages, you will also see a link to the photos for it that leads to a full thumbnail gallery of pictures. Click on the scaled down thumbnail images to enlarge the full sized JPG in an overlain window with previous and next buttons for navigation.

The site has a slightly outdated design that is a bit of a pain at times, but for the most part doesn't cause too many issues. The speed of the site is decent, the streaming videos were fast enough and the downloads were quick as well.


Glazed Trannys is a pretty new tranny porn site on a huge network that is just stacked to the tits with women with dicks both in their ass and attached to their person. All of the porn is shot quite well and looks great both in their streaming and downloadable videos. Check out the tour first as well as the other bonus sites before you sign up, and then do so with my full recommendation.

Pros & Cons

+ Hot Tranny Action!
+ Great Network
+ HQ streams
- Newer, needs more updates.
Click here to visit Glazed Trannys and check out the tour.