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You are in for a real treat here with an amateur transsexual model who has her own site that has now been revamped and brought up to date. You may have considered Kirsty's TG Playground before and not gone ahead with a membership, but now you should have no qualms about signing up. The site comes with reformatted videos so there are MP4 files for all kinds of devices, there are new gallery setups and there is a good stock of home produced amateur Tgirl hardcore.
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Our total rating: 77/100

Detailed Review:


You start off at a home page where the recent updates are shown. Only trouble with this is that there were no dates (that I could find) so I have no idea how recently the content was added. It's like the one thing that got missed from the revamp of the site was the update detail. You can see from the index pages how many photos are in a set, or how long a video runs for, but not when it was added. Mind you, there is a news area and a newsletter that members can subscribe to so I expect you will be kept informed that way.

So, head through the main menu to the Videos age and you can find only the movies; or galleries in the Photos area. The home page shows you all the content mixed together. There were 113 movies when I was in the site and these ran for various lengths of time. Some were clips at two minutes, others were slightly longer, around seven, and some were just about full scenes at 20 minutes or so, it depends on what the action is, with solos being shorter than full gang-bangs. Oh yes, you get a lot of variety here. Movies were shown as streams in MP4 and WMV though I had trouble getting these to run and found that downloading was safer. That might just have been my setup of course, so try it out and make sure you have the latest versions of the software needed.

There were mobile downloads in MP4 at 320, plus MP4 and WMV files at 1,500k to take. I found that the download rate was pretty fast and there were no issues taking the files. There are no clips or parts, it's full files only, so some may be a bit big, but on a decent connection you will be fine. The overall quality of the movies is what you'd call good amateur standard, with home filming rather than studio filming. You can tell that from the background. I don't know where in the UK this is filmed but there is something nicely suburban about Kirsty's home and the places she films in. It all adds up to reality, tranny hardcore and solo, amateur fun.

Over in the photos area there were 121 image sets with various numbers of pics each. Again we have variety with Kirsty posing in various outfits, showing us her boobs and bits, getting hard and jerking, playing with toys and generally hanging out at home in a sexy, slinky way. There are harder scenes with guys, some butch amateur Brits who like to fuck tranny and some other Tgirls make appearances as well.

Images come in zip files now so you can take the whole set in one go if you want. Or you can browse the thumbnails pages, where the thumbs are pretty big, and where solo pics go up to big sizes, around 1,024 x 766. There is easy navigation through the galleries and there are slideshows to view as well. Image quality is fine, amateur in style with flash shadows and basic lighting, but clear and not blurred.

My opinion of the content: it's good, solid, amateur British content with a Tgirl who knows what she likes. It is presented in a simple way with decent viewing options, it's all very natural and sexy and down to earth. Only thing missing: update news and dates.

Features & Navigation:

I didn't see the old look site so I don't know how Kirsty's TG Playground is now different, but I can tell you that it runs on a tried and tested template design that holds most of the interactive functions and navigation tools we like to see.

You can add pieces of content to your favourites area and this is then found in the very top menu. Also up there at the top of your pages is a contact link and a FAQ page, plus a link to the news page. The main menu takes you to the content, updates page (Home) and an About page where you can find out a little more about Kirsty. You've also got an email link that takes you to a messaging service and a Custom page where you can request a scene to be shot by filling out a comment.

You can also comment on content and rate it as you see it, so you can get slightly involved that way, and you're able to suggest tag words to help others search for content. It's basic and has a dark design so there is some atmosphere, but it all works well. I only had the one technical issue and that was with streams; they didn't show up in a player and when I tried to run MP4 streams I was told I didn't have the right player (I did) and when I tried WMV the Silverlight froze up my page and then kept playing when I crashed out of my browser. But that may have been a problem my end, or it might be a settling in issue. I am sure it will soon be sorted out.


This is good to see: good, reasonably made, real amateur tranny videos and galleries with real guys and other Tgirls who are mates of Kirsty and all getting together for some nice slutty action at home. You can almost smell the poppers in use as rough guys get blown in groups by our cock hungry girl. Just let us know about updates please and we will be more than happy with this nicely stocked, well produced amateur transsexual site.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive content
+ Nice and home-made
+ Decent amateur quality
+ Natural and horny
+ Interactive

- Some issues with streaming
- No update news
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