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Are you the kind of person who wants to have all the good things in life? Well these sexy shemales will give you the best of both worlds, why settle for tits and pussy, when you can have tits and a cock? If your a big fan of these trannies, then look no further, cause this site was made for you.
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Our total rating: 79/100

Detailed Review:


Now I can't say that shemale content is my cup of tea, in fact it's quite the contrary, but I'm sure there are millions of you out there, who really get off to these, feminine looking men, so don't let my personal tastes waver your decisions as the shemale content available on this site is quite decent.

I'm not entirely sure about shemale standards, but the ones starring on this site look very feminine, and could probably fool any drunken man into fucking them, the bulk of the shemales look to be of the latina variety, which was kind of expected, but you'll also come across some Asian looking trannies as well. As of now there are currently 60 shemale episodes available in both short chapters, and full scenes, this is convenient in that members can choose to skip the foreplay sections, and dive straight into the hardcore fucking if they want.

To make the task of downloading even more convenient, they've provided a lower quality version of all their episodes, being lower in quality obviously means that the file sizes are going to be smaller, which in turn makes the task of downloading a lot quicker for their members who are on slow connections. The quality of their videos is pretty standard, but stays pretty consistent, which is a good thing.

Now aside from the 60 episodes on offer from this site, they've given their members full access to all the other sites which are on this network, otherwise known as the "BrainPass Network" all up there are 42 sites to this network, all of which are just as extensive as this site. The 42 sites consist of feature girl and niche sites, and it looks as though they've catered for just about everyone as they've got sites which fall under popular mainstream niches, and sites which are a little on the kinky side, also I should state that, all of their feature girls are total hotties.

Picture content on this site is a bit of a disappointment, as they've only resorted to using video stills of the episodes, now in my opinion the video stills aren't really extra content, as your pretty much just viewing the episodes through picture form. Some of the other 42 sites include proper high quality photos, so if you need your fix then you can always check them out, but if you solely joined up for the shemale content, then I'm sorry to say that your stuck with the video stills.

Well that's pretty much it as far as content goes on this site, there's definitely a good amount of shemale content here, and they look pretty decent to boot, the only aspect which let me down, was their picture content as they've only provided video stills. Other than that the sites easy to navigate, and updates are fairly frequent, so members won't have to worry about running out of steamy shemale porn.

Features & Navigation:

Upon arriving at the tour pages of this site your greeted by a seductive looking shemale, scrolling down the tour page you'll come across various thumbnails, which are video stills of the episodes available inside, potential customers can, treat themselves with a quick teaser of the scenes provided, to see if the site has the kind of content they want.

The hompage to this site is pretty basic, you've got your usual updates and news information, the colorful site banner and a welcoming note, and to the right side of the page you'll find a members poll, which usually asks questions on how the developers can better cater, to their members shemale needs. Currently the question is What's your biggest turn on then there's a list of different types of scenes to choose from, so that they can get a better understanding on what kind of content members want to see uploaded in the future.

Making your way around the site is quick and simple, as your provided with a navigational menu, which will take you to the various sections which make up the site, this menu can be found just beneath the top banner. You'll also notice another navigation menu above the top banner, now what sets this menu apart from the one beneath the banner, is that this one can be used to access the other sites which are on the BrainPass network, from here you can also make your way to the main homepage for the network, and bookmark all your favorite episodes and picture galleries. You'll also be glad to know that you aren't required to re-enter your login every time you visit one of their pages. There are still networks out there which require you to do this, needless to say this becomes a very tedious and unnecessary task after awhile.

The layout of their videos section is pretty standard, and has been used on countless sites I've had to review before, like they say If it ain't broke, don't fix it. All up there are 12 pages to this section, with 5 episodes presented on each page. Each individual episode takes up a small portion of these pages, within this portion you'll find numerous thumbnails which represent the episodes, a short description, and links to the video downloads and picture gallery, a basic and straight forward setup, so that no one will find themselves scratching their heads in a state of confusion.

Well that's pretty much all I can write for this part of the review, there aren't many sections to the site, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing, cause it makes things a lot easier to find, and you have less of a chance, of getting lost and making mistakes, anyway kudos to the site designers for making such a user friendly, and accessible site.


This shemale site definitely has the most extensive collection of videos, 60 scenes may not seem like a shit load, but it is when it comes to shemale network sites, not to mention that the quality of their content is decent...well except for the video still picture galleries, but who needs pictures when you've got perfectly good, video content right?

Pros & Cons

+ Decent amount of quality vids
+ Clean cut design
+ Very easy to navigate
- Could do with proper picture content
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