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If you are a shemale lover who is particularly picky about your lady boys then this site definitely will not disappoint. All the shemale models on this site are so feminine you would swear they were born a woman, of course when your eyes wander down towards their nether regions you will see something hanging in between their legs, but that is why you love these kinky lady boys right? Because they are packing extra heat!
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Now I wasn't kidding when I said the sexy shemales on this site could trick anyone into thinking they were born a women, in fact if you saw a close up photo of their face only you'd be dead certain that they are real women, in fact if it weren't for their third leg I would probably even ask them out on a date they're that hot! So yeah I guess you can say the developers have stuck to their word and featured Perfect Lady Boys.

Looking through their collection of episodes I'd have to say that they've stuck to fairly traditional one on one scenes. Of course the hardcore factor isn't lacking as you'll see the sexy shemales suck cock, and take a big fat one up their ass. Where you will find diversity though is with the cast of shemales on show. A good portion of them seem to be of the Asian persuasion though you'll see a few Latinas in the mix. Either way they're all very feminine and I'm sure shemale lovers will go nuts over them.

The current collection of episodes includes 39 sizzling hot shemale scenes. I wouldn't say quantity is the strongest point of the site, especially seeing as the site has been up for over a year now, but keep in mind that the episodes are all exclusive to the site, and the developers are still keeping the site active with new episodes uploaded every 7 days or so.

Perfect Lady Boys provides scenes which are available to stream of the site and download with no DRM restrictions. Full episodes have an average run time of roughly 30 minutes each and all of the scenes have been cut into evenly sized chapters for downloading convenience. Quality wise the videos look great thanks to the decent bit rates they've been encoded in. I wouldn't say they're top shelf HD content, but they're still very easy on the eyes none the less.

Wmv: (1100kbps @ 400x300) Download
Wmv: (1000kbps @ 448x336) Stream
Mpeg:(1300kbps @ 512x384) Download

Most of the scenes come with high quality photos while some only come with a set of screen shots. I'll get the screen shots out of the way first as they're inferior in quality compared to the actual photos but to be fair they aren't that horrible. Sure you'll see the usual blur when there's fast movement, but all in all they aren't too bad. The actual photo content is on a different level all together. They're immaculately clear and the colors bring the images to life, truly some amazing quality here.

Loyal members who keep their membership reccuring will be rewarded access to 2 out of the 30 plus exclusive bonus sites which are a part of the very same network Perfect Lady Boys is a part of. On a down note most of the sites are based on niches which are more mainstream, this site being the only shemale site available. Either way there's still a heap of porn to check out, and I'm sure you tranny lovers can appreciate the intense fucking to be viewed on the other sites.

Features & Navigation:

The tour page of this site will make it hard for tranny lovers to resist a join up. Just wait till you see the gorgeous feminine faces of the lady boys on show, each one with a face so lady like even the straightest of straight men could be easily seduced by these gender bending fuck machines. Aside from the dozens of high quality pictures, potential members can treat themselves with a selection of free trailers taken out from hand picked scenes available within the site.

The main members area of Perfect Lady Boys is filled with all the information members want to know about the site, and the awesome network it's a part of. Situated within the navigation menu are like which will take you to the exclusive content, network sites, and bonus live chat, this menu can be found just below the site banner. The bottom section of the homepage consists of thumbnail links to the 34 bonus sites. Just to state the obvious, you won't be able to access the sites content unless you've unlocked it.

Upon clicking on the Exclusive Content link situated in the navigation menu you will be presented with the . The exclusive content area consists of 7 indexed pages, each one contains up to 6 episodes, all of which are represented by 4 thumbnails, including links to the picture gallery and video downloads, and streaming area

The video section consists of information in regards to the length of the scene, when the video was uploaded, and a short description. The bottom section of the video gallery includes thumbnails which represent the different chapters of the scene. These thumbnails are accompanied with download and stream links.

If you've ever used a picture gallery before, you'll have no troubles here as the galleries on Perfect Lady Boys are pretty basic. The galleries can be accessed by clicking on the link marked view photos. Afterwards you have the option of viewing the images individually within the browser, or downloading whole sets in a zip file so you can view them even if you're offline.


Well the trannys on this site are definately perfect and lady like so the developers have certainly done a good job on sticking to the niche of the site. Quality wise the content on offer is very decent and with updates still coming the fairly small collection is sure to grow in to a size which is more acceptable. That's my main and only gripe with the site, the content numbers. Other than that though, the site is coming along quite nicely, definately some potential here.

Pros & Cons

+ Gorgeous shemales
+ Media looks great
+ Awesome bonus sites
+ Nice site presentation
+ Easy to navigate
- Could do with more content
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