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Real Trannies 297 Real Trannies Are you sick and tired of seeing transvestites that still look very manly? Well the people behind real trannies.
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Real Trannies

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Real Trannies

Short Review

Are you sick and tired of seeing transvestites that still look very manly? Well the people behind real were, so they've decided to gather all of the HOT looking shemales and put them all into one trantastic site! They've promised to provide over 200,000 photos and over 1,500 hours worth of videos, plus tonnes of extras, so all you tranny lovers out there, come check this review out to see if this site is for you.

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I was a little unsure about the title of this site "Real Trannies" it made me wonder if there are fake trannies and somehow I don't think they are, I mean if your a tranny your a tranny, you can't really be a fake one, maybe what they were meant to imply is that the trannies on this site actually look feminine and they haven't included any trannies that still look half manly, well that's what I'm guessing, anyway lets see how the content goes on this site.

Well I'm sad to say that there aren't any exclusive videos on this site at all, it's a good thing that they didn't mention the word "exclusive" once in their tour pages, otherwise they would have been lying to all of us. Although there doesn't seem to be any exclusive videos available, there are still hundreds of videos to check out. These videos are in the form of video feeds that derive from other porn related websites, the sites provided are dedicated to providing only video feeds, so don't expect to see any downloadable videos. With what they currently have, it looks as though they've sort of forgotten about their members that are on slow connections, as trying to stream the videos would be an absolute nightmare.

So far there are 7 sites all up that are dedicated to shemale video feeds, these sites include Tranny Sex, Shemales Platinum, Gentlemen's shemales, Mr & Mrs, Chicks with Dicks and Trannie world. I took the liberty of viewing a few of the video feeds myself so I'll go into a little bit of detail with the quality of these video feeds. Most of the sites I mentioned earlier have their scenes split into short chapters in order to make things a little more convenient for those of you still on dial up connections, each scene has 3 different qualities to choose from high, medium and low, obviously the lower quality videos are smaller in file size than the other 2 qualities. From what I've seen the videos look to be fairly standard as they aren't overly good, but they certainly aren't half bad to look at either, though some of the scenes can get a little blurry and yes the quality does tend to differ through out the different scenes and sites, though it is very subtle.

Now if your a person who still appreciates picture content, then your going to cream yourself once you check out their collection of shemale galleries cause it's just fricken epic. There are way too many picture galleries to count here, but you can take my word for it that there's a shitload, lets put it this way, counting the galleries, would be like trying to count the stars. Anyway now you know how many of these galleries there are to go through, let me tell you a little about the pictures themselves. The pictures provided within these galleries are high quality still photos, that are just to die for, obviously the quality of these photos varies through out the different picture sets, though it's only very slightly, judging by the picture content I viewed, I'd have to say that the pictures available are top notch, for the most part the images are crystal clear and colorful, the dimensions of these pictures differ from shot to shot, but they were a little small for my liking. If size matters to you then don't forget that there is always the option of downloading the pictures to zoom in on them through a picture viewer, so it's not all bad.

Aside from the shemale videos and pictures, the development team are spoiling their beloved members with tonnes of bonus content, however the bulk of the bonus content is not shemale orientated, which will probably disappoint a lot of people, as it's pretty obvious that people are only going to join this site for the shemale content. Anyway the bonus content consists of a large amount of video feeds and picture galleries, these fall under a wide selection of mainstream niches like lesbians, 18 to 19 year olds and hardcore, there's even bonus content based on kinky fetishes if your into that kind of stuff. The bonus content is very nice, I will say that, but I still don't know whether a shemale fan would settle for straight porn, anyway it's always nice to know that there's shit loads of porn to check out.

Anyway that's pretty much it for the content on this site, they have done very well in providing us with video feeds and high quality shemale picture galleries, though it would be nice if they did upload video content that we can actually download because at the moment all of their video content is only available to stream, this is the only problem I had with their content as everything else is pretty good, especially those picture galleries.

Nav, Design & Features

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I'll be honest with you here and tell you that I wasn't too impressed with how things are laid out on this shemale porn site, it does look nice and all but there are a few minor glitches when it comes to the mechanics of the site, though it's nothing overly serious. The first thing I noticed about the site was that everything seems to be focused towards the left side of the page, so you got this huge blank border on the right hand side of the page, which makes the site look uneven and quite unprofessional. Navigating your way around this site is as easy as using the navigation menu found towards the top left corner, the buttons found on this menu obviously direct you to the different sections that make up the site.

The gallery and photo album sections are very similar so I'll analyze both of them in one go. Once you arrive at the main picture gallery area, you'll be presented with a number of thumbnails evenly spaced out down the length of the page, each of these thumbnails is a close up shot of the model, so they'll give you a good idea on what the porn star looks like. Clicking on one of these thumbnails should take you directly to a particular picture set's main gallery, this picture gallery is basically the same as any other, where you click on a thumbnail in order to see the full blown image. The photo album section is set out a little different from the general picture gallery, before your presented with the thumbnails that represent the individual picture sets, you must first choose what kind of pictures you wish to view, this way members can be a lot more specific with what sort of picture content they wish to view.

The xxx videos section consists of a large amount of links to other porn orientated sites that provide video feeds, I was expecting to see actual video downloads in this section, but no matter where I looked I couldn't seem to find any exclusive videos, in order to view the video feeds you must first enter one of the many sites available and stream your videos from there, at least they've taken out the process of having to enter your user name and password every time you enter one of the various sites, as this would have become a very tedious task.

There are a few little tid bits that are available on this site, but they're more of a novelty than anything, these include The Arcade Erotic Stories and Porn Mags. The Arcade section consists of 27 unique mini games that are similar to those old school arcade games like asteroids and space invaders, only this time they've been sexified, which makes for some very strange gaming. The erotic stories area provides members with 48 steamy short stories about raunchy sexual encounters, these are a good read, especially if your into this kind of reading material and last but certainly not least the Porn Mags section, this section includes 5 porn orientated emags, I was a little skeptical about this area, as it's basically just a snazzy looking picture gallery, but I suppose they are nice to have around, though none of the emags include shemale content and that's what this site is all about, so that's a bit of a downer.

There's not much else I can write about concerning the navigational side of this site, it does work well, it's just a little strange how there aren't any exclusive vids as most of their content derives from other sites that are dedicated to live video feeds, which is quite obvious looking in the xxx videos section. Other than that though everything seems to be in working order and it's simple enough to make your way around the site, just don't get confused with some of the names they've chosen for some of the sections, but once you know where everything is it you'll know the site like the back of your hand.



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As far as I can tell this site is doing just fine and it would be doing even better if they uploaded some exclusive and downloadable videos, what had me worried though was the fact that most of their bonus content is not shemale related, which may disappoint those shemale fans and lets face it no one is going to join this site unless they are a shemale fan, so more shemale bonus content would be nice as well, don't get me wrong though what they have now is fine it's just that they can do better.

Pros & Cons

  • + Hours of shemale video feeds
  • + Shemale picture content is superb
  • + Decent looking shemales
  • - Needs more shemale based bonus content
  • - Needs downloadable videos