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Short Review:

The reason why you're here, reading this review is because you're one who can't resist the sexual allures of an irresistible lady boy right? You like guys and girls so why not fuck a tranny so you can enjoy the best of both worlds! Tempting Trannys offers mouth watering HD videos with unparalleled gender bending proportions!
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Trial 1.85
Monthly 29.99

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Our total rating: 42/100

Detailed Review:


Shemales...I wouldn't give up my last beer for one, but I will admit I am a big fan of great quality and this shemale porn site is just dripping with it. First and foremost, the site offers HD content, so right off the bat you know you're going to be treated with top notch viewing quality. Anyway I'll get into the technical side of the videos later, right now let me tell you about the saucy episodes you'll be getting off to.

If you're familiar with shemale content, the only thing you'll find out of the ordinary here is the quality. The anal ploughing and cock sucking is all pretty standard stuff, but it's very arousing none the less (that is of course if you're a shemale fan). It's nice to see a diverse cocktail of spicy shemales on show, rather than showcasing Latina shemales "only" like many other shemale sites do, The producers behind Tempting Trannys have put in some effort to provide members with a diverse line up of horny she boys.

Tempting Trannys was launched early this year. The first episode was uploaded on the 4th of February 2007. The archive of spicy shemale videos has been steadily growing, all up the current total of videos adds up to 38. My only gripe with their updates is that they release the episodes in separate chapters, so until all the chapters of an episode are released, you won't be able to view the full scene (which may leave some of you high and dry). The update schedule is all over the joint, there's no apparent pattern but they are still active, and they try to upload at least 3 new videos a month. To further verify that the site is still very active on updates, the last upload was logged on the 3rd of this month, the very day I wrote this review.

Alright, lets get into all that technical mumbo jumbo that I know all you tech heads get off on! First off you'll be glad to know that all videos can be downloaded with absolutely no DRM restrictions, so once they're on your hard drive they're yours to keep forever. Ok here's the information you've all been waiting for! The HD videos come in an amazing bit rate of (2000kbps), available in a gracious video size of (1280x720 pixels), these videos come in (Wmv) format. It goes without saying that the videos look flawless, members are in for quite the eye candy buffet.

There are also lower quality videos tailored for customers who are on slower connections. Although they are noticeably inferior in quality, the smaller file sizes make them ideal for slow connections. These videos come in (Mov) format, and clock in at (500kbps @ 360x240). Either way, I'd stick with the HD videos slow connection or not, because they are the main reason why you'll want to be forking out your cash.

As a tasty side dish, the developers have thrown in a decent amount of image galleries to keep picture lovers entertained. Like the movies, these fall under the shemale niche, and also like the movies, they're of impeccable quality. Currently there are 19 picture galleries to go through, each one with an average amount of roughly 200 images each. Like I said the images look amazing, they're superbly clear and to top it all off, they come in huge dimensions of (1280x720 pixels). These ought to keep picture lover's tongues wagging.

Features & Navigation:

Right from the get go potential customers are slapped in the face with just how awesome the quality of their HD videos are. Within the tour pages you'll be treated with a sneak preview of the videos in all their HD glory, you'll also get an eye full of what kind of kinky shemales you'll get to see. Overall, the tour pages should do a great job in making potential customer's heads turn.

Apart from the great looking videos, the site itself is a sight for sore eyes. The top banner features delicious looking trannies, the site design looks simple and clean, all in all the site is very easy on the eyes, the colors are mild and are never straining on the eyes, the main navigation menu is nicely set out, and above all the site is very easy to navigate.

After logging, members are taken straight to the homepage. From there they can keep up to date on the latest updates, access the entire video archive, take advantage of specials on adult services, and best of all, access the 80 plus bonus sites which members are entitled full access to!

Yep! you heard right, being a part of the Silver Cash network certainly has it's advantages. Members are spoilt with 80 plus bonus sites, some of which also deliver on great HD content. The only negative aspect for tranny lovers, is that most of the bonus sites are straight orientated, but either way, you'll still get to see your fair share of tits and cock across the 80 sites so it's not so bad! Plus you can't really complain when they come at absolutely no extra charge!

Accessing pictures, and downloading the content is as easy as pie. If you're familiar with porn sites, then I'm sure you'll have no troubles what so ever on this site. It's just a simple click of a link and your download should automatically start. Nothing new and innovative here, but to be quite frank, I'm glad that every thing's quite standard, I mean the last thing I want to be doing is trying to figure out how to download a damn video, when I could be getting off to some great quality porn!


Sexy shemales starring in amazing HD quality videos, what more could a tranny lover ask for? Tempting Trannys would have been perfect if it wasn't for one minor hiccup, the separate uploads of scene chapters. Some of you may shrug this off, but those of you who want to download a full scene in one fell swoop may feel a little let down. Other than that however, this site gets my thumbs up, especially when it comes to media quality!

Pros & Cons

+ Awesome HD videos
+ Great pictures
+ Active on updates
+ Site looks great
+ Easy to navigate
+ 80 plus bonus sites
- Scenes are released in chapters
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