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Short Review:

While many babes and dudes enjoy smoking on it's own, there are times when a cigarette is more appropriate. After sex cigarette has a special place in many men's hearts, but these girls take it all one step further - by smoking a cigarette not after sex, but during sex. It may be a breach of some bedroom etiquette, but these chicks don't give a flying toss - they want to have a cigar during sex and no argument is going to persuade them to drop that habit.
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Smoke It Bitch is a porn site which prides itself with some of the sexiest non-mainstream porn stars in hot action. Nude and not shy about it at all, these girls show off another kink of theirs, kink of smoking - a cigar in between their lips is as big of an aphrodisiac for these chicks as is a big cock in front of them. Some of the scenes you can enjoy on Smoke It Bitch are just solo smoking scenes, some are smoking and blowjob mix and some are all out hardcore scenes, but they're all showing real beauties smoking different types of cigars. There's also a reality element to the scenes you can watch on this porn site as the scenes are sometimes set in the office, at the hospital, in the classroom or something like that - a nice kink to lay upon an already interesting smoking fetish. The chicks in the videos are mostly white, from Europe and America, but there is an ebony or latina honey here and there just to spice things up a little bit.

The number of scenes available on this site is not as impressive as it might have been, but it's a porn site with some history, and regular weekly updates are making sure there's new content for you to enjoy every now and again. There are other things to watch when you join Smoke It Bitch, as you get the access to a full porn network covering various fetish and hardcore niches. IncrediblePass members zone consists of 16 sites, with scenes on each site ranging from about 70 (like here on Smoke it Bitch) to several hundred, giving you quite enough bang for your buck.

Speaking of price, I am kind of surprised to see that it's on par with porn networks in higher category than IncrediblePass, I expected them to be lower, but it's not a bad deal overall, you can get quite enough content for your money - and the six month membership deal comes with a massive discount, so that's more than ok.

Features & Navigation:

While content quality is satisfying, site site quality itself is kind of on the lacking side. The site looks like it was designed about a decade ago and like there weren't many site changes since then. Let's just say that I consider it a stroke of lick that there are no third party adds and flash adds all over the place, as the site evokes memories of the time when that was the practice. Some of the features are missing, and quite odd ones if you stop to think about it. While Smoke It Bitch sports full high quality 1080p HD videos, the download pages do not offer up different quality settings, at least not as such. You can download the movie as mp4 of windows media video file, but there's no info on file sizes, video quality or things like that to follow up those file types.

A thing I did not expect is a calendar, but there is a calendar tool showing you all of the planned updates across the network. It may not be the best designed calendar, but it does the job of keeping you up to date on what's going on, which is it's purpose.

Model index is an useful tool indeed, letting you quickly find out just how many scenes your favorite model has participated in and giving you a nice filtering feature. Pretty nice, since the search tool is very basic and doesn't allow for fine filtering.

Network sites integration has been done seamlessly with a drop down menu in the corner of the page allowing you to hop from site to site or to hop to a main portal site where you can browse all of the updates.


All in all, this is a very particular site for men and women who like a particular fetish - smoking during sex. There's a whole bunch of bonus content you get access to when you join this site, but the main thing is here, and you yourself know the best if mixing sex with smokes is something you'd enjoy watching or not. Slow update pace may turn some people away, but there's enough content in the archives as well as bonus content to keep you occupied for quite some time.

Pros & Cons

+Rarely explored fetish
+Full HD video sets
+Network membership

-No different quality settings
-Site design is kind of old
-Slow update pace
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