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Short Review:

Down Blouse Wow features a 100% exclusive collection of videos starring British amateurs showing off their cleavage under blouses, and stresses, and other sexy clothing. This is an extremely softcore site where it's all about the tease and the peek, and you won't see any full nudity or even a single topless model here. Want to know more? Head inside with me for my full review!
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Monthly 19.95

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Our total rating: 77/100

Detailed Review:


I believe that Down Blouse Wow launched sometime in the summer of 2012, and it looks like they've been hard at work ever since. When we visited Down Blouse Wow at the end of November of 2013, the site was offering a collection of 242 videos. While only the most recently added scenes have date stamps and I would certainly like to see all of the materials clearly marked with the date they were added to the site, the collection does seem to be getting larger in accordance with the claims.

I was somewhat surprised that a site specifically dedicated to down blouse shots with a strictly video-based site without any photos at all, but it somehow all works out pretty well. The scenes here have a fairly unique style that features the sexy British amateurs showing off their cleavage and talking to the camera. First, they "catch" you in the act of looking at their boobs, and then they show off their cleavage by squeezing their tits, leaning over, and basically doing everything possible to show off even more. The adorable British accents certainly add to the overall appeal.

The videos here have an overall amateur feel to them, but the quality level is pretty good. Each flick can be downloaded at a size of 960 x 540 pixels and with bitrates of between 2000-2400 kbps.

Features & Navigation:

The members area for Down Blouse Wow is fairly straightforward, but it seems almost too simple for a site this size. Scenes can be sorted in order of date, name, and popularity, and there's also a basic keyword search box. Unfortunately, that's pretty much the extent of the search and navigation tools here and the scenes are displayed just five per page. Some better tools to get around this large and growing collection would definitely be appreciated.

The options for accessing the materials here are even more simple than the members area overall. Each flick is offered for download only in WMV format and only in a single quality level. Streaming is not supported.


While it could use some tweaks in terms of search tools and viewing options, the Down Blouse Wow collection is extremely fun and sexy and the way they shoot their videos really give these sexy British amateur models the chance to show off their personality (along with their cleavage.) I appreciated the infrequent updates and large collection, and I'm sure that down blouse lovers will have a lot of fun with this exclusive site.

Pros & Cons

+ Exclusive softcore down blouse videos
+ Regular updates
+ Good price
+ Lots to see
- No streaming, members' area is plain
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